Thursday, April 17, 2008

Disability Aids - House viewer - Camera Club

Nice 'guest picture' to start with, courtesy of 'Manxislander' and is the Police Station and Court House (complete with blue lamp) at Ramsey.

He is well and sends his good wishes to all.

Today the NHS rather reverted to type re my disability aids. Lara turned up and had left before the stuff arrived, and when it did, the man had brought the wheels for a walking frame without the frame. So he took them away with him. To be fair, the things to raise the height of my favourite chair, the half-height step to the front door and the grabbing tool are all fine. But the core problem, of something to hold onto while walking inside/outside remains unaddressed. She intends to return on Monday - but nothing is going to be delivered by then is it?

Picture 2 is Brian looking suitably mystified by this extraordinary chip. It was either one helluva potato or, and this is what I suspect, the chips are made of reconstituted potato flour.

You can't trust anything these days can you?

Breaking off there to go to Camera Club.

See you later.

11pm and all's well. This evening was an 'Evening with Andrew Walters' son of Roy our Secretary and founder member of WoW.

Andrew's job takes him all over the world and, if that isn't enough he takes exciting holidays in remote and dangerous spots. This evening we started in Nottingham and visited Bolivia, Nepal, the Orinoco and Borneo and India at least, and not necessarily in that order ! This was record-photography at its best, with humour. And for this sort of show we wanted to know about the places he had visited 'Records' are exactly what you need.

There were some 'pictorial' shots thrown in but not too many. We can get our fill of 'third brick from the right pictures' in Camera Club competitions........(Get off that soap-box..Editor)

Comments......Bungus......Everyone loves your paintings, and perhaps I didn't make it clear enough that the charcoal drawing is a self-portrait. AnonymousRob raised a similarity to Doisneau and here is a link please click so you can see some of his work. 'The Kiss' is probably his most famous image but 'Un Regard Oblique' 1948 is my favourite.

The Helen referred to is an EPS member and recent recuit to WoW. I also have a daughter-in-law Helen. But it was not she !

Jill...... I think they all agreed that that cow was in the right. Glad it worked out without injury though.

The chap who brought the wheels without the frame explained that the wrong reference number had been entered on the form. I'm sure that it will all work out. Have a nice day in Chichester and I think it most sensible to go on the train.

AnonymousRob...... What happened to you both after Andrew's talk. I fully expected to see you downstairs in the bar, but you had flown. We must speak on the phone sometime over the weekend, if you are not away or summat !

Quotation time :-

"All the world's a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed"

Sean O'Casey

........Sleep tight and I'll catch you tomorrow.


Jill said...

This should have been left on the Alport entry - loved the pictures, especially the mother and calf - can't blame her chasing off all you geriatric Just Williams...

Is it possible to tell the difference between a true chip and one made with reconstituted flour? Apart from the unlikely size. I assume they work out cheaper made that way than from real potatoes.

What a shame about all the walking aids. The chap with the wheels, did he think you already had the frame? What did he think you were doing with it when it didn't have any wheels? Hope it all gets sorted out soon.

I am off to Chichester tomorrow for the day to meet a friend - Y will know who - just checked the temp. expected - 9 degrees max. Have decided to let the train take the strain, don't think driving will do my arm much good, and I can get on a train across the road, one change, and an hour and a half later I am there, having knitted away on my sock and been brought coffee. Definitely preferable!

bungus said...

Sorry you are still unframed. I take it they left the wheels for when it does arrive?

I think the chip is from a real potato. We have occasionally had some ENORMOUS ones. I think a reconstituted one would not have the long fibres necessary to keep it intact

Of course I DO know Doisneau. He was the French feller who, supposedly, snapped unaware people in the street although there have been suggestions that The Kiss was posed.

Like the O’Casey quote and absolutely agree with it.

On Thirsday’s sunny morning I saw a bumble bee. I’ll bet he felt the cold later (unless he was a Geordie bee?)

anonymousrob said...

RG, Elaine and I had arranged to meet our friend Nick in the Dixies Arms last night, hence the departure. I will ring you over the weekend though. I have to admit I am not at all keen on the bar in the club - far too bright for my liking. I could comment on not wanting to give my money to anything to do with the the Conservative Party but I guess that would mean I would not be able to buy any alcohol anywhere in this country.

Bungus, my understanding is that Doisneau admitted that The Kiss was staged in so far as it was a re-creation of the original kiss which he saw but didn't photograph. I believe that the lady in the picture, relatively recently, received a fairly large sum of money as compensation for an image of her being used for all these years. I think it was to do with the French privacy laws.

I never realised there was such a thing as reconstituted potato flour or that it is used to make chips. Is nothing sacred?

Tonight we are going for a curry at Huthwaite Tandoori. The food is invariably excellent, the restaurant always busy and the staff very friendly. I recommend it highly to anyone who likes Indian food.

Today we have been to a Notary so we can grant Power of Attorney to our solicitors dealing with the Italian property purchase. Alas and alack (now where does that come from?) I have realised far too late that I should have studied hard and become a Notary. We were with him for no more than 10 minutes, probably less. All he did was explain what we were granting to our solicitors (which we already knew), watched us sign bits of paper, signed them himself, put a stamp on them (the embossed kind), photocopied our passports and charged us £75. I could do that - how hard can it be? The cost works out to around £450 an hour. I'd only need to work two hours a week and I'd be well happy.