Friday, April 18, 2008

Shopping - Fish & Chips - NT work

A 'guest' picture to start with - Roy's "ET from Suffolk". He didn't want to miss out in the 'knobbly trees' series.

It was really nice to see him at the Club last night, still convalescing from his hip replacement though, and I think the stairs were a major hurdle which he overcame.

But I understand how he couldn't really miss out on his son's evening.

And Roy drove the projector and the laptop and we all hope he will soon be back in full swing - blue hat included !

I promised before & after pictures of our flat-pack telly stand. So pictures 2 and 3 are exactly that. It looks good and even Tracy convinced us that she really does like it. Being a lovely person she would say she did even if she didn't, if you know what I mean.

But I think she actually does.

Yvonne's comment of "It looks as if it's always been there" sums up how well it blends in.

This morning Reg came round and sorted out a computer problem for me. Reg's copy/paste worked where my drag/drop had failed. But I really love this environment where "somebody knows the answer". We all have different bits of expertise and it's good to share them.

Then we went shopping - Lidl and Morrisons for essential provisions. I managed Lidl OK but opted out of Morrisons and let Y do it. I cooked lunch haddock & chips with marrowfat peas - no bread and butter, followed in my case by Tiramisu for pudding. Y had healthy grapes !

This afternoon, after naps, we tackled Nat Trust stuff and unfortunately my printer played up again and I spent a good hour cleaning print heads and changing ink cartridges etc., perhaps the time is coming .................. Anyway, we got it done.

Comments.......Jill..... Hope your day trip to see Barbara (yes - Y did know) went well and that it didn't cause you too much of a problem for your arm. And that you enjoyed the train, and the coffee !

Jill and Bungus........This silly business over the walking frame without wheels is just that - silly! He took the wheels away with him. What is the betting that when the frame arrives, it will be without wheels ?

Bungus..... I quite like being unframed. But, re my 'disability aids' perhaps it would be easier all round if I just stayed in bed and took a series of photos of my feet for instance, read poetry and listened to the radio of course. WoW could come round and instead of thumbnails they could photograph toenails.

I'm not convinced by your 'short-fibred potato flour' theory. But I don't feel strongly about it.

Not surprised by your bumble-bee sighting. They are hardier than honey bees which, I can assure you from my bee-keeping days, don't emerge until the temperature reaches 56 Fahrenheit.

AnonymousRob....... That's fine about why you vanished last night and I admire your strength of principle. Hypocrite that I am I have no compunction about using the Conservative Club. In fact taking advantage of the facilities without any intention of being swayed suits me fine.

Very interesting about the girl in Doisneau's "The Kiss" and her retrospective fee. Joan Hunter Dunne, the muse for one of John Betjeman's finest poems, die a few days ago at 92 bless her. It is called "A Subaltern's Love Song" and I've made that a link for you.

Hope your Tandoori was a success. Agree about Notaries - but I would settle for 1hr a week's pay, so long as I still got all my pensions and everything plus. Looking forward to your call.

Quotation time.....Being a quotation person, I find the following a little harsh:-

"A facility for quotation covers the absence of original thought"

Dorothy L. Sayers

You can all 'google' her yourselves, if you wan't to. I thought she was racist and anti-semitic and I couldn't stand that stuck-up upperclass twit Lord Peter Wimsey.

.....Sleep tight. Catch you tomorrow.



anonymousrob said...

Nice one, RG. I used to say, in my trade union days, that i was happy to lunch with the employers at their expense because i couldn't be bought for the price of a meal. I think your stance is nobler than mine, and there is somehting very fine in "taking advantage of the facilities without any intention of being swayed". Having said that, I still don't like the bar area and much prefer the Dixies.

Today we have a Print Project meeting and I shall be leaving shortly to pick up little Den (geddit?). Maybe more later.


bungus said...

Liked Roy’s ET.
Didn’t Dorothy L. Sayers make up one of the classic advertising slogans, possibly ‘drinka pinta milka day’?

Hospital Friday. Arose at 7.00 to be ready for 8.30 for transport which arrived at 11.10 and got me to City bang on appointment time 11.40. But I had to go for blood test first, with queue of 20. Finally checked in at 12.18, ushered in to consulting room within 5 minutes and out again before 12.30 having been given a weeks ‘reprieve’ because of bruised heels. So back again next Friday and back on to chemo the following Thursday.
I settled to await transport home and had just finished half my chicken, stuffing and fruit jelly cob before the driver arrived. Home by 2.00.

Thanks Rob for the Doisneau info.

For many years most (?) oven chips have been made from shaped mash; esp the crinkly ones. Sorry you have been disillusioned.

Notary sounds a good line to be in. But I have always understood that the insurance people (whose title escapes me momentarily) who reckon the odds (like glorified bookies) were the best paid people until the trade in money got going.

I would have thought it unnecessary to pick up Little Den with him being so near the floor to start with.

Here’s a cheering quote:
‘What good is a long life to us if it is haNotaryrdNotary, joyless and so full of suffering that we can only welcome death as a deliverer’
(Sigmund Freud)
Perhaps a job as a Notary would cheer Ziggy up?

Jill said...

I don't know about Dorothy L Sayers (and I could never stand the Lord Peter Wimsey books either)but Fay Weldon invented 'go to work on an egg'..... Somehow I can't see DLS using the word 'pinta'?

ET sprung to mind before I read what you said about it.

Yes, thank you, I had a good day yesterday with Barbara Trains were fine, I had a carriage to myself all the way to Chichester, apart from a pleasant NZ chap in charge of the tea/coffee trolley. We had a great lunch at a new restaurant opened in Pallant House, reminded me a lot of Tate Britain but at about half the price! Only snag about not having the car was that I was unable to take advantage of the splendid Farmers' Market, or buy stuff in the three-storey Lakeland! And please tell Y that Barnbara is in fine form.

Bungus, I don't know what bruised heels has to do with anything, but hope all goes well next week.