Wednesday, March 05, 2008

WoW at Breedon-on-the-Hill, Melbourne and Shardlow

WoW was lucky again weather-wise and although cold was lovely and sunny and not too windy. Helen came with us and although all these elderly gents must be boring, no-one gets in anyone's hair and we do rabbit-on endlessly about photography and some other matters, like how appalling the government is. Another welcome new face was Kevin who I don't really know very well yet.

Our first call was at Breedon-on-the-Hill and the panoramic photo, looking over towards the Power Station is mine. Whenever one travels down the M1 an eye-catching view of the Church apparently teetering on a cliff-edge cannot be ignored. I learnt today that the cliff is in fact the edge of a quarry and it, or its forebears., have been teetering there since around 676A.D. Although I didn't go in the Church due to the walk involved the others reported a most unusual interior.

Picture 2 is one of Helen's. A statue of as recumbent skeleton is a 'first' for me ! Especially one that looks about to go into a CAT scan machine

I apologise again for a flight-of-fancy

but it does look a little like one 'dunnit?.

After that, down the road to Melbourne, another historic Derbyshire town and another interesting church, Norman this time.

Comments..... Bungus..... I'm relieved that Danny doesn't like touch-pads either ! It diminishes my 'old-fogey' self consciousness. Re Hospital and your possible 'extreme Islam' i.d. I want to be a 'tenacious fundamentalist'. Are you sure you heard aright? Perhaps she was querying your 'authenticity' rather than your 'ethnicity'.

You are right about the stock for the 'broth mix'. I was planning chicken or ham stock with a handful or two of chopped up meats bits. As promised - an update will follow.

Jake's funeral and cortege both sounds and looks impressive and thank you for the pictures. Hell's Angels funerals are nearly always striking and law-abiding affairs in which everyone acts with dignity.

AnonymousRob......Thanks as ever for your gentle humour. And keeping 'the sports desk' in order. In the scenario you envisage (of Bungus and Jill arriving at a Hospital Reception desk) there is little doubt about the 'Computer says No...' It would doubtless immediately 'Go down' and remain that way for a week or two.

Jill.... most of the male members of my family are 'lucid dreamers' and I was quite surprised to find so much about it in Wikipedia. Please persevere with the cheese at bedtime though because both Y and I would love to know more about our canal-side bungalow. How much more fun to have a 'mooring' than a garage.

Quote-less this evening because I ought to 'turn in' - whatever does that phrase come from I wonder?. I was absolutely whacked after WoW - but an hour (or two) lying down soon sorted that out. Y did a lovely meal - pork chops, mashed potato, carrots, purple-sprouting, and gravy. Followed by tinned 'fruit cocktail' and Greek yoghurt. I can understand why we haven't had fruit-cocktail out if a tin for 20 odd years. It was awful !

Catch you tomorrow..............................




bungus said...

A smashing panorama although the clay looks very red indeed (you know my aversion).

Whatever the cat scan says, I don’t think he’ll get better.

Re Hospital and “Are you sure you heard aright? Perhaps she was querying your 'authenticity' rather than your 'ethnicity”'. I read it 3 times on the screen and it was certainly ethnicity (I know you weren't serious). I wonder, do they have different treatments for Chinamen or Native Americans? I like your 'tenacious fundamentalist'.
But I think the fault is in the technology, not the staff, who did their best.

I don’t know why but I think 'turn in' must be a military or naval expression – I reacall that the guard ‘turns out’
I do wish we could get purple sprouting at a reasonable price (Tesco’s always looks past it and costs a fortune). When I worked in Nottingham I could always find it in season at any greengrocer’s in Radford but never saw it in Ollerton. Sandra hasn’t been lately (circumstances) to the new gg in Ollerton market; he might have some.
And you are right; I have tried tinned fruit cocktail several times and it tastes of nothing. And I really used to like it as a kid.

The apple is for sustenance when you are weary from flapping the mac.

I seem to recall a story of Ghandi in nursery school in S Africa hammering a kid who was picking on someone else; and immediately apologising. Could be apocryphal of course.
I don’t know what connection there is between Ghandi and Leicester and on that basis I would go for Gary.

After tonight, possibly 4 teams in the quarter finals. Only about half a dozen British players, of course.

Ethnicity does seem to me to be irrelevant. Most documents allow you not to answer.

The chemo treatment lowers resistance to infection. Therefore one is advised to avoid places such as waiting rooms, public transport, etc. Maybe I take it too seriously but Sandra consulted my dentist (I had just started a course of treatment when stricken) who says that anything that needs doing should be done by the hospital dentist in negotiation with the chemo team. This would mean stopping chemo for one or two cycles. I would rather avoid that so aim to put up with the pain and discomfort for 3 months until my pill chemo is finished. After that, the drip treatment could, if necessary, be delayed for a while to allow dental treatment. I’ll keep you in touch! (hopefully, without becoming tedious).

Yes, there is great concern about assaults on hospital staff but I suspect that many of them result from frustration rather than drunkenness. Not everyone is articulate and even those that are can become irate.
I do not think that complaining would have made any difference – it would have been forgotten in ten minutes or less. I also suspect that a letter would meet with a nice reply and no action.

Jill said...

You have to know your fruit cocktail - some of the cheaper varieties are horrid - but Del Monte's still floats our boat! They also do one called Tropical Fruit Salad which is bigger pieces, has mango and lychees and pineapple in, amongst other things.

That does look like just like a body scanner....