Friday, March 07, 2008

Eastwood Photographic Society - Audio Visuals

Whilst thanking Bungus for his Southwell Minster joke we actually wanted professional comment from the 'architectural desk' about the stonework in these upper arches.

Melbourne Church is 'Norman' and the interior has great beauty.

His comments would also be appreciated on these red fragments in the stonework shown in Picture 2. Are they as I suspect, pieces of 'roman tile' ?

Thursday evening's lecture was on the digital production of audio-visuals and Keith & Kate Brown were very good. We were shown some first-class work and their themes were often for 'church/school/mother's union purposes' and well received by our members. On a personal note I found their habit of fading multiple photographs into the same 'shot' rather difficult to comprehend at times. My slow old brain can deal with one picture dissolving into the next, but not 3 or 4. I readily accept though that this problem is mine and not theirs.

However, with two Churches on Wednesday and 'church themes' on Thursday I was beginning to feel a little anglican-ned out by the time I got home.

Comments..... Thanks to AnonymousRob for the apple list, - what a pleasure to read. We certainly get in the nooks and crannies in this blog. Re a suitable variety to go with his flashing mac in the British Museum the consensus is for Cox. But, as is remarked, 'Bushey Grove' makes a strong claim. 'Pixie' could be considered insulting.

AnonymousRob's - 'watch football on computer' method sounds most interesting. If anyone would like to take up his offer of further details, they can send me their e-mail address and I will forward it to him. It would be quite inappropriate for me to publish his e-mail address here. With his 'flashing in museums' propensity and an e-mail address he would prolly be getting viagra spam for evermore

Bungus....... Long exposure and 'flash' isn't a contradiction. AnonymousRob will explain it better. Basically you can decide on a long exposure (which will show movement) and end with the flash. Or 'flash' first then tailing off with a long exposure. This way, for instance, you can get vehicle lights trailing behind or in front of a vehicle. Best idea is 'don't worry about it'.

Madeline...... Thanks for the 'poly''ticks' quote. A gem indeed. I too love my igoogle homepage and we must exhange screen-prints sometime. Unfortunately trawling through 'add stuff' looking for promising content is both addictive and time consuming.

Jill..... I've no idea what cannery produced our tasteless 'fruit cocktail' but we will certainly give the Del Monte version a whirl - particularly the 'Tropical Fruit Salad'. Which ice-cream do you favour to go with it? Or is real cream better?

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Hope you all have a good weekend and don't forget to 'batten down the hatches' prior to Monday which is supposed to be a really stormy session. Catch you tomorrow.


bungus said...

I must come clean; with no caption or commentary, I just looked at the photo and assumed from the Norman arches that it WAS Southwell (which I believe you visited some weeks ago).
I don’t know what you want me to say about the stonework. But I would say it is typically Norman but, as it appears more heavily decorated than, say, Southwell, probably from the end of the period. I could be wrong.
I cannot think what the red flashes are if they are not tile. They are exceptionally strongly coloured unless it is your startling reds again.
Incidentally, Radio Nottm has been talking about changes in pronunciation and which is right or wrong. Apparently it has been accepted that it is 'Suthell' Minster but it is in South-well (for most residents; I always thought it was 50/50).
On that annoys me is 'kill-om-etter' (as in gasometer) which should be 'kill-Oh-meter'.

I have already received details from AnonRob of 'watch football on computer', for which I thank him.

I was taking ‘long exposure and flash' outside the photographic context. I won't worry about it.

I too liked Madeline’s 'poly-ticks'.

I always think that perhaps Carnation goes best with tinned fruit (with bread and butter). That is how I remember Sunday teas.
As I recollect we only ever had real cream on trifle. And ice cream was eaten on its own (in a cornet or 'sandwich' (or 'tub' in the cinema).

Jill said...

Good old Carnation! - I like it in coffee. And on tinned fruit, I'm not very fond of ice-cream, though I like sorbets. R is the ice-cream fanatic, he is an expert on all brands of vanilla, which is the only flavour he likes! He'll have ice-cream with practically anything, or on its own. We do have fresh cream sometimes - strawberry time - and for some reason always have it with crumble.

I've been to Southwell Minster many years ago, had a friend who lived in Upton just down the road.

Met up with someone yesterday who has just sarted working with Google - apparently they go through every publication, and if anyone uses the word google as a verb and not relating to Google, they get a stiff letter warning them. Apparently although it is in the dictionary it is their trade-mark, and that is the only way they can keep it? Hoover apparently lost theirs like that. I felt/thought that the word 'google' had been around for years, prior to 'Google'.

bungus said...

I recently came upon a rice pudding recipe which used a small tin of Carnation. I think I'll give it ago.

Upton, of course, is the home of the Horological Institute which I have never visited. I understand they are very efficient; everything goes like clockwork.

My mother would have been very upset if anyone had called her Electrolux cleaner (circa 1930) a Hoover.

bungus said...

In case anyone should be in doubt about the 'gasometer'/'kilometre point; a 'meter' (except in N America where they use it instead of metre which they don't use anyway, and quite right they are) is something used to measure and record the amount of something. 'Metre' is of course a Frenche unit of length which has been imposed upon us Brits (but just ask anyone how tall they are).