Wednesday, April 09, 2008

One photo blog - a little better

The tree opposite the front gates is a joy and I thought I'd better 'catch' it before it is in full leaf.

The lighting is from a street-light about 30yds away and the colour is about right. At the risk of irritating Bungus, it was a 20 second exposure at f7.1. Fortunately there wasn't any wind and at 4am there wasn't much traffic either. This was the day before I was struck down with this pain.

Incidentally, it is easing by the hour, so Jill's 'Curse on Magwitch' seems to have worked. Thank you Jill.

A full bulletin would be boring so suffice it to say that the attack, or flare-up as the clinic mysteriously call it, is following its normal path. I can now turn over in bed and pull myself from one position to the other, or ask Y to provide the pull. Heavily dihydrocodeine-ed and fentanyl patched but we are getting there.

I haven't heard from the WoW-ers or received any pictures but I guess they had a good day. The weather was reasonable I think.

Y has gone over to BJ for Millicent's third birthday and Tracy is bringing her back. Sorry to have missed it but it simply wasn't possible. Also sorry to miss EPS tomorrow night because I would love to see everyone's pictures. Rob and Elaine have some in - it was 'Theme out of a hat' night.

Comments.....Jill.... Annie's 'Calamity Jane' sounds as if it had definite overtones of St. Trinians and none the worse for that. I managed to track down some original footage which is fun. My school's musicals were mainly Gilbert & Sullivan and my rise up the thespian ladder stopped at being an anonymous sailor in the crew of H.M.S Pinafore. I can't sing for toffee anyway.

Bungus...... Glad you enjoyed the rainbow. Like you, I love them. In fact I don't think I've ever met anyone who doesn't. I'd love to capture a good one in all its glory but I think luck would play a prominent part.

Talking of walking-aids etc., my lovely assessor rang today, and already she has organised our half-step, an indoor walking frame, and various other bits. As Jill remarked it is good that at least a part of the NHS seems to be working well. Most of these things are down to individual people in the end - although systems, poor leadership, and lack of funding can drag anything down.

anonymousrob BA(Hons) A.R.P.S...... I tend to agree with you about photographic titles. Mainly because most of them are way up high in terms of cringe-factor. Somewhat similar to the epigrams on church notice boards. There's been a piece in the Telegraph recently.

I thought your Magwitch joke quite good actually.

And there was me thinking that basque-separatists were blowsy scrubbers dressed in two piece basques.

My Etymology Dictionary has :-
tad Look up tad at
1877, "young or small child," probably a shortened form of tadpole. The extended meaning "small amount" is first recorded 1915.
but it remains silent on titch, titchy, tadge and tadgy. I am sure though that Jill is right to suggest a common root for all.

Y and I have done quite a lot of Nat.Trust work together over the past few days. Sitting in the office swivel chair is as comfortable as anywhere and we both enjoy a sense of achievement by actually doing things and reaching objectives. For instance, rather than a box containing hard-copy letterheads, I have done a template and copied it a few times in the appropriate Word folder, and there they are ready for use, without storage problems.

I have also taken responsibility for our Mansfield Centre of The National Trust web-page and will in future act as a sort of editor for it. I shall probably be able to find ways of irritating Bungus by going on about The National Trust now. Mind you, he'll understand what I'm talking about in this sphere. I've explained to him that the blog is read by people with varied interests, from photography through to computers, and he will just have to continue being 'irritated' by the bits he doesn't wish to know about.

Hold the stop-press. Picture 2 just in from Reg. WoW went round the lakes at Calke Abbey. The weather was OK, the light reasonable and this hollow-tree was photo-worthy.

The picture appeals because Reg has kept the shadowy interior from being completely blocked. It therefore intrigues. If I wasn't to be offered a cave, I wouldn't mind living in a hollow tree with the customary proviso that there was a plug for my laptop.

Tomorrow's EPS meeting is a competition "Themes out of a Hat" which I shall be sorry to miss but I simply wouldn't be able to get up those stairs. I picked out of the hat "pairs" and although I hadn't had any strokes of genius I did have a couple of bird pictures.

Rob and Elaine have entries in and I bet tens that Reg, Brian, Roy, Douglas, and Helen will have too. and I feel sure that, between them all, somebody will pen a paragraph.

Quotation time.....Sorry about yesterday's somewhat doom-laden effort. This is a little lighter.....

"A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It's jolted by every pebble on the road"

Henry Ward Beecher

..... Catch you tomorrow......

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bungus said...

I unintentionally upset the blogmeister with my short para about irritation.
The only sackcloth to hand contains potatoes and, since we switched to gas, ashes are in short supply. Therefore, I must content myself with dressing gown and porridge, possibly with a short course of self flagellation.
Other things bore, baffle and irritate me too,(as I don’t understand them and don’t want to) eg, building construction, ‘History of Architecture’, the internal combustion engine, horse racing (except the National), car racing (except le Mans, live), motor bike racing. I would rather talk about golf (which I do not play).
But I do not demand that anyone should pander to my tastes.
And 'yes', I think NT could also become an irritant.
But please carry on.

Although far from expert, 20 sec at f7.1 I understand while thinking it an unnecessary complication to digital photography.

Hope your gradual improvement continues and that the ‘aids’ help you(more tautology?).

We never did musicals at School. I vaguely remember 2 Shakespeare productions – 'Herod as Heron (or Heron as Herod)in Henry V' read the ad, while Rex Howell and Johnny Lee made splendidly beautiful Merry Wives. I only ever appeared in one end of year school concert - every form produced a sketch and I was Snowy in a spoof Dick Barton which delicately took the mickey out of most members of staff.

Could you be thinking of Basquinies (2 piece garments worn on the beaches of the north coast of Spain).

I too like Reg’s tree but it could do with a 50p piece – I cannot tell whether the hole is man or rabbit size; I suspect somewhere between, such as ‘big dog’.

Woe are Stags.
Yet again a single goal defeat in a match they could or should have won (according to reports).
But what a magnificent Liverpool v Arsenal match the other night. Torres’ goal and Walcott’s run with the ball from his own penalty area to the opposition goal were both outstanding. The latter player looks to me like a natural successor to Owen (without the goals).
I quite fancy the following team:
Richards, Ferdinand, Terry, Cole A,
Barry (or Carrick or Hargreaves),
Lampard, Gerrard,
Walcott, Crouch, Rooney.
With Beckham, Defoe or Owen, Woodgate, Lescott, Bentley, Cole J (+ Carrick or Hargreaves) on the bench.

Rob BA Hons ARPS (I am suitably awed. It makes my Dip Arch [Nottm] ARIBA sound very sad). I 'ope no one 'ARPS on about this.

Thanks for depressing me, telling me that marks are meaningless. I have not had much to bask in recently and now you’ve taken that away!

‘Titch’ Green was in my form at school.
But I thought it had been decided that ‘shrapnel’ was a London (South) usage?

I am now not surprised that I didn’t get the Magwitch joke! I was looking for ‘cope’ to be involved. Incidentally, one way of coping is to sit on top of a wall.