Thursday, April 24, 2008

Y at Burton Joyce - Camera Club AGM

Thanks to field agent Reg we have a picture of The Major Oak. He promised to get me one (because I couldn't walk that far) and he did. Reg says the light was bad (which it was) and his picture is 'poor' which it certainly isn't. The most important thing is that the picture does the job.

One photographer (in the googled links) had digitally cloned-out the support props! Such an image would not grace these pages. We need to know what it looked like a.m. Wednesday 23rd April 2008.

Out of many links I considered the bbc one is the best. But I prefer Reg's picture.

Y has been at Burton Joyce and tonight it was Eastwood Photographic Society's AGM and, as AGM's go, it was comparatively painless and even-tempered. The Officers and Committee were all returned unopposed and very little was changed. A great compliment to Chairman Reg, Secretary Roy and Treasurer Duggie and all the other people who do important jobs to keep the club running smoothly and successfully. I was back home for 9pm !

Comments..... Bungus..... Thank you very much for the picture and I am completely sure that the fungus I saw is Hoof Fungus, as depicted.

Mannanan ..... Thanks also for your endorsement of 'Hoof fungus' and I'm sure will be in my British Wildlife book, when I can find it ! We are many miles from The Highlands of Scotland though - but it was on Silver Birch.

Bungus ...... Haven't actually replaced the Epson, the two are side by side. Re ink prices I'm afraid I can't answer. Inks came with it, so I can't tell you the price of replacements.

It is still bible-black aboard the Cunard Queen Victoria - perhaps tomorrow we can have a peek at where Jill has got to.

Just nipping back to Clumber catering for a second. As I think I reported, the buffet was excellent. One dish of garnishes looked interesting. Shiny, crisp and vivid green. My first thought was 'flash deep-fried rocket' and on the way out I asked at the food counter. My first 3 words are right, but it was kale from the kitchen garden the chef was pleased to tell me.

Brian S saw the consultant about his knee yesterday and the X Rays show that it seriously needs fixing. Protuberences rubbing within the joint are causing him to walk bow-legged, not to mention the pain from it. Brian never complains but often you can see he is suffering. He has been told he will be called in for the operation in about two months. Best of luck with it Brian !

..... Better stop there. Done for. Sleep tight and I'll catch you tomorrow.



bungus said...

Very much like Reg’s pic of Major Oak. Even enlarged it is sharp and I think the slightly misty light helps.

My mushroom ‘bible’ tells me that Hoof Fungus grows in ‘Scotland and the north of England’. The scan I sent has lightened the colours rather considerably.

‘Haven't actually replaced the Epson, the two are side by side’ Yes, that is what I had understood (and what I also have). If you are doing ‘a lot of printing’ (as I think you said) ink prices could be important. I certainly wouldn’t buy another printer without checking (which info doesn’t really help!).

On this Day, 24 Apr:
1866 Formation of Klu Klux Klan
1916 Start of Irish uprising
1949 End of all rationing (sweets last to go)
1980 US ‘crack forces’ fail to to rescue Iran hostages
1986 Wallis Simpson dies (did you know there is a Mah Jongg tile known as Mrs Simpson’s knickers?)
Birthday of Lord Haw-Haw 1916, Shirley Maclaine 1934
and Barbara Streisand 1942

anonymousrob said...

I was (not at all) sorry to miss the AGM last night - doesn't sound like the 'good old days' of the 80's and 90's when we used to fall out every year over the monthly competition rules.

Instead of going to EPS we went to see the Nimmo Brothers at Millers Snooker Club, Kirkby-in-Ashfield. It was the first night of their current, brief, UK and Europe (ie Holland) tour. They were brilliant; amazing guitar players the pair of them. In a couple of weeks Sherman Robertson is playing there so I expect that will be another trip out for us. Sherman Robertson was one of the musicians on Paul Simon's Graceland album.

I'm beginning to become suspicious of the Queen Vic webcam; it always seems to show the same picture. I've only ever seen one image where the light was in a different place and this morning I watched it for 2 minutes and the picture never changed. By that I mean it was the same after it refreshed as it was before. Surely the whitecaps on the waves and the flag couldn't have been in exactly the same place over that period of time?

ChairmanReg's mention of the Boogie Woogie piano sent me back to the Turner video. I didn't pay any attention to the other stuff first time but this time I actively sought out the Boogie Woogie. I watched someone, who looked very young, play a Boogie Woogie Medley. It was brilliant. Further investigation took me into John Lee Hooker (Hobo Blues and others) then to Eric Clapton via Booker White. A great background to a boring day at work.

This Sunday, 27 April, is World Pinhole Day. Whatever the weather I shall be out with a pinhole camera trying to capture something interesting. I hope it's warm as I shall be standing around for several minutes whilst exposing the film. Maybe I should follow the blogmeister's example and take a large flask of coffee with me - but then I would need to be near a toilet as well.

Important football day tomorrow at both the top of the Premiership and the bottom of League Two (which I still think of as Division Four). Good luck to the Reds and the Stags.


bungus said...

Just arrived home, 1.30, from non-traumatic visit to City Hospital. Picked up c 10.30. Gave blood and went to surgery with large cup of good coffee, started crossword, five minute consultation (OK to resume chemo on Thursday), ate salmon cob, almost finished crossword, transport arrived.
Went to Netto yesterday, then to Newark Morrisons which was horrendous. I expected it to be half hour and it was probably three times that. I had a leaflet full of offers which all took a lot of finding; most of the staff didn’t know where anything was either. Then to Aldi which has (like Morrisons) undergone a change of layout but not traumatic. Then to Homebase to pick up some wallpaper . By the time I got home I was conkered.
But OK today. I think the extra week respite and recovery time has helped. Last fortnight of pills from Thursday, but drips, which don’t seem to bother me, continue for another 6 months. Heigh-Ho!


I used to play Boogie Woogie piano in my teens. Mainly Fats Waller, inc Alligator Crawl, and Basie.

Som eyears ago, Dan and I (accompanied, under protest, by girlfriend / wife) went to see a Village Ventures performance by a jazz trio led by a very impressive young boogieist. I forget his name though.

Yes, a big Saturday for Forest and Stags. I hope they both win (and County too if it doesn’t harm Mansfield)

Reg said...

Rob Must get a piano in the club room.

Qoute for you from Vince

Don't ask a photographer to talk about Judges when you wouldn't ask a lamppost to talk about dogs.

Bungas is 'conkered' a Mansfield saying its new one on me.

anonymousrob said...

Great idea ChairmanReg - boogie woogie piano played live to the NEMPF slides, er sorry,projected images. Congratulations on your re-election. Who were the mediocre external lecturers?