Saturday, March 15, 2008

Young person sitting at Burton Joyce

Still clutching my Sigma, I am now over at Burton Joyce and in a different kitchen. We are young-person sitting (they aren't really babies anymore) because Steven and Lisa have gone to a Ball. Proper black-tie and gown job. They have gone with a group of friends from the village and were collected by minibus - a very sensible arrangement in these strict driving/alcohol times.

Tomorrow is our regular Royal Photographical Society (East Midlands Region) meeting at Ravenshead starting at 10.30am. We have Martin Thompson from Chesterfield in the morning and Dave Butcher in the afternoon. I have recently seen a Dave Butcher exhibition and he is a very good 'darkroom monochrome' specialist but without intending any disrespect, I might make my apologies at lunchtime........ having no intention of returning to that sort of photography. Leaving at halftime would suit me, because not only will I be tired out after today but TJ is coming over in the afternoon and would like to be fed. It just so happens - here is a chicken casserole I made earlier.

Comments.....It looks Bungus, as if you were by yourself comment-wise yesterday. So thanks. The blog would look scantily dressed with no comments at all. Glad you like the look of the furniture - understated is the look we seek.

The marrowfat peas were whole, and tinned, and delicious again.

Jill...... even without a comment, we are thinking of you ! and hope you aren't suffering too much. Pain can hide for a day or two and then reappear with a vengeance. Like Magwitch jumping out from behind the gravestone! ..... And you've got to be OK for next weekend.

AnonymousRob....... You will be far too busy, seeing you are weekend-off.

Other readers..... I know you are out there. Don't be shy. Leave a comment.

Quotation time.....

"I think on-stage nudity is disgusting, shameful and damaging to all things American. But if I were 22 with a great body, it would be artistic, tasteful, patriotic and a progressive religious experience"

Hope everyone enjoys a good night's sleep. Sorry ! It's that train again



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Reg said...

Here we are back from a week in Wye Valley A plesent instructive time was had including an 18 hour power cut. Whilst walking that morning we found the offending tree which had fallen on the power lines. E-on men where there but were busy mashing no doubt extending time over time to the next pay rate period-- to be fair they had all been up on the job since 2a.m. We did get fed as the hotel had gas as well.
Bungas -I/we had the great pleasure of seeing Stephane Grappelli live at the Dancing Slipper in West Bridgford. He was superb, the audience were so enthralled and quiet the extraction fans, not air con in those, days had to be switch off as they were making to much noise.

bungus said...

I have always favoured the understated although with an ability to admire some opulence.

I must try the whole marrowfats although I favour mushy with fish & chips. I remember the whole ones as having a ‘tinny’ flavour which I did not care for, but some frozen peas now seem less good than they were (petit pois seem the most reliable but are pretty tasteless)..

Awaiting Magwitch will cheer Jill no end! But I know what you mean.

Love the Shelley Winters quote. I’ve always liked her (along with Gloria Grahame).

I envy Reg having seen SG live. We once went to an Ollerton & District Quiz League Annual Dnner which had what would now be called a 'tribute' group. They were good. To my surprise, I got the impression that I was the only one who appreciated them.
I think, if I had been up since 2 am, I too would fancy a cuppa.

bungus said...

Iwas watching BBC1 this morning (Sun) and found it remarkably interesting. Among other things, John Snow (I think) said that Seamus Heaney (who later gave an excellent reading) is known in Ireland as 'Famous Seamus'.

Jill said...

Bungus, were you watching Andrew Marr interviewing Seanus? I was, I always watch his Sunday show at 9.00- 10.00, find it worth-watching, and I thought that was a most interesting interview.

Actually I was watching it in bed, Magwitch has sort of popped out and now gone away again...., my fault in a way, I probably overdid it yesterday. Went to a knitterly coffee morning at Peter Jones, only went because I was offered a lift both ways, and knew it was all sitting down with friends who would kindly fetch me coffee and carry my lunch tray, etc. It lasted longer than I thought, and I left off the big sling (supposed to stay on till Tuesday) as it is such a nuisance, but it is back on today.

So it is an easy day for me too! Can do without Magwitch. Heavy rain here, so no inclination to go out.

I think a gin and tonic is called for, before we pootle up the road to have lunch with son Perry and family.

PS - I can do capitals again.....

anonymousrob said...

I think the Grappelli/Menuhin video is awesome - what great talents they were. I once spent some time in France talking to a guy who used to go to a jazz club (I think it was the Hot Club de Paris previously mentioned) where he saw Stephane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt play on a regualr basis.

Reg - where was the Dancing Slipper in West Bridgford. Presumably it had a good reputation for Grappelli to go there?

Surely it can only be mushy peas with fish and chips? The other day I had a haslet sandwich. You may think there is nothing unusual with that but I thought I didn't like haslet and have not lived in a house with any in since I left my parents' home. I thoroughly enjoyed the haslet and, at first, thought it must have been some sort of continental sausage that Elaine had bought. Isn't it strange how our tastes change as we get older?

On Friday we went over to Lincs for the funeral of one of my aunties. I saw cousins I didn't recognise and have not seen since my mum's funeral 14 years ago. Yesterday (Saturday) we were putting the house straight. Only internal doors and decorating to go, plus the inevitable throwing out and re-storing (as opposed to restoring) of stuff. I've got some snaps to send to RG when I get a round tuit.

We had a full day of Dave Butcher at Gamma several months ago. Whilst admiring the technical quality of his prints I felt the images lacked soul. As a result I now would not cross the road to see any of his pictures. As you have seen his exhibition recently I can understand the submission of half-time apologies. Maybe you could send on a second-half substitute.

However, I would like to think that I have misunderstood your remark, "he is a very good 'darkroom monochrome' specialist but without intending any disrespect, I might make my apologies at lunchtime........ having no intention of returning to that sort of photography" This comes across to me as though you don't value darkroom monochrome work and I'd be highly surprised if that was the case.

Maybe I'm being over-sensitive. Yesterday I had a phone call form a local camera club asking me to do a talk next February. I told the person concerned that my current talk was mainly darkroom monochrome prints with a couple of digital panels. We agreed a date only for him to ring me this morning and express his "dismay" that my talk is mainly darkroom monochrome. He's not sure his members will like that and he's got 2 monochrome talks in the programme already so he wanted to cancel my booking. How strange camera clubs are.

Glad Jill and Y are improving.