Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Carphone Warehouse boo! - Rob and Photoshop hurrah!

We've been so busy today there's been little time for taking pictures. So, I am pleased to use a lovely tulip by Helen. And as she knows I approve 100% of the good hint of environment as against the gaussian-blur effect favoured by NEMPF etc.

Carphone Warehouse were superficially helpful but, when I got home, I found the same problem persists. i.e. I've only got a balance of £1.35p as against £11.35pm. The lad claimed to have linked the top-up card to my new phone but I am suspicious and loath to top-up another £10 in case that doen't work either. So - another trip to Nottingham tomorrow.

Reg rang to draw my attention to a V & A Exhibition of Contemporary Photography which is at Nottingham Castle from Sat 3rd May to Sun 15th June. He felt, correctly, that it might be 'my sort of thing'. Unfortunately the Castle drive is being repaired and there may be 'access problems' for the disabled. Whatever problems there are, I shall overcome them.

As you will see from Picture 2 Basil Rooting is awaiting a visit tomorrow, from his second cousin twice removed, Basil Potting. And Reg and Maureen are first in line for a plant.

This evening I enjoyed a Photoshop session with AnonymousRob and not only did I learn lots we jointly made discoveries. Always a good thing. I was having trouble with the 'replace colour' tool and while we were in there we discovered an excellent way of producing a realistic-looking infra red image. While I was making coffee Rob wrote a comprehensive note.

Y meanwhile listened to the Chelsea v Liverpool match on Radio 5live. A real 'nailbiter' apparently and Chelsea narrowly triumphed.

Comments..... AnonymousRob ..... Your 'wheels' modifications have merit. I'd already considered a tripod device and the easiest way could be to attach my monopod firmly to one of the down supports. If then fitted with a ball/swivel head I would be ready for anything. And my brolly fixed to the other leg and I could cope with bright sun followed by heay rain. Like today for instance.

Still talking radio, as a boy I used to listen in bed to Luxembourg (mentioned later by Bungus) on an early portable. One of the first 'hits' I can actually remember was 'Bewitched, bothered and bewildered'. The first mention of it I could find was 1944, which is about right, I would be 9yrs.

Bungus ...... I am glad you feel better from your nasty sounding chest pain. Although it only lasted 5 minutes I sincerely feel that you should seek medical advice. Ditto the walking headfirst into the wall.

Re trees..... I would like a good picture of the tree whose leaves have an almost silver reverse. They are coming into leaf right now. I used to thnk they were 'Hornbeam' but now I'm not sure

Thanks for the further Old Spot stuff and the 'gentle correction' over the architecture.

Humpf's 'double-entendres' at Samantha's expense were indeed legendary. Perhaps now someone will publish a selection and I could put it on my Xmas list.

Hannah ..... Thank you very much for the information about the bird house and the nesting birds. Grandma tells me that there are eggs and your Dad has rigged up a webcam. can't wait to see some results. Sorry I kept putting you off on Google Chat, but it was while Rob was here.

....... Tomorrow evening is Presentation Night at EPS, and should be fun. Elaine has a prize to collect and I am expecting that a great time will be had by all. Good buffet, good food, and pictures to look at, what could be better?

This Yogi Berra quote appealed .....

"This is like deja vu all over again"

I wonder if he actually did say them all - or whether some are 'attributed?



bungus said...

That certainly is a lovely tulip. But the tulip happens to be a flower I do not like much. Too assertive I think.

Let us know when your phone is working properly and then those of us who know the number will be able to text you.

I look forward to meeting,
Basil Eating.

I am sorry Chelsea beat Liverpool who were the team I wanted to win the final. But the sorrow is much less deep than that at Mansfield’s rwelegation.

I think, then, that 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered' must have been about the same time as ‘You May Not Be An Angel’. I reckon I was 13 which puts it at 1944/5.
Two other songs which linger in the mind, and for which I have a sort of affection) are Anne Shelton’s ‘Lay Down Your Arms and Surrender to Mine’ and ‘Cindy, oh Cindy (Cindy Don’t Let Me Down)’ Both were played repetitively on the barrack room radio (with no off switch) while I was doing Basic Training in Jan 1957.

I think the tree whose leaves have an almost silver reverse is a variety of willow. I will get you a pic on the old pit tip (now Ollerton Pit Woods). Some poplars also have this feature.

Nice Yogi Berra quote. One also wonders whether Sam Goldwyn’s impromptu remarks were scripted? Couldn’t find one so here is a WC Fields example:
“I have nothing against women - after all, it was a woman who drove me to drink, and I’ve never written to thank her for it.”

anonymousrob said...
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LouCeeCreations said...

Yes, wasn't it a pleasant evening at EPS, the digital images were a joy to see, I shall look forward to seeing the pics you took this evening.
Helens tulip is lovely. a vibrant colour, quite apt really as its the start of Spaldings tulip pareade tomorrow. P and I used to live in Spalding, in the days before children and thetulip weekend was always one long party!

Anonymous said...

anonymousrob has left a new comment on your post "Carphone Warehouse boo! - Rob and Photoshop hurrah...":

I'm not sure that Barca were the more skillful team on Tuesday night though they did appear so. I was concerned that Utd's midfield seemed to disappear, especially in the 2nd half but that may be because they were playing very deep. Had Paul Scholes not scored in the 1st half (and what a cracker it was, worthy of winning any game in my view) we may have seen much more of Utd. But they seemed to take the view that Barca had to score and they could resist the onslaught. If that was the case it was a risky strategy as last Saturday proved.

Certainly Barca owned the area between the penalty boxes but I think it's debatable as to how much was due to their skill and how much was due to being given that space. I'm not sure they created any more chances than Utd did. Hopefully, between the end of the league season and the Euro final Utd will have everyone, especially Vidic (who is getting more and more irreplaceable) fit. I still think Roy Keane has not been adequately replaced but how do you replace such a player?

Enough football for now. I think, though, out of respect for Y, I maybe should say congrats to Chelsea even though I would have preferred Liverpool.

I saw Haslam on local TV last night - he looks a right dork. All in my humble opinion of course and I could be wrong. It has been known.

There was a programme on Radio 4 yesterday which was an eulogy to Humph. I didn't get to hear it but hope to catch it on the listen again facility. Is it just serendipity that a comment about Humph's double entendres was followed by a child's comment about great tits?

I hope RG enjoyed last night as much as I did.

The tulip is very good, 16 out of 20.

Elaine collects her well deserved trophy tonight, then we shall fill it full of champagne, balance it on our heads, dance in a very silly manner and generally appear to be idiots. Isn't life wonderful.

I haven't checked for a couple of days - where's the Queen Vic now?


Posted by anonymousrob to radiogandy at 6:40 PM

Anonymous said...

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