Sunday, March 02, 2008

Idea 6,329 - Artificial Flowers

These crocuses (I refuse to use croci, it doesn't look right) are fairly true to colour. The previous one wasn't and I coudn't fix it.

I took Y to TJ's prior to lunch for the gathering of mums - father's not invited. So I returned home and have messed-about all day. Maybe there is a 'group name' for mothers. Perhaps a 'loyalty of mothers'?

Now that AnonymousRob has returned from Italy he will no doubt successfully 'google' a list, where I have failed.

My Delia 'goulash' was even better today, as things often are, and overnight in the fridge seemed to tenderise the meat. I intend to cook it again , maybe even for guests - a sure sign that I rate it a 'tried and tested' winner. My jelly and ice-cream was good (how sophisticated my palate has become!). It is a welcome tradition that, if Y is going to be away, she makes me a jelly. When she goes to Palmers Green she is usually quizzed "Have you made Grandad Graham a jelly?"

I said yesterday that I had things to tell you.

It is my Idea 6,329

Artificial Flowers are so convincing nowadays that you sometimes have to touch them to be sure.

Well - we have some real hyacinths in Y's bathroom that have been emitting their gorgeous hyacinth aroma. It struck me that 'artificial flowers which send off the perfume of the actual flower' might prove popular as 'air-fresheners' and look more attractive than the anonymous/ugly shapes that they
now are.

A colleague once told me that, if I had avoided joining the Police, I would have had a successful career. A somewhat cack-handed compliment I thought, but I understood what he was saying. Someone else said I should keep my ideas to myself. But I've always felt that, if I did, the well would dry up and the 'good idea fairy' would fly away never to return.

Comments.....Bungus.... 'neither' can be all those. And in deepest Derbyshire, sometimes 'nayther'. The small portrait photo you describe, is probably a 'carte de visite' and they were very popular. Re period of gouache portrait? Aunty Polly was born in 1840 and in the painting looks around 20/30yrs. The Julia Margaret Cameron photograph is reliably dated at 1867 and isn't of a relative of mine but is currently hanging in the Stanford Exhibtion.

I'm completely in agreement about Duchamp's 'Nude descending a Staircase'. A powerful piece which looks as fresh and nteresting today as it did in 1912. A painting I have never seen because it normally lives in Philadelphia and if it is in the current Tate Modern Exhibition it's worth going.

And Yes. It is the same Duchamp.

AnonymousRob...... Welcome back and I'm pleased you had such a good time. Calabria sounds a very attractive 'neck of the woods' but a shame they only have white wine. Vino rosso could be a welcome change ! Ha Ha! I'm only joking.

I'm sure you are right about the 'no photographs' explanation. The National Trust are the same. Having undergone the underground trauma the Warriors have, it is difficult to believe that 2,200yr old terracotta would be adversely affected by the puny flash from my Casio Compact.

This link will take you to poems by Gary Geddes inspired by the Exhibition, which can be both listened to and read. And this link is to some BBC pictures which, while not great are better than 'nowt.

A great shame that you are going to have to stick it out at work, especially with a substantial pay cut. Nothing is ever set in stone though, and let us hope that things change for the better for you.

I had a lovely chat with David this morning. TJ intends to sound him out, and John, over Y and my 25th wedding anniversary in April. She is intending to 'do' it at Sherwood. Isn't she a brick?

Sleep tight. ....... Catch you tomorrow.....


Jill said...

A local small success - we have heard that the O2 mast has been abandoned, at least in its present planned site. They do want to erect a mst in Chiswick, but only with consultations with residents. The chap in charge actually lives in Chiswick - the other end, north of the High Road, so it's a safe bet it won't be in that area....

And another small success - you can laugh if you like - I managed to put a new ink cartridge in the computer all by myself. I have always been scared of pressing down on the various bits of cheap- looking plastic, in case something snaps off. But I badly wanted to print something, and no son or grandson around, so I had a go....

Artifical Flowers - how is the aroma going to be replenished? I agree there are some very good ones, usually in silk. I had a bunch of blue hyacinths today, the smell is almost overpowering, though I love it I have had to open the door so it can spread around the house....

It's hospital again tomorrow, I hope I don't have to threaten to sit on the floor again.....

anonymousrob said...

I like Good Idea No. 6,329. How about scratch and sniff flowers but I guess they would be no use as air fresheners.

My Nifty Googling has failed to come up with a collective noun for mothers. I thought there was a group name in the shape of Mothers Union but that hardly meets the requisite RG standard I feel. I did see on one site a pride of stage mothers and thought maybe just leave out the word stage. However, people might then relate mothers to lions. A fuss of mothers, not anywhere near as good as loyalty; maybe a concern of mothers?

There might be richer vein in mothers-in-law; an interference of..., a tongue of... Having said that, when I was married, I thought my mother-in-law was wonderful. It was her daughter that was the problem.

True story from our trip to Italy. We went into a restaurant and there was another English couple there. We got talking and they told us they were living there permanently. They asked us where we were from and we told them. Turns out they lived at Kimberley, about 6 miles from us and her parents live in Papplewick, about 4 miles from us. Small world, innit?

I've had some good news at work today. I should get another year, albeit working on a different project. Same money. I would not go back to Probation anyway and I suspect they will expect me to resign rather than take a 25% pay cut. My guess, though I would never be able to prove it, is that's why they said no to my early retirement. Why pay to enhance my pension when I'm likely to leave anyway?

Nude Descending a Staircase is wonderful.


bungus said...

While watching 'Lewis' last night, Sandra remarked, of one of the characters,
“She is one of those sad people always looking for a ‘cause’”
To which I responded,
“As opposed to you, who are one of those sad people for whom a ‘cause’ is always looking.”
Oh how we laughed.

According to my Longman’s Dictionary ‘crocuses’ is correct although I have grown up believing it should be ‘croci’ (same with ‘octopuses). Therefore ‘crocus’ must derive from Greek rather than Latin.

I don’t know about mothers, but a ‘natter of mums’ appeals to me. But I am willing to give ground to better suggestions.

I cannot understand your love of baby food (jelly & ice cream). It is something I would never think of making or asking for although it would suit me now!
By the by, I tried the bread pudding made with teacakes and rum (I used hot cross buns which Tesco, and, I believe, Asda make all year round). It doesn’t compare with ‘my’ recipe. The rum is more than subtle; it is undetectable.

Hyacinth is not a smell I like. I think it causes divisions. I had an uncle who could not bear to be in the same room. On the other hand I like the scent of may blossom and elderflower which others detest and liken to cat urine.

I decided myself that I could have been a success in some other line of work than the one I ‘chose’. Bank Manager maybe? (one of the thickest lads in my year at school achieved that).
But I acquired some useful and interesting knowledge which would almost certainly have escaped me.

'Neither' can be all what?.
And what small portrait did I describe? 2’6” x 1’6” is small? It almost dominates the room.
The Julia Margaret Cameron photograph completely confused me as I thought you said it was hanging at the bottom of the stairs!
Thanks for publishing the Duchamp. It sort of presaged time-lapse photography but moreso.

I liked the warrior poems.

Yes, Jill. I am very touched by granddaughter Alex’s gesture. She has a generous spirit.
I like the sound of your chippie. We have one (takeaway) less than 50yards away which does very good haddock in batter. But you are right (and I know RG will agree) that portions have become too large – a portion of chips from Tony’s is enough for three people at least.
Congratulations on conquering the ink cartridge.


I learnt a smattering of Italian (‘On the Ammo’) from my 18 months service in Libya. I actually went for two lessons! The rest I picked up (as with Arabic).
One of my favourite recollections is of a warm evening sitting outside the Piemontese Reataurant and Grill, on the Sciara Istaklal, drinking and smoking and eating pizza. I had only been in the country a couple of weeks and veteran Taff Jones was showing off a bit. He signalled the waiter who came over. Taff spoke,
“Due grande birra,” he said, “um, um, and a box of f****** matches”.

The earthquake (30 miles from the epicentre) frightened a lot of people. I was asleep and the noise woke me, like a train coming through the house Then the bed started shaking and all the loose glasses and ornaments jangling. I realised instantly what it was and enjoyed the moment. My youngest son, Dan, however, in Newark (10 miles closer to the event) was working at his computer and was completely terrified, shaking ‘like a leaf’ for half an hour afterwards.

The old rule for new plaster was ‘only Walpamur for the first year’.

I already knew about your retirement problems and sympathise totally. A similar paycut problem has afflicted Dan’s partner Emma, who, it seems, as a Notts CC employee will lose about £3,000 pa and, as a trainer, will be earning less than the people she is training.
Thes things, for some reason, make me think of Gulliver’s Travels (which I have never read) and Monty Python.
Shall we all go and live in Discworld?

A 'Union of mothers' occurred to me too' but didn't seem strong enough.

Nice twist on the 'mother-in-law' joke. I've had 3, all tolerable but not lovable.

anonymousrob said...

I meant to say, in my previous post, that I enjoyed seeing the terracotta army pictures on the BBC website. However, I did notice the fairly obvious use of flash. So it is OK then!?


Jill said...

A success in the hospital! Two more rows of chairs in the waiting area! Although they haven't answered my letter of complaint I think the word has gone round (i.e.troublemaker) as I was addressed as Mrs.Richards and seen within 10 mins. of time, by the consultant (instead of the registrar) who could not have been more helpful, all he could offer was a more drastic op. on my arm, odds being 60/40 in my favour, so I said I'd go for it, day surgery. He gave me an appointment then and there, but it was a week before our Golden Wedding do - I explained, and he said he would juggle his list and I am having it done Wed. week. It will take two weeks to heal and six weeks to know if it has worked. If it hasn't, it's a question of learning to live with with it. He organised for me to have all the pre-assessment tests then and there, so that's out of the way too.

I would like to take the credit for the extra chairs....