Sunday, March 09, 2008

Collect Y from Sherwood - Roast Chicken

This is a left-over from WoW at Breedon on the Hill and looks over the quarry - the quarry offices and yard is in the foreground and the Church is to my back. Two reasons for showing it other than general interest. I held my Casio aloft to miss the safety fence, and you will notice that the horizon is bowed. Easily fixable in PTlens but another of my remaining 'free goes' would be used up and the picture isn't worth it.

An interesting thing is that converting to sepia brings out the tonal-recessions ! Or more accurately the lack of them ! The procedure could be used as a tool, to check this aspect of normal colour snaps. Often with different colours I find it nigh impossible to discern strong tonal values from weak ones. It's a simplification of thegood 'ole zone-system. (thats enough about cameras - get on with it......Editor)

Picture 2 is when I dropped Y at the Tram last night.

BTW the show was excellent and the story still moving. The seats TJ had organised were probably the best in the house Y tells me, but I suppose, when it's your job etc....... Also when they left the theatre around 10.30pm and were waiting for a tram they were pleasantly surprised at the good behaviour of the young people. Indeed, as Bungus predicted.

Girls with apparently hardly any clothes on and lads being laddish with no coats and trying hard not to show they were freezing. Twas ever thus !

Cooked a proper roast chicken for main meal, plus all the tracklements except bread-sauce which Y doesn't like. I ought to buy some granules or something and just make a dollop for me. Please note we shopped for it very carefully and scrutinised the label. It was free-range, reared on an RSPCA inspected farm and fed a corn and vegetable material diet. And it stressed that the birds were grown slowly to ensure flavour and texture. Not cheap - but good.

Comments..... Jill.... I completely forgot the Culture Show last night. Probably be able to catch on it one of the 'pick 0f the week' things that Virgin give us. Your dislike of Cranach (elder/younger - doesn't matter 'cos their work was so similar) is understandable. They were very stylised of the period and often look over-worked. What was Andrew Graham-Dixon's opinion ?

The Lidl 'broth mix' instructed that it be soaked in cold water for 6/7hrs, or overnight, before making the broth in the normal way. We won't resurrect the 'thread' but I shall now, forever, call it pearly barley.

Madeline...... By trial etc... I've solved my extra mouse buttons. They do page-forward and page-back. The reason they didn't seem to do anything at first, was that I wasn't on a 'page' that had a next or previous page. Nipping forward to Rob and Bungus (please thank Danny for me) the device is such a cheap-skate thing there wasn't a driver or even instructions in the box. And not even a model number or maker's name thereon. It seems to be working OK but for how long?

Not sure about your bit of Wales particularly, but tonight and tomorrow certainly seems likely to be hit by exceptionally bad weather. The 'link' was the best one I could find but I'm sure your local media are covering it extensively. We shall all be thinking of you.

AnonymousRob........Well done you....and well done Elaine..... Have we perhaps another Lee Miller? I'm sure an example or two of her work would grace the blog. How resourceful of her too, to move the computer and get it up and running.

With my recent glitches I decided to spend time today on PC maintenance, cleaning my registry, giving CCleaner its head, letting loose Spy Sweeper etc., - it seems to be running faster and smoother. Just hope I can find all the passwords I've erased !

Memo to Sports Desk...... Keep up the good work. Debra's Andy (a dedicated Chelsea fan) is almost inconsolable Y tells me. Why is that then?

...... Ray e-mailed me this little fella. The space-man looks remarkably like his own avatar ! So I suspect he is the author of the 'gif'. If so congratulations - it's a cracker. Sleep tight all. Catch you tomorrow.



Madeline said...

The weather here has been vile, very wet and very windy. It's a bit calmer now, but I think it's going to get worse again later today. Our cats are fed-up and fractious because of the weather. Chris and I are fed-up and fractious because we've got horrible colds!
Glad you've got your mouse sorted. Did you know that you can use the scroll wheel to go backwards/forwards? Hold down the Shift key and roll scroll wheel either towards you or away from you. Don't press it right down. Towards you = go back and vice versa.

bungus said...

I knew the name Breedon stirred a memory.
It is, of course, the source of Breedon gravel which seemed to be the almost universal material for drives and pathways in the 1970s.

Pleased to hear that Yvonne sufferd no hassle after the show.
I have to disagree with you about underdressed young folk (t’was ever thus'). This is a Geordie habit (admirable folk who dominate the Ollerton population, but I think when they gave up animal skins the could find no suitable substitute).
When I was in my late teens, early twenties, I, and my friends would not have left the house in winter without vest, shirt, pullover, jacket and an overcoat - I had a bespoke Harris Tweed one with raglan sleeves which I was still wearing over ten years later (when I sent for it and the cap -mentioned later - just before demob, I was being saluted around camp being mistaken for an officer!). I understand that the reason for today’s local youth being so unseasonably clad is to avoid cloakroom charges and waiting time at night clubs.
Re the overcoat (I may have published this absolutely true anecdote before): I also had a felt cap of the type popular at the time (peak sewn to the cap – ‘cheesecutter?). Supporting the Stags at Saltergate (Chesterfield) in the early 60s, I had cause to visit the ‘gents’. This was just a corrugated iron screen with a continuous run of slate walling along one side with a gutter beneath. I stood at the ‘top’ end of the gutter and, as I waa relieving myself, I glanced down and my cap fell off and floated away. Someone further downstream said “Whose is that?” to which I replied “Yours if you want it.”

Glad you had a ‘proper’ chicken. I have to report that daughter Stephanie went to Tesco yesterday and brought back a cooked ‘ordinary’ chicken. I dare say I shall overcome my scruples and try a slice.

Did you obey the Lidl 'broth mix' instructions re soaking or risk life and limb by ignoring?

It sounds as though it might not be long before a cat gets your mouse. Dan supplied me with a genuine Microsoft one with a red light instead of a wheel underneath. The others I had did not perform well for long.

At 8.00 and 9.00 am, the weather here is miserably wet but not yet very windy. No doubt it will get worse but not as bad as in the West Country.

Why would a Chelsea supporter be disappointed? Why should a team of prima donnas survive a battle against grafters? (just joking if that is permitted!).

I agree AnonRob in judging that some 90% of ‘successful’ people are unpleasant folk who like to stamp on others in their climb to the top.
At 16, I worked with a good centre half (he played for the Old Elizabethans’ 1st team, I played occasionally for the 2nd string). He had trials with Forest and Hull and he was not he nicest of people.
I also recall, in the 60s, playing darts against Ken Wagstaff (Waggie) who was the best striker never to play for England or in the top division and the only player to be voted ‘best ever’ at 2clubs (Mansfield and Hull). He played darts like he played football, fiercely. And he hated being beaten (I won) but was otherwise sociable.
That said, I also knew Monty Wright who played for Wolves and Chesterfield, ‘Shonk’ Allwood who played for Mansfield reserves, ‘Charlie’ Buchan, who was with Wolves, and Mick (Pee-oh) Pearson, a lovely daft lad from Bilsthorpe, who was ‘let go’ by Burnley because of his excessive fondness for beer and habit of turning out for other (local) teams. They were all extremely pleasant, as were Roy Chapman (father of Lee) and Sammy Chapman who were both members of probably the best Stags team of all time (in the 1962/3 season, Waggie and Roy C scored 76 goals between them).

Sandra bought some bacon from Lidl – dry cured, smoked (they also do ‘green’ or unsmoked – which is excellent. Despite my chewing problems I had some for Sun breakfast and greatly enjoyed it. Recommended (but price unrecorded).

I am one of that stubborn band (heterosexual males?) who have never seen ‘The Sound of Music’. Nevertheless, on Radio Nottm Sunday morning, when one of the gardeners said
“blackspot on roses…”
I immediately thought
“and little pink chickens.”
at the same time as S-of-M afficianado Sandra thought
“and whiskers on kittens.”

Jill said...

You'll have to watch that Sandra of yours - buying a frying pan with consultation and a chitty? Could be the thin edge of the wedge....

We reckon the best ready-cooked chicken around is M & S, which isn't free-range or organic, or Waitrose one which is.

I had a free voucher for the new Sainsbury Magazine, got one today, it has an article by Delia S. on her new approach to cake-making, which I have not yet read. If it is using frozen mashed potato in them, I'm afraid she's lost me.

We went to son and family up the road for tea yesterday, daughter-in-law runs a small cake-making business, sells 100 cupcakes (all iced and fancy) a week to a deli in Shepherds Bush. Yesteday while we were there she made this 100, plus another 60 for the twins to take to their respective schools as it is their birthday today. Talk about a production line! The Kenwood was going, she seemed to have lots of baking trays, etc, and she has one of these big cookers with two ovens. Timer going off every l6 minutes. She is far more organised than I ever was.

I didn't think this sepia photo was as successful as others?

Heavy rain woke us at 5.30, then by 9.00 it was sunshine, which lasted until about half-an-hour ago, and now it is raining again...