Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Karen day - Y lunches - RG much better

After dropping Y at Phoenix Park en route to the City where she was meeting June C for lunch, I decided to drive round Back Lane at Moorgreen. I think Y is in danger of becoming a 'lady who lunches'. Back Lane is a delightful country lane about 10 feet wide and very few passing points and eye-spied a rape field.

OK, I'll plead guilty to photoshoppery, - I flipped the image and then merged it with the original. Scrutiny will reveal the join. But the result gives you a better idea of the field-full because I only had my little Casio with me. When I saw the yellow I thought surely rape-fields are May - then I realised we are halfway through April anyway.

More importantly, 'Night Surgery' yesterday is an original painting by Bungus. He both draws and paints like an angel and he don't write bad either. A veritable Blake !

Which is a good excuse to publish another, a self-portrait this time, in charcoal. And it is, I can assure you, an excellent likeness. Except that he doesn't usually look as neat and tidy as this !! Sandra must have sorted him out. I know he won't be offended by my weak effort at humour.

We own a 'Bungus' which is of a JCB on the beach on the East Coast near Skegness. An unlikely subject you may think, but it is a great painting and we love it. It graces the wall above our dining table and, like 'The Old Man and The Dog' it cheers me up as soon as I see it in the morning.

Camera Club judges would moan that there aren't any catch-lights in the eyes. Of dear, oh dear, - how out of order can you be? Bungus and Rembrandt can't both be wrong !

Comments..... Jill ..... You may be right about it being the last Delia. And, although I never thought I'd say it, I'm not really sorry. She had the germ of a good idea but mostly it just didn't work out. The dishes were certainly not simple, as claimed, and in many cases, rather than go to all that trouble you might as well go out and buy something ready-made.

Your Portuguese Custard Tarts with hot chocolate sound dreamy.

Bungus..... Pleasure to publish the picture. And I assumed this current one would be OK too. In fact, unless you specifiy, I assume if you send me a picture, it's OK to publish it. You will have noticed in the top left of the blog, words about copyright, but I can always prove date and time, so if anyone knicked one we would be after 'em.

'Codger' is OK. My Roget also suggests 'skinflint' which I would accept. When I saw the word I started to speculate how long the word had been around? Presumably from the days when 'flints' were a current topic of conversation. I spent around 20 minutes reprogramming my new office-phone. Instead of calling itself Malcom, it now identifies itself as Office. The phonebook is now clear and waiting for our stuff to be entered. That would need doing anyway, with a new one, so the costs of my frugality are minimal. And satisfying !

And I agree with you also (am I sickening for something?) about Delia. Your lambs liver dish sounds great - I feel the bacon is essential for it to taste traditional. And Yes! I seem to have some vague recollection of a rather tumultuous private life in the 60s.

Your - "this day in ???" column is good. Well worth a second glance. I actually remember the first cordless phone in 1983. It was enormous as I recall. At around 5"x 5" and almost a foot long. Hardly a shirt-pocket job.

AnonymousRob....... Glad to have another member in the 'shower' brigade. Although when I was playing rugby I got used to communal baths I don't like the idea of soaking in dirty water. Apparently in Russia they don't provide plugs for wash-hand basins in hotels because it is considered unhygienic.

I enjoyed the 'potato' story. Just shows what 'foul' minds people have !

Sorry to have missed you at Maureen and Reg's. You must both come over. Or we could meet you at the Dixies. I think the spoken word via the 'tellingbone' is called for.

When I was driving down Back Lane at Moorgreen (please see above) I saw a large bird on top of this telegraph pole. At first I thought it was a sparrow-hawk but people have mentioned a buzzard in the area. Needless to say, as soon as I stopped and pointed my Casio, it winged it. Reg reports a similar effect that his long telephoto lens has on interesting aircraft.

I realise the picture isn't very good but perhaps some knowledgeable 'birder' could hazard a guess ?

...... Hoping to venture out tomorrow, although my walking range is zilch. They will park me somewhere pretty though, as they always do, and I shall take my thermos, papers and lappy and it will do me good to get out.

Sleep tight and I'll catch you tomorrow.


Jill said...

I wouldn't like to hazard a guess about that bird of prey - all I know is that kestrels perch on posts?

Love the charcoal sketch - except that he looks miserable, that down-turned mouth....would love to see more?

I am not looking for joins in the rape field - my memories of that is that son took his family off to live in the country, small children being asthmatic caused they thought by pollution in the big city. Their house was next to a field of rape - and guess what, the children were worse than they were in London. They were back in London within 18 months.

Actually I thought they were daffodils at first glance....

I hope you manage to get out tomorrow, and that the sunshines and it is not black over Bill's mother's...

bungus said...

Thank you for confirming my own belief that I am Renaissance Man (Grade 10) personified; ie, fairly good at a lot of things but not good enough at any.
The charcoal drawing is the 10 minute one I did at the Lowry.

A brief history of my career as an artist:
I drew a lot as a child (most memorably a picture of the 3 Kings where I economised by drawing one camel and rider in the middle of the sheet, the rear end of another camel to the left and the front end of a third to the right. Perhaps it wasn’t Miese after all. Perhaps I introduced the concept of ‘less is more’?
I was knocked back by only receiving a Pass at School Cert but recovered doing ‘sketch designs’ and perspectives at college (watercolour, which I have never mastered, and gouache).
After leaving college in 1956 I did not paint again until New Year's Day 1964 when, after driving home drunk the night before (as one was obliged to do in those days), I found the plywood back of an old mirror, lightly covered it with charcoal and perceived the shape of a nude woman. I looked for paints (gouache) and found 3 colours. I couldn’t find a brush so used a J Cloth. I am emailing a copy of a photo for Graham to email on to anyone interested.
I did not paint again until this century (although, in the 80s, I did sketch some pen&ink self portraits) when I had a sudden flurry and produced perhaps half a dozen or so oils (which I had never used before and which hurt my eyes and throat) and another 10 to a dozen acrylics (which I had never used before).
This culminated in the Lowry episode, since when I have done nothing.

I agree about Delia on the little I saw. I think she has done herself more harm than good and failed to benefit the people who most need guidance.

Yes, you may assume any pictures I send may be published unless I say otherwise.
I consider it an honour to grace your pages.

I was trying mollification (new word?) and I think ‘skinflint’ almost as offensive as my first choice!

There were never any plugs in the basins when I was doing National Service. As soon as they were replaced people pinched them to be sure of having one.

I eventually understood Rob’s ‘foul’ joke but yours beats me again. Perhaps I am ‘ ‘chicken’?

A new departure in photography; snap of a bird that isn’t there. I think I have a similar one of a dragon eating a phoenix (on top of a telegraph post).

Shouldn't it be pronounced 'black ovver (or ower) Bill's mother's' with 'mother' pronounced like 'bother' ?

I saw a Lloyds Pharmacy ad for a 'tens’ machine on TV the other night. I thought they were a thing of the past. Do you ever use yours now?

I can believe that about pickled onion vinegar.

I feel everyone is being too kind about my painting/drawing ability.

I wasn’t trying to achieve a Hopper feeling to the painting and would have considered it a ‘fail’ if I had been. But I can see what RG means.

’Ruralisation’ is a good word whoever coined it.

I AM miserable. Grumpy is one of the names my grandchildren use (I prefer ‘Gran’Bob’).

My Sandra gets hayfever from rape (only) which may have led to her itchy eye problem.

Did you watch ‘Waking the Dead’ (I know RG wouldn’t because he would find it too harrowing).
The 2nd episode held up pretty well, I thought. It was good on atmosphere and not bad on plot although somewhat confusing. I could have done without the back story concerning the son in a psychiatric hospital and couldn’t get where the stringing up and torturing and killing in the container came from???

WC Fields: "I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food."

On this day (15th April):
1753 Publication of Dr Johnson’s dictionary
1764 Madame Pompadour dies
1793 First issue of £5 notes
1797 Spithead Mutiny
1843 Henry james born
1865 President Jackson sworn in (after Lincoln’s death)
1894 Bessie Smith born
1955 First McDonalds opened in San Bernadino, California
!986 US bomb Ghaddafi’s ‘palace’
1989 Hillsborough disaster
1990 Greta Garbo dies

anonymousrob said...

Just a brief comment as I've had an exceptionally long day at work. Thankfully this is only the 3rd in this job so I can't complain - today has seen a trip to Stockton on Tees.

Anyway I just wanted to say I'm not being kind about your artistic talents Bungus. If you think I am just ask RG about my advice when he was putting his LRPS panel together!

I'm beginning to wish I had given the Night Surgery picture 19 as I like the charcoal self-portrait even more!

I've received the photo and it's a cracker; reminiscent of one by Doisneau which, if I can find, I will e-mail to you.

I like Hopper's work.