Friday, April 11, 2008

A Lidl shopping - mostly messing about.

Picture 1 was given to me by the artist, Kathleen (and I can't remember her surname) who used to go to Nottingham Writers Club. We were all asked to take in examples of our 'other hobbies' and she brought this along. I fell in love with it so much she actually gave it me.

And the old boy still gives me pleasure everyday as I pass him in the hall. It breathes life, and the concentration of the dog on the possibility of food, is spot on. She used to paint pub signs, when commissioned to do so, but of course they all seem to have gone now.

This morning we went out for essential supplies and I managed to get round Lidl, with a trolley to lean on, but when we reached Morrisons I had to stay in the car while Y shopped.

Then we relaxed, by 11.30am the xword was done, reading was caught up on and I did some computer jobs and photo-copying.

Apparently the 'themes' evening at EPS was a success, see comments from Rob. And I know the candid from Helen (she was kind enough to e-mail me a copy) of me looking quizzically at my compact camera. That says it all............

Picture 2 is a hangover from my last WoW outing when we had the excellent chip baguettes at Blidworth. As you can see, the chips were so good none were allowed to make an escape.

Although I have the occasional glitch with my Epson printer and I read recently of their limited life expectancy, I am loathe to replace it because when it is on song it's excellent. We did NT letters, and photocopying this afternoon and the results were splendid. Mind you - excellence in, excellence out - what!

Comments..... Jill ...... No more knobbly trees. I don't want to scare our friendly white witch. Thanks for the 'spell' because I had a very good nights sleep. Getting up was painful but things continue to improve by the hour almost.

I would certainly stick with your polymath gardener.

'Pied' certainly is Shakespeare. From my Etymological Dictionary -pied 1382, as if it were the pp. of a verb form of M.E. noun pie "magpie" (see pie (2)), in ref. to the bird's black and white plumage. Earliest use is in reference to the pyed freres, an order of friars who wore black and white. Also in pied piper (1845, in Browning's poem based on the Ger. legend; used allusively from 1942).

My quote was from a sonnet. The word is, in fact, fairly common with the meaning you have. As in Pied Wagtail etc. Do you share our view that the Telegraph xword setters have changed? Several of the 'lead ins' are new and different and interesting.

AnonymousRob ...... See above in main blog re EPS. You are right about the grumpy old men irritant list. We'll just put them in when they occur. Which leads me unerringly to :-

"Testy, querulous and given to praising the way things were when he was a boy"

Ars Poetica Ib 173 ----- Horace 65 - 8 B.C

It's been going on a long time then, this grumpiness. But we are in fine company.

...... Rather tired, so I'm off to kip. If you've got chance to boil up the cauldron Jill, or stick pins in Magwitch or whatever you did, I'd be obliged if you would do it again. Sleep tight folks.

p.s. Just seen a comment zoom in from Reg. I'll respond tomorrow Reg.



Jill said...

I don't know where Reg's comment has gone, that you saw zooming in?

I am very envious of that painting, I love it, the colours etc. and the way the dog is looking. And it is the back view of somebody - usually they face front.....

Shoot me down if you must, but I cannot for the life of me see the attraction of a chip butty - it's just chips in a roll - or some sort of bread? Like a chip sandwich? I wouldn't have those sort of things together - I have had bread and butter served alongside fish and chips but thought that was unneccessary.... Never seen such a thing down here!

Off to cast the runes....

bungus said...

Comment on Thur blog:

Another nice knobbly tree picture but the truncated(!) trees at unspecified distance tell me nothing about the size of the hole. Is it donkey, big dog, or rabbit sized? I would guess Labrador.

We are awaiting a mower of lawns (I just don’t have the strength at present. It remains to be seen if I can regain it after finishing treatment).
Karen does seem to be undercharging.

Although I am reconciled to having a pretty good knowledge of Building Construction and The History of Architecture, I hated learning both.
I agree about the checkout holders-up. I also dislike being startled by silent scooterers who come up from behind (and seem to think they have right of way over everyone else).

I would take ‘proud-pied’ (as opposed to 'p**s proud') to mean ‘multicooured’.
Is there an ‘official’ definition other than the ‘different commentary’ which interprets 'proud-pied' as 'resplendently variegated'.

You are very sensible to skip the bits of no interest. Unfortunately I do not have the ability to do that; I have to read every word.

Surprisingly perhaps, I enjoyed your bit about the competition. I think it is a good thing to sometimes take people out of their comfort zone although if it stops most of them entering it does rather spoil things.

From the fixture list I have just worked out that Stags should finish above Macclesfield on goal difference. Does that go against my natural pessimism.
'The happiest people are pessimists; they never feel let down'.

bungus said...

Fri 2

I well understand your affection for the picture. (See comment on Jill’s comment below).

It is not the 'pied' that gives me any trouble; I assumed that everyone knows its meaning. It is the combination with ‘proud’ that I find somewhat puzzling but not much. In other words, I thought the meaning not at all obscure.
Have we had enough of it yet?

Good old Horace. T’was ever thus’.

bungus said...

I believe I commented recently that study of league tables and remaining fixtures led me to believe that Mansfield could finish above Macclesfield on goal diffrence. that was a mistake; I meant Dagenham (How can a league team be called Dagenham & Redbridge; right out of order, I'd say).

anonymousrob said...

Bungus, I do hope you are right about the Stags finishing above Dagenham but, after today's results, it seems they are running out of games. I'd be quite happy to see Dagenham relegated, partly because of the name but also because they tried to claim Boston Utd cheated when they gained promotion a few years ago. It may have been true, who knows, but I used to watch Boston in my youth and still have a soft spot for them.

Today the Sports Desk must cast its eyes north of the border and congratulate Queen of the South on reaching their first ever Scottish Cup Final. I hope they win it. My heart is with Cardiff in the English FA's version of the same competition.

Chip butties are fantastic! We used to make chip sandwiches as kids whenever we had fish and chips but I think it was only when I moved to Nottingham that I came across chip shops selling them. I love 'em but they make me put on lots of weight so I eat them only on rare occasions.

Many thanks to ChairmanReg for the names of Anne and Milly. I'll try to remember them. Milly has lots of photographic potential and it will be interesting to see if she sticks with it as she grows older.

Elaine's youngest son, Rob (sorry Bungus, yet another Rob but it is his name - what can I do he said shrugging his shoulders) is currently doing a photography A level at college in Nottingham. His current project is industry and machinery. This morning we took him to an engineering works in Eastwood and all of us were taking pictures. Elaine has got some crackers. The owner, Paul, has said we can go back whenever we like which is great news.

RG, which Epson printer have you got? I'm not an Epson fan after my experiences with a 1290. It, too, was wonderful for letters etc all the time I had it but became useless for photos after about 3 years. I now have a HP Photosmart 8750 and love it.

Going back to Dagenham and Redbridge, whilst I agree with Bungus I have to ask his opinion of Brighton and Hove Albion and Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic. I think, however, the latter is now defunct and the south coast side that 'graces' the league is just Bournemouth FC. I believe, also, that Rushden's name is Rushden and Diamonds as a result of the amalgamation of Rushden and Irthlingborough Diamonds. They may be strange names for football clubs but, surely, better than re-naming the Stags Harchester United?