Sunday, April 13, 2008

London Marathon - cup of tea at Reg & Maureen's

This morning we watched The Marathon.

Although the weather was changeable I guess the runners don't mind getting wet but we saw loads of spectators umbrellas. An interesting entry was 6 Masai Warriors in traditional dress who were raising £60,000 to sink bore holes for clean drinking water in their native Tanzanian villages. Their 24yr old chief when interviewed, was a most impressive young man. I wish them well.

The whole event was impressive and one can't help but think that there isn't much wrong with our young people, or our old people come to that. It was nice to see founder Chris Brasher again.

Picture 2 is a hangover from yesterday and shows a charming little pond down Old Mill Lane, at Cuckney. A Casio picture. I didn't even get out of the car; just snapped it through the open driver's side window.

It is around this time of year I start searching for the definitive weeping-willow shot. What I would really like is a 'specimen' tree, not surrounded by others, in a lovely setting bathed in early morning light but not over-sharpened. All contributions would be gratefully published.

This afternoon we went over to AnonymousReg and Maureen for a cup of tea ! and saw Reg's Digital Photo Frame. Y and I have each got small ones but picture quality isn't good. The picture quality in Reg's is phenomenal and I could even be persuaded back to Raw files if the visible detail is to be that good.

Comments.....Jill ...... I know what you mean about the gargoyle and the chinese dragon. My first thoughts, from a distance, was that the gargoyles were griffens, but they had no wings. Pleased about your new Freeview box. We have an NTL / Virgin box which I guess is the same thing. They are a closed book to us both. But we have knowledgeable grandchildren so we reserve our brain's channel-capacity for other matters.

Now Sushi we do understand. Provided one is careful with the Wahhabi.

Bungus ..... Amazing about the tinned stuff and your label-reading research ! I never object to cooking an oxtail because I like the flavour. But I haven't cooked one for years.

What are control-knickers? I have known women with out-of-control knickers! Presumably they are not therefore in danger of anaphylactic shock.

Bungus and Jill. My complete answer to the problems of bath ingress and egress is to have a shower.

David tells the story of when they were made to eat skate-wings I had cooked. They were awful and Ive never cooked them since.

Bungus.... By e-mail you forwarded me a picture entitled 'Night Surgery'. You sort of imply it is a painting rather than a photo. If it is, it's brilliant and it would be an honour to publish it. Overtones of Edward Hopper I thought.

Quotation time.... I must have used this one before, but I just happened tio be thumbing through etc., etc. Excellent advice for budding photographers and authors I think :-
"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you open the link Bungus please skim read it or I shall feel guilty for wasting your day.

Blood test in the morning, then Y's nails, then lunch with Joan. Don't think I'm walking well enough to enjoy my charity shops. We will see ! Sleep tight, catch you tomorrow......



bungus said...

Very succinct.

bungus said...

That's better!

I did a further oxtail soup survey at Tesco. The 3 makes they stock, as follows:
Heinz: beef 4% oxtail 1%
Tesco: beef 1% oxtail 1% beef heart 2.5%
Campbells (condensed)
beef 7% oxtail 2.5%
equals beef 3.5% oxtail 1.25%
I think I have only had oxtail (as a stew) twice (used it to add fat to the venison at Xmas). I didn’t like it (too fatty).

What!!! Never heard of Spanx knickers?
Worn by Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, Katherine Heigl, Jesica Alba, Katie Holmes, Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah Winfrey and my friend Mary.

Unfortunately I enjoy a bath but not (generally) a shower.

Skate can be less than good. It can also be very good. Try it again is my advice. It has the great advantage (like dogfish and other sharks) of having no bones.

I think I may have sent the photograph (taken on a credit card sized 1mgb camera) on which the painting was based. I have now emailed a photo of the painting.
Yes, it does have a bit of a Hopper touch.

The Emerson biography was something where I couldn’t read every word; far too verbose. I find his middle name the most interesting thing about him. I do however agree with his view of the stars; I have no wish to study astronomy (beyond knowing the names of some constellations) but I could lie on my back in the desert (no other light) and just look at them for hours.

On this date (13 Apr):
1742 Handel’s Messiah premiere
1860 First Pony Express delivery to Sacramento (3 newspapers and 59 letters). The 1800 mile (10 days) journey from Missouri required over 50 riders each travelling 10 to 15 miles on each of 3 horses.
1852 Frank Woolworth born.
1882 Anti-Semitic League founded in Prussia.
1906 Samuel Beckett born.
1939 Mussolini invades Albania
1980 Ballesteros becomes youngest winner of the Masters.

“ A hungry stomach has no ears.”
(Jean de la Fontaine 1695)

Jill said...

What a gorgeous colour that willow tree is. I don't think you could replicate it in paint?

We watched a lot of the marathon too. I'm a 'Foyles War' fan, I am sorry it has been decided to discontinue the series, only one more episode to go.

I don't like showers unless (a) I am staying in a very hot country or (b) there is no bath. I have requested a cabin with a bath on this next trip (leaving Tuesday week) but it can't be guaranteed.

I don't like ox-tail either....

My favourite soup at the moment is Baxter's Highlander. Quite thick, nd 69p a tin, but I sometimes put in some left over roast meat, veg,pasta whatever is around, and call it stew. And scatter some frozen peas in it too.

They are often called 'Magic Knickers' too - but remember Bungus that G has led a sheltered life....