Saturday, April 19, 2008

At home day - House Viewers - Casserole

The picture above is The Old Corn Mill at Alport and is my first real experiment with a Raw file. At Reg's, last Sunday, seeing the quality of his work displayed on his Digital Photo Frame, I finally decided that there may well be 'something in it'.

I hope that I am not too old and stupid to admit when I am wrong. Previously my view has been (fuelled by Ken Rockwell) that for my sort of photography JPEGs are good enough. But now, I think by shooting RAW you do have more information in the picture, to work on. We shall see.

The house-viewers arrived this morning, half an hour late and they only live down the road. Not a whisper of apology and they had a cursory look around. Sheer nosiness I suspect. We aren't very hopeful !

For lunch I defrosted the final two portions of an excellent shin beef casserole - and 3 weeks in the freezer had actually improved it. Mashed potato with chopped chives, carrots, mushrooms, cauliflower, and broccoli accompanied. For tea we had 2 boiled eggs (each) with soldiers. The free range eggs are from Lidl and are good, although described as medium, the yolks are 'large' and a fine rich flavour.

It was sad to note the death of Gwyneth Dunwoody a Labour politician of the old school. Different from most politicians she would always answer the question she was asked, straightforwardly. Although I ddn't always agree with her - it is difficult to remember an occasion when I didn't. She will be missed.

Comments.....AnonymousRob....... I agree about the respective merits of the Conservative Club and The Dixies Arms at Bagthorpe which, as folks will gather from the website is a true gem. We haven't been recently but I remember, many years ago, they used to have a weekly singsong round a real piano with a pianist who knew all the songs from our era and beyond. You used to have to arrive early and be willing to fight for a seat ! Has it retained all its little rooms and nooks and crannies?

Hope your evening with Dennis went well. And thanks for your call. I am looking forward to the 29th.

Bungus........ Google made hard work of ‘drinka pinta milka day’ . I could find loads of references to its success as a slogan but who the author was? defeated me. As Jill remarks later Fay Weldon was responsible for 'Go to work on an egg' but not apparently 'drinka pinta......' And I certainly don't think it was Dorothy L Sayers. And I agree with Jill that, although she didn't put it in these terms, DLS's knickers were far too heavily starched for her to have been the author.

Thanks for the current chapter of the hospital saga. But I am as mystified as Jill by the 'bruised heels' reference. Is it a side effect from your treatment? Please the transport arrangement worked so well though. Was the 'chicken, stuffing and fruit jelly cob' one you took with you? The filling sounded a little exotic for a WVS canteen. Anyway I hope you took the remnants with you , it sounded far too interesting to abandon.

I think the insurance people whose titles escaped you are actuaries. And Sigmund Freud always struck me as singularly joyless, and nowadays of course, much discredited.

Jill...... Glad the Chichester trip was a success. You didn't mention your arm so I assume it was OK. While at Pallant House did you manage a peep at their ongoing Modern Art Exhibtion? Or did you stop in the restaurant nattering? They have such an important collection and many artists such as Frank Auerbach, Peter Blake, Lucian Freud, Richard Hamilton, Howard Hodgkin, Claes Oldenburg, to name but a few, are particular favourites. For Pop Art fans it is a 'must visit' place.

And a three storey Lakeland sounds something again - ours is only 'main-floor plus basement' !

Quotation time....... This art-chat and restaurants leads me inevitably to :-

"A first rate soup is better than a second rate painting"

Maslow was not mainly known for his art criticism. He was the chap who devised a ladder of human needs which it's all too easy to fall out with. A parent's willingness to face death to safeguard a child as against 'self survival' for instance throws a big spanner in his theory. A quiet day planned for tomorrow. Odds and ends to be done, need to plant some herb seeds etc.....

....... Catch you tomorrow........


Jill said...

We did intend going to the art gallery in Pallant House and there is a bookshop too, but after lunch something odd happened - I fainted....In the ladies actually,very suddenly, would have hit the deck had not Barbara at the sink next to me and a kind lady the other side grabbed me. They got me out onto a sofa just outside the door, I could hear them talking but from a very long way off....Fortunately Barbara had the wit to stop restaurant calling an ambulance (whch would have been to their benefit not mine) and I gradually recovered. No idea what brought that on, have never fainted before in my life. After about 20 mins. I fancied some fresh air, which revived me completely (even though it was b-----cold fresh air, 9 degrees according to thermometer) and I was back shopping again! Two shops later B's knee 'went' - this has happened to her before, she has to sit for about 15 mins and it then works again, So it was her turn for a chair in Lakeland while I scurried round. We really are a pair of old crocks....

I do have very low blood pressure,and hypoglaecemia but had just had a very nice lunch, somone suggested monsodium glutamate in the food, somebody else suggested dehydration (I had had three coffees, tea, a gin and a tonic in the course of morning/lunch).

Any other suggestions gratefully received! I have been fine since.

I am hoping to go to Chichester again with a London friend - Noreen - who is looking for an outfit for a wedding, there are some suitable shops there and she wants to go to Pallant House, where we shall doubtless go to the art gallery etc.

It is a great Lakeland shop, there isn't one in London except right on the outskirts of Brent Cross, only one floor but with a rather nice restaurant.

We are finishing up bits and pieces of food before going away Tuesday - I have been counting the eggs/tomatoes/slices of bread.....

The lady who advertised 'drinka pinta milk' was Zoe Newton - blond fringe and dark at the back - her son was at primary school with Paul - but she was just the model!

niftyanonymousrob said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you............James Brough Cameron. According to the aforesaid JBC is the author of Drinka Pinta Milka Day.

RG, if you have the time and inclination I highly recommend a visit to the Dixies. I doubt that it has changed at all since you last went. My recommendation is to go on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon. Two reasons for this, and they are not in any way connected; Elaine will be 'on duty' and it will be as quiet as the grave. She will be delighted to see you both. I tend to roll up about 5 o'clock on those days, so you never know........

This afternoon I heard a fantastic saying at the Dixies:
Someone was looking at some photos and in one of them were some large, well actually quite obese, people. The man looking at the photos said "They're no strangers to a chip supper, are they?" How wonderful is that?

Bungus, there's still hope for the Stags. A good set of results yesterday and here's hoping.......


bungus said...

A very late posting this because I was unable to gain access to the internet this morning.

I made some prawn fishcakes today. They were foul! I ate one and donated the other 7 to the chickens.

I did not enjoy getting up in the middle of the night to wait 3 hours for a car particularly enjoyable but the hospital visit was otherwise very good, and I wwelcome the week’s respite from pills.
One of the side effects of chemo I was told would be a certainty was ‘hot’ feet and hands. In my case it has manifested as tingling in my fingertips and cracked heels which feel as though I had just bowled 20 overs at great pace. It has steadily got worse (it subsides in the week when I am off the pills and gradually worsens in the fortnight I am taking them; I had to walk on tiptoe for a couple of days last week).

Actuaries it is.

I don’t understand the ‘ladder of human needs which it's all too easy to fall out with. A parent's willingness to face death to safeguard a child as against 'self survival' for instance throws a big spanner in his theory.’

Very sorry to hear about your fainting episodes. Hope it was a ‘one off’.
I recall fainting once (and I think a couple of other times, all when young which made it seem trivial at the time). It was at Molyneux and I came round in one of the players dressing rooms. Johnny Hancock was playing on the right wing for Wolves; only five feet four but the hardest kicker of a ball I have seen. His more illustrious partner who played several times for England, was on the left wing and Billy Wright was also playing but I do not recall whether at wing half or centre half. It was 1950 and Chag and I had cycled over a 1000 miles in a fortnight along the Hampshire, Dorset, Devon and both Cornwall coasts. We had already done 50 miles on the Saturday and had 20 to 30 more to do to Lichfield. That will be of more interest (?) to Rob.

As you say, Mansfield gave themselves a promising chance of survival with a convincing win yesterday. Rotherham at home and Dagenham away sound better fixtures than any of the other teams have, so its fingers crossed.
I think I may place small early bets on Villa and Newcastle finishing in the top four next season.

You make The Dixies sound very attractive. When I am of the pills and, hopefully, feeling better, I shall be tempted to visit myself on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, of course in hope of meeting Elaine and yourself. All the better if our bloghost could be there too.