Friday, April 25, 2008

Lidl, Morrisons - Flash-fried curly-kale

Not wishing to miss out on the 'knobbly trees' this one, near the visitor's centre on Wednesday, caught my eye. I don't think I can see a 'face' in it or anything else for that matter - I just liked the patterns and whorls and contrasting colours.

Picture 2 was from the same occasion and is simply elder at an early stage. A younger elder in fact. At least, that's what I think it is, I am always ready to bow to superior natural history knowledge. Especially if it comes from the Collins British Wildlife book. I am pleased to inform Mannanan that I have now found it, hiding on a bookshelf !

This morning we did the Lidl, Morrisons run and in Lidl, for just under a tenner, bought a car vacuum-cleaner which runs from the dashboard cigarette lighter. It has a full range of little accessories like big brushes, things for poking into corners etc., so now we shall have no excuse for an unkempt car interior. Except of course, sheer idleness.

Picture 3 is the 'flash-fried curly kale'
which I liked and learnt about from the Chef at Clumber on Tuesday, and decided to cook today to garnish our main meal.

Although it looks rather oily and soggy it is in fact dry and extremely crisp. It melts in the mouth.

I used rape-seed oil, very hot and just threw a couple of handfuls of curly kale into it. It fizzles and dances about furiously and it only needs a minute or so to cook. Then you drain it and the result is as shown in the picture. And although it doesn't look it, it is in fact crisp and crunchy.

Puicture 4 is from the Cunard Queen Victoria's bridge webcam. I was beginning to feel like AnonymousRob that it wasn't working.

Then, when I looked this afternoon I found that Jill ad Ro had arrived at Madiera Portugal so I did 'save as' and preserved the image.

Comments.....Bungus.... as Mannanan predicted the 'Hoof fungus' is illustrated in my Collins and as in your 'bible' it says it is normally found in the Highlands of Scotland. Bound to be 'global warming' I suppose to send it to Edwinstowe !

I take your point about ink prices and the costs of big print runs. However, National Trust policy is that 'volunteers' should not finish up out of pocket, so we intend to claim all our printing costs, including ink and paper. The National Trust's sensible view is because they do not want anyone to be deterred from 'volunteering' due to financial fears.

AnonymousRob..... Fear not. EPS has not changed that much and there was, of course, the annual thrash through 'change/not change' the monthly competitions. My paragraph was intended to say that no-one became ill tempered, so far as I could see, but I had to ask Brian Smith, on the way out, what exactly we had decided about the monthlies ! But this was my normal state of confusion, because Brian had it clearly enough.

World pinhole day sounds great fun and I wish you well with it. And don't forget to 'bracket' your shots !! Can't speak highly enough of the Thermos full of coffee and I note your concerns about the proximity of a toilet..

However, provided your Thermos is restricted to one-user, when it is empty of coffee........!!

Hope the Nimmo Brothers made up for missing EPS's AGM and, for the benefit of other readers - please open this Nimmo Brothers YouTube link.

AnonymousReg...... Really like the dogs/lamposts quote link with photographers/judges.

I think Bungus's 'conkered' is also a Derbyshire saying. But I guess that Netto, followed by Newark Morrisons, onwards to Aldi, before Homebase for wallpaper, would 'conquer' anyone ! I was 'done for' just by reading about it.

Let Rob work out for himself who the 'mediocre' lecturers were ! I don't think there would be much disagreement.

.....Sleep tight. Catch you tomorrow.....




bungus said...

A good example of knobbly and I like the young elder idea.
Isn’t it strange where things turn up (ie, your book on a bookshelf).
Yesterday I lost one of the 3 tele handsets now needed; and found that I had been sitting on it.

The Kale sounds very like Chinese ‘seaweed but in bigger pieces.

My mushroom 'bible' says Scotland AND north of England for Hoof Fungus.
Where does north start? Anywhere this side of West Bridgford is my definition. South of that live the cockneys.

The National Trust are quite right to pay your expenses. Perhaps you should get a Chelsea Tractor?

AnonymousRob makes it sound as if EPS is suffering from PMT.

So far as I recall I have never been thirsty enough to suffer the burden of a Thermos. I don’t know if anyone else watched ‘Teenage Kicks’ (Thur night just because it was on because I consider it poor TV) but the fully laden Ade Edmondson reminded me of RG going out ‘equipped’.

I too liked Reg’s dogs/lamposts quote. A bit like the turkey never voting for Xmas.

I thought I had perhaps invented 'conkered' as a metaphor or aphorism!
If it IS a Derbyshire saying I would suggest that it is derived from ‘conquered’ as you half suggest.

bungus said...


Some years ago, Dan and I (accompanied, under protest, by girlfriend / wife) went to see a Village Ventures performance by a jazz trio led by a very impressive young boogieist. I forget his name though.
It was Daniel Smith. Worth hearing.

It happened on this day:
1719 Robinson Crusoe published
1792 Music and words of patriotic French anthem ‘Chant de guerre de l’aimee du Rhin’ composed by Captain Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle (did he make coarse stockings?). It presumably was renamed ‘le Marsellaise’
1859 Construction of Suez canal begins.
1953 Publication of discovery of DNA
1956 Rocky Marciano retires unbeaten
1960 Ten black people shot dead in Mississipi
1990 Hubble telescope launched.
Drugs ‘baron’ Charles Wilson (‘treasurer’ of the Great Train Robbery)shot dead beside his Marbella swimming pool
Birthday of Oliver Cromwell, 1559; Marconi, 1874; Ed Murrow, 1906; Ella Fitzgerald, 1918; and Al Pacino, 1939
Humhrey Lyttleton (born 23 May 1921) died, 2008

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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