Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rest Day - Papers - Lots of Naps

My flirtation with RAW continues. The above is from our last WoW at Alport.

Basically all my pictures were taken within 15 yards of the car. If you turned 90° CW you would see the old Corn Mill of yesterday's blog and if you stepped back 4 yards you would see Picture 2 from April 16th.

Today we have caught up on idleness. Lots of 'lie-downs' and plenty relaxing with the papers.

Yesterday evening we watched The Book Quiz and thoroughly enjoyed it. We knew plenty of the answers, but it does wonders for your ego when you succeed where the panellists are stumped. A couple of lines of Horace which I knew and they didn't and Y knew an Edgar Wallace quote which defeated them for instance. Kirsty Walk is an excellent chairman and apart from being rather dishy is also extremely well read isn't she? James Delingpole, one of the panellists, was very shy and confused to begin with but he soon eased up and became very entertaining. In his Press role and from a book of his that I have, I know how well he writes.

We are also watching Melvyn Bragg's 'Travels in Written Britain' but it is on so late we record it.

Comments..... Jill ..... Oh dear, poor you, having a fainting fit. So worrying if it hasn't happened before. I'm sure Barbara was right to discourage an ambulance but I definitely think you should see your GP and relate the incident. Did you just pass out? Or did you have the other related symptoms of 'shock' i.e. pallor, and sweaty brow etc? I googled "fainting fits" and came up with the webpage behind that link. It seems very straightforward and mentions 'getting up too quickly' - could that have been a factor?

Perhaps the others can be more help.

Thanks for the info about 'Drinka Pinta......' and then AnonymousRob adds the authorship of the add to your acquaintance with the model. The 'Which twin has the Toni' twins went to a party once at some friends of ours. And No ! We didn't ask them the obvious question.

niftyanonymousrob..... Well googled Sir! And a trip to the Dixies at the times you suggest sounds like a good idea. Tuesday would be the best for us. Not this Tuesday though because I have an all day Nat Trst commitment at Clumber. But definitely a date for the future.

I enjoyed your Dixies quote very much. If we get Bungus started on bar-room quotes he has lots and lots and lots. He did a book about them (or planned one) because for a time in his rich and varied background he was a licensee. It could have been 'Tap-room Tales' but I might have read chapters from it in draft.

No quotation today ..... Too tired to find one.

...... Ray sent me this charming 'smiley'. If it looks like a blank white box, be patient !! Sleep tight and I'll catch you tomorrow.....



bungus said...

Early today!

I must confess that I cannot see any difference between RAW and Jpeg and I understand that the former takes up vast amounts of storage space.

Jill mentioned that she suffers from low bp which I understand is more difficult to treat than hypertension. I am sure that getting up too quickly could have an effect (that’s why I stay in bed till ten).

The book to which RG refers, one of several in various states of completion for some twenty years, all unpublished, is called ‘Last Orders’.
It didn’t deal with quotes as such, but half of it (alternate chapters) was built around a small group of regulars, some of whom were based on real people. The other, path crossing, half was a rather dark tale about a long distance lorry driver (who called in at the pub when passing).
‘They were watching Ray and Roy play darts.
“Good player that Ray,” said Jack.
“Not as good as he used to be,” said Ted.
After a short silent interval, Dennis spoke, “I’ve never been as good as I used to be,” he said.
“Time now” said Clive. He had called last orders ten minutes ago.
“I’ll just have a half,” said Ted, “and whatever these want.”

bungus said...

The following may give some amusement.
From 10 to 20 years ago:


For anyone living in the Ollerton area, a day trip to Leeds is well worth consideration.

For real speed and convenience, the 8.35 train from Tuxford will land you at Leeds Central by 9.20 at a Day Return cost of £9.40. But, for those prepared to sacrifice a little in the way of comfort and time, there is a cheaper way, assuming that when you reach West Yorkshire you wish to take advantage of their splendid DayRover ticket with which, at a cost of £2.50 you can travel the whole district, without restriction, by rail or bus. What you have to do is: take the same train from Retford but with a day Return to South Emshall (only £6.20); alight at Doncaster where, although it is outside West Yorks, you may purchase your DayRover; wait 20 minutes, during which time you may decide to visit the station buffet for a large coffee which, although exorbitantly priced at 99p, means that you will avoid purchase of a rather superior cup-contained version for, say, 70p in Leeds. The Metro train stops at a dozen or so stations before reaching Leeds at shortly after 10.00.

In Leeds there is no doubt that, apart from proper shopping for frocks and trousers, you will wish to visit the hugely splendid markets all of a cluster within walking distance of the station. Here you may purchase mushrooms, cheese, aubergines, fennel and celery at half Ollerton prices, thus saving yourself perhaps five pounds - or more if you have a servant to carry your goods.

Having completed your purchases, it is unlikely that you will wish to return home immediately. Your DayRover will take you to Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford, Keighley, Wakefield, Otley - but how about Ilkley? This small country town not only gives access to the famous moor (don't forget your hat) but is charming in itself. It also has one of the justifiably famed 'Betty's' tea-shops (others at York and Harrogate - all a bit posh). Here, in the most elegant of surroundings, you may consume a delicious cream tea. This comprises a three tier silver cake tray with two fruit scones, butter, strawberry preserve (nothing so common as jam) and thick whipped cream, plus a silver set of teapot, water jug, milk jug (or lemon) and lump sugar bowl which will cost something over four pounds without the tip which feels obligatory. I hesitate to say that it is inferior to the Ollerton Water Mill equivalent (at half the price) but overall it is certainly no better - although I had no difficulty getting four good cups of tea from the 'Betty's' pot.

For a different view, take a bus back to Leeds. Now you have to take the slow, and crowded, Metro train back to Doncaster, wait another half hour with another 99p cardboard cup of coffee (luke warm if you have milk but well flavoured) for the fast train (from Leeds) to Retford.