Monday, April 21, 2008

Busy again - New printer - Walking Aids

The picture is an Edvard Munch called "Girls on a Bridge" and is being auctioned in New York. If you have the odd £15 million lying about you might be in with a chance. It interests me because my guess is that the bridge is the same he used in his earth-shattering "The Scream", but at the other end. This picture won't give you nightmares but the other one just might, so I haven't published it - but I will if anyone doesn't know the picture.

As my printer was still playing up we went to Staples and bought another - on David's recommendation an HP which he says is really robust and seldom gets bunged up jets and seldom crashes. I managed to get it up and running fairly easily - I stress fairly easily because I had trouble inserting the ink cartridges - having missed the sentence which pointed out that the printer needed to be switched on before it would accept the inks. OK now though and it seems to do a tidy and quick job.

Before leaving the art world I'd like to share with you this great little video about Turner. I was talking to Andrew at EPS on Thursday about Turner and I said that one of the thrills of my life was being given access to his watercolour notebooks full of quick sketches of the soldiers and sailors returning from Trafalgar.

Comments.....Bungus......Re RAW vs JPEG. In the blog, you won't see any difference at all because, as I understand it '' makes JPEGs of everything so as not to clog up the system.

You sound as if the Leeds and other places adventure really appeals. Do I understand that this is a plan afoot rather than you've done it. In my view it all sounds far too demanding and tiring.

The disability girl arrived with my walking frame and the version she brought and recommends, doesn't have wheels anyway. So I've no idea what that was all about.

While at Staples in Mansfield this morning we were just opposite Field Mill and I though that the Sports Desk might like a picture of their favourite Stags home ground. So I went and poked my Casio through the aluminium fencing and snapped them a picture. The light wasn't very good so neither is the picture. Sorry.

Yet again Y has done the cooking and jolly nice it's been too.

As I have used a Munch masterpiece I thought I'd give the old boy blogroom for a quote. Not that he said this about that particular painting but about art in general:-

"The colors live a remarkable life of their own after they have been applied to the canvas"

Edvard Munch

Indeed they do. And in photography too. A good 'picture' is as memorable and alive as a person and with much greater longevity. The wikipedia link was the best, and, if you open it you will see a small version of 'The Scream' anyway.

Not heard from Jill, and I hope she isn't suffering from whatever it was that caused her fainting attack.

..... I know she likes the sheep? dog? ....sheepdog? jumping the hurdle so - sleep tight Jill. And catch you all tomorrow. After I return from Nat Trst work at Clumber. That is poncy type headwork, notepad and laptop work - not real man's work gardening, rebuilding walls etc.. See you tomorrow.......



Jill said...

I'm still vertical,thank goodness, just busy packing, we are going cruising tomorrow, Cunard's Queen Victoria, from Southampton (leaves about 5.00) for ten days, going to Madeira, Canaries, Lisbon and Vigo, back on May 2nd. You may be able to 'track' me last time?

Your new printer sound like mine, I have a hpoffice jet all-in-one 4300. Scans, faxes, copies. I had an hp one before, never had a problem with it till after five years, that was just a simple printer. I still find it a fiddle changing cartridges though, even when it is one, getting them to 'click' into place.

I like the bright colours of the painting and the quote, I see what you mean about the bridge too.

Bungus, that sounds a Grand Day Out, as long as you have the stamina.

Catch you all later - don't do anything I wouldn't do - and thank Y for her e-mail.

bungus said...

I have no doubt Munch used the same bridge. I clicked your link and quite like his other paintings (esp the Vampire') but not so much the one you chose (I wrote 'choosed' first) to publish which I consider mundane. Although scary, The Scream is one of my favourite paintings, another beI very much enjoyed the Turner Nude Descending a Staircase.
And I very much enjoyed the Turner video.

I have had no significant problems with printers. My basic Epson lasted for years. I now have a Canon MP 150 which scans, copies, prints but the cartridges are expensive (I think thye ma be for HP too) and no cheap compatibles are available. I also have a Dell (just prints) which Dan supplied and which adecent job.

The Day Out was one I took several years ago for an audition for Crosswits (I wa saccepted which meant another trip to Newcastle (expenses paid) only to fail beacuse I called the song 'The Streak', 'The Streaker'.
Erratum: the £6 something fare should have been £8 odd, because I tried to cheapen the fare by changing trains but the cost of the coffee made it more expensive!

Sorry to hear you are without wheels. So I presume what you have is a 'zimmer'; very useful.

Thanks for the shot of Field Mill which now looks like a real stadium as i found when I went to buy a shirt for one of my American gds.
You can tell how long it is since I went to a match though; they've turned the pitch round! I liked the old ground anyway.

I have never been into 'man tasks' as you describe them. Does that makes me effete?

anonymousrob said...

I enjoyed the Turner video very much but would have preferred to see more of the paintings and less of the people looking at them. I'm not sure about Girls on a Bridge, it doesn't seem to have much life to me. I like The Scream very much and especially the lithograph version I saw on one of the links from the link (Olga's? can't remember now). Being a lithograph it seems to convey mental turmoil much more strongly, to me at any rate.

Does Munch come into 'the influence of photography on art' category?

I thought some of the work for the NT did involve rebuilding walls...but we are all differently skilled RG and your contribution is no less important than that of other people. I hate gardening and have absolutely no interest in gardens so maybe I'm not a real man either?!

Now you have your walking frame does that make you a zimmer man? If so, maybe we need to re-name you Dylan. I hesitate to suggest another Bob!


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