Thursday, May 01, 2008

No blog today !!

Sorry folks. No blog today. Only recently back from EPS Presentation Evening. Great sucsess but I'm now 'done for'. I will report tomorrow and react to comments etc.....


bungus said...

Visit to City Hospital today.
Waiting for transport from the very reasonable time of noon.
Driver appeared about 1.15 having been searching for the house for some time (he had the postcode but had been looking in the wrong places). Not having a house number does present problems and the comment ‘It’s next door to the flower shop’ is never passed on! He was very annoyed and said he had been on the point of leaving me. Apparently he had phoned twice and I hadn’t heard it (I may well have dozed off).
Arrived hospital 2.00 for 2.15 appointment. Fortunately there was snooker on the waiting room TV until I was taken in for treatment at 4.00 (they were very understaffed, with people on long term sick leave and a secondment to King's Mill). Whilst waiting for transport from 5.00, I enjoyed some rice pudding, a banana and a few squares of chocolate before a taxi arrived at 5.45 and, after a scary journey on the winding roads to Southwell and then Ollerton (the driver only put his left hand on the steering wheel perhaps four times, for sharp left hand turns) got me home at 6.40.
On the way home there was a splendid ‘black ovver Bill’s movvers’ sky to the west. It could even have been over Brinsley! I had my camera with me and was set to take shots until I discovered my batteries had gone down! I hope someone else spotted and recorded it.

My tree book tells me that several varieties of poplar and willow have glaucus undersides to their leaves.

Was the 'removed' comment mine? If so I’ve forgotten what it was!

My view is that Barcelona certainly played the prettier football but I agree they did not make scoring opportunities. Man U played an effective but dangerous and not very entertaining game (apart from the glorious goal). Keano has certainly not been replaced – I suppose Scholes is the nearest – but where else is there such a player (Savage? [joke] Or some Italian destroyer?).
I suspect the final will be boring.

I wish I’d known Haslam was on TV as I have only read about him.

bungus said...

Did you know that the manager of Wolfsburg FC is Wolfgang Wolf?

Sam Goldwyn:
"Don't bite the hand that lays the golden egg".

anonymousrob said...

No, Bungus, the deleted comment was mine. I was very silly in mentioning the unmentionable and I fully accept the blogmeister's actions. In a way I'm pleased; I've spent many years wanting to be controversial. However, apologies to RG for my lack of thought. Now everyone will be intrigued by what I said but will never know.

Given the creativity professional footballers employ in inventing nicknames for each other (eg Saint and Greavesie, not to mention Keano) what's the betting that Wolfgang Wolf is known as.........boss?

My choice of Keano replacement would have been Gattuso from Milan but he's getting on a bit now as well, I think.

Good to see we have a new poster though RG will undoubtedly do the official welcome. I think I was sitting in the wrong place to see the projected images properly or maybe it's my eyes. Some looked to be lacking sharpness and many seemed to be overexposed. I suspect projector issues. I may be wrong,though. It has been known.

The driving/taxi post from Bungus reminds me of a Peter Kay story. He said when you ring up to order one they answer the phone by saying "He's just coming round your corner now." Yes, of course the driver rang you twice, Bungus, they're like that are taxi drivers.

Bank holiday weekend and we're off to Tansley with the caravan so I intend to sneak off work early today.


Reg said...

Keep out of Lumsdale