Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nat. Trust Regional Meeting - Done for.

The reason Clumber looks deserted is because we were there before they opened. And No, it wasn't 7am, it always looks like that. Peter and I travelled together and it was good to have a nice long chat. I hadn't realised that the birthday he has just celebrated was his 79th - he does wonders with a work-schedule that would exhaust a 50yr old. It is good that, now Y has taken over the secretaryship, he will be able to shed a few tasks.

The meeting went well but I find these things rather demanding these days and I was 'done for' when I arrived home. So you must excuse my brevity. Glad Jill is still 'vertical' and I shall do my best to track Cunard Victoria on her cruise round Madiera and The Canaries. No doubt the ship will have a bridge webcam and it should be possible to find the site address. We will patiently await her return, perhaps with a few pictures.

n.b. Found the bridge webcam, please click here and we shall be able to see where she goes. Seems to be raining at the moment.

Comments.....Bungus ..... It sound as if you have been quite lucky with printers. I like the results from my Epson and Brian has sorted it out twice now. But now we have these Nat Trs things I need to be able to do a black & white print run of more copies than the Epson would do without going haywire.

I liked the 'quiz' stuff which, as I remember, you were quite a star at. I certainly have been 'framed' and the official one is, as you say, a sort of industrial weight zimmer. It will be handy for when I am really bad but it is perhaps too robust for more normal days. Peter and Joan have lent me one which originally belonged to Joan's Dad. This one has wheels (with brakes) is lighter and more compact and altogether feels better for frequent use. I intend to take it WoWing tomorrow to see how I get on.

You wonder if your distaste for manual tasks makes you effete ? The following definition might amuse you :-
effete \eh-FEET; ih-\, adjective:
1. No longer capable of producing young; infertile; barren; sterile.
2. Exhausted of energy; incapable of efficient action; worn out.
3. Marked by self-indulgence or decadence; degenerate.
4. Overrefined; effeminate.

Re the above in respect of yourself -<
  1. Not sure
  2. Probably
  3. Certainly
  4. Certainly not.
AnonymousRob...... Glad you enjoyed the Turner video. I agree with you about the people/painting mix but believe me, for Artdaily videos, it was good quality. It would also have been helpful if the paintings had been named.

I always forget the title of one of those shown, - his painting of a ship with the small triangular sails. It is a memorable image because some unwise viewer asked Turner "Why did you paint the sails that black?" Turner replied "Because I couldn't find any pigment blacker".

Re the Munch and 'the influence of photography.....' You make a good point and rather than a 'snap' answer, I would like time to consider.

Glad to welcome you to the 'soft hands brigade' and I refer you to my comments to Bungus above.

If your Dylan 'zimmerman' sentence was a little obscure for some readers, this should help.


Bob Dylan, born Robert Allen Zimmerman May 24 1941 in Duluth, Minnesota in the USA, is widely regarded as America's greatest popular songwriter born in the Twentieth Century. Of all American songwriters ever, only Stephen Fosterand Irving Berlin are mentioned in the same breath.


Thats about it for tonight folks. Hoping to go WoW-ing tomorrow, and I understand Mike is interested in a trek to The Major Oak. That should be fun.



anonymousrob said...

Very short comment as I'm doing a talk at Matlock Camera Club tonight.

There's a couple of interesting poems about St George's Day on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme website.

Hope your wheels worked well, RG.


bungus said...

If your Epson still scans Ok and you only need a new one for printing, I would suggest you get a cheap printer for which cheap ink is obtainable.

With the P/J zimmer you will be able to say, if asked whether you came by car, “No, I am on two wheels today,” (don’t forget to wear a crash helmet).

Re: effete \eh-FEET; ih-\, adjective:
1. No longer capable of producing young; infertile; barren; sterile.
2. Exhausted of energy; incapable of efficient action; worn out.
3. Marked by self-indulgence or decadence; degenerate.
4. Overrefined; effeminate.
I am happy with your assessment of my ‘effeteness’ with the following amendments:

1. Not sure (the problem is getting a chance to prove it one way or another without involving laboratories!)
2.Probably (should be ‘certainly’ at present. Transplanting 20 tomato seedlings has exhausted me today)
4.Certainly not.

I do like a very little bit of gardening; ie, planting, a small amount of pruning, and transplanting seedlings, but I have never enjoyed weeding or digging.
Re the Zimmer, I know you will believe me when I say that I also had intended to add a further comment about the Traveling Wilburys.
[The Traveling Wilburys was a supergroup consisting of George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, and Bob Dylan.[1] The band recorded two albums during the two years they were together.
"Wilburys" was a slang term coined by Harrison and Lynne during the recording of Cloud Nine as a reference to recorded "flubs" that could be eliminated during the mixing stage[1] (i.e. "'We'll bury' them in the mix"). The term was used again when the entire group was together. Harrison suggested "The Trembling Wilburys" as the group's name, but Lynne suggested using "Traveling" instead. Everyone agreed.]

I realise I have not been keeping up with relevant dates.
Catch Up:

17 Apr:
100,000 people drown in Dutch damn breach, 1421
Chaplin, Pickford, Fairnbanks and Griffith form United Artists, 1919
Mussolini wins election for first time, 1924
McCarthyism causes Chaplin to say he will never return to USA, 1953
Bay of Pigs, 1961
Rolling Stones release first LP, 1964
Rhodesia becomes Zimbabwe, 1980

18 April:
Lucrezia Borgia born, 1480
Paul Revere rides from Charleston to Lexington, 1775
San Francisco earthquake, 1906
First launderette opens, Fort Worth, Texas, 1934

19 April:
1775 Start of American War of Independence, 1775
(I like this) Disraeli on his deathbed declines visit from Queen Victoria, saying
“No, she will only ask me to take a message to Albert,”, 1881
(And this too)
May West is pleased with publicity after being jailed for 10 days following closure by police of her hit show ‘Sex’, 1927
Prince Rainier marries Grace Kelly, 1956
Dalai Llama flees Tibet, 1959

20 April:
Captain Cook discovers Australia, 1770
(and another nice one)
First ever motor race, in Paris, attracts only one entrant, 1887
Hitler born, 1889

21 April:
Henry VIII accedes to throne, 1509
Red Baron killed, 1918
Citizens of Rio de Janeiro miffed at Brasilia becoming capital, 1960
Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, 1968
Tiannmen Square, 1989

22 April:
Lenin’s birthday, 1870
200,000 (est) people on Oklahoma starting line to stake claim to 160acres each of 2 million acres of land, 1889
Yehudi Menuhin’s birthday, 1916
Charles Mingus’ birthday, 1927
Aussie Alf Dean, using rod and line, lands 16’10” great white shark, 1959
Papa Doc dies, 1971
Pound coin introduced, 1983

Like Elvis McGonagall's poem but, although I like Brain Patten, I don't think this is him at his best. Some of the scansion is awful (probably deliberate, but it didn't work for me).

Reg said...

Did Bob Dylan invent the Zimmerframe then?
The Turner link (Very Good)got me in trouble some how U tubes next item was Boogie Woogie panio and I sat for hours playing trad jazz etc. Senior Managment was not amusesed