Thursday, March 13, 2008

Burton Joyce day - Camera Club

Our EPS evening was about sharing our 'photoshopping' from 8 images we had been given (all had the same) and we could add things of our own. Please click here to see the pictures we all started off with. I only wish I could do you a link to everyone's pictures because there were many memorable images. People had used Photoshop techniques I still need to master. As you know I am anti using PS to pass off images which have been faked as original photos but this 'creating pictures' seems fine and doesn't offend me.

People had been resourceful and the humour delighted us all. There was much laughter! Sometimes it sounded like a tap-room again. Can't be bad. And Reg and Roy deserve compliments for the images for us to work on. The picture of 'Duggie at Tripod' (Roy's) caught almost everyone's imagination.

Pictures 1 and 2 are my finished images.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, it was a fairly normal Thursday. The A610 is too bad to contemplate so I took Y to the Hucknall tram terminal. Adjacent is a large Tesco, so I did some shopping prior to our usual Friday/Saturday blitz. I then messed-about until it was time to collect Y from Burton Joyce. I had time to read some stories to Millicent and her chortles of laughter when I 'do' the voices are reward enough.

Even though Tesco isn't our favourite supermarket this one has recently been effectively doubled in size by the creation of another floor reached by an airport style belt rather than the normal stepped escalator. So you can go upstairs with your trolley.

I had a mooch round for some 'Delia recommended stuff' but could only find a couple of items. The checkout girl said lots of folks complained they couldn't find things. I said it might be a good idea to collect together the Delia stuff all in one location in the store. My suspicion is that her programme will prove such a success that the idea would be worthwhile. It doesn't quite merit the status of Idea 6,329 though.

Brian has fixed my printer. Apparently the yellow ink nozzle was completely blocked and needed clearing plus the heads, and then he reset the whole thing. I got him to admit that he had spent two and a half hours on it. But he wouldn't take a penny. As I told him, that is worth any amount of WoW lifts etc. It is a great aspect of our club that people are pleased to help each-other.

Comments......AnonymousRob....I'm glad we have sorted out the misunderstanding over 'requests' because generally I'm only to pleased. There remains a few people who I wouldn't 'p*** on if they were on fire' - but you aren't one of them.

Like you I remember my Mum using a hand mincer screwed on the side of a table. I couldn't find an exact replica and this is the best I could do. The resultant mince was used to make 'rissoles' - do people still make them ? they were a favourite of mine and I must unearth a recipe. Perhaps 'Old Scrote' - see issues passim. Inevitably, when in his cups and out of my Mum's earshot, my Dad would tell a joke about somebody calling them 'pissoles' only to be corrected "I think you will find it's an 'r' not a 'p'" which elicited "Alright then 'arseholes' if you insist". I apologise for the vulgarity but it is a true story.

Y's cough is much improved. And she thanks everyone for their sympathy.

Jill is home and everything went well. She e-mailed me and gave 'blog' permission, so I intend to publish her e-mail as a comment on this post.

Bungus..... Thanks for the praise ! You must be going soft !

Jill...... Strangely enough, I prefer my stick blender to the full-size one. I'm now on my second; the first cracked around the blade. The current one, a Moulinex, is quite excellent and has two speeds which is a handy feature. I tend to use the slower setting because the fast one has a tendency to project stuff onto the kitchen wall. I guess it would be handy if mixing cement perhaps.

Your point, echoed by Bungus, that Delia isn't really cooking to a budget at all, is quite correct. I suppose I am just a diehard fan.

Quotation time.......

"The only reason I made a commercial for American Express was to pay for my American Express bill.

Peter Ustinov

Now there was a polymath if ever there was one. I miss him.

Another blood test tomorrow but generally a quiet day is planned. Catch you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

dear graham and yvonne,

your flower arrangement was awaiting me here when i got home yesterday - it is the most exotic, sophisticated, unusual arrangement i have ever had - r most impressed. showed the gardener, he couldn't identify the two sorts i couldn't, apart from saying he thought they were s.african. thank you both so much, they are giving so much pleasure. i don't know if you know what you sent - two very tall stems of bright yellow tiny flowers, each on its own stem, coming out from the base of the flower head, a bit like a lupin head but much bigger. golden roses and lilies. sprays of eucalpt. another evergreen with bunches of what look like unripe green grapes. and those gorgeous orchds which i love. and for the card, i love those doggy ones, have kept all the ones you have sent.

i am ok in myself - and i can knit - instructions are to not move my arm but to use my fingers all the time. arm is in a double sling arrangement, bandaged from shoulder to wrist and it hurts if i move it so i don't. they sent me home with 60 pain killers, but so far have only needed one.

no complaints at all with hospital. i felt well-looked after and cared for. 15 bed day surgery unit in new wing, opened last year so everything looks new and clean. i was the oldest person in, by at least 20 years, and the only one to have a bed all day, one opposite me had three patients in it, either side had two, everyone having something different done, wisdom teeth, bunions, gynae etc. my op took longer than they thought, came round with morphine drip in one arm and saline in the other, the last being removed as soon as i started drinking lots of water. back in ward i was starving, had three mugs of tea and 12 digestive biscuits. they wouldn't let me go home until 5.00 when ward closed, said they had a bed for me for the night if i felt i wanted extra care and help, but preferred to risk r's tender mercies.

dozed on and off all evening, every time i woke up it was budget/darling....was told morphine would last 12 hours, so ro went into spare room and i went to bed with radio, thermos, pain killers at the ready - but i slept straight through for 7 hours, which is a good night for me anyway. getting dressed is a challenge - so is going to loo - couldn't find a t-shirt or a blouse that would go on over bandages, in the end i took an old one out of charity shop bag and slit it to shoulder. most of my cardigans are stretchy knitteds, so they are ok. and i only have two pair of trousers with elasticated waists, can't cope with the others. i have to keep bandaging on and neck sling for two weeks....but big sling can come off monday.

please feel free to put what you choose of this on your blog, and you may edit it in any way you want. i get a nasty twinge doing caps, or exclamation marks...

love, and again many thanks for the flowers,


bungus said...

Time to stop being nice! Goodbye to the soft Bungus!
Although I can see a value to photoshop, and it doesn’t offend me, it doesn’t excite me at all. I don’t think I have used it since going on a course at Northern College a couple of years ago (I recommend Northern College to other commenters. Although their admin is rubbish – shades of NHS – the courses are good and the full board charges very reasonable, often avoidable. RG had a battle to pay! Try googling their website. Or RG may set up a link).
I much prefer pic 1 to pic 2.

We use our local Tesco a lot beacuse it tis so handy, but it is not our favourite except for bread and its excellent ‘reduced’ counter. Our nearest Asda sounds very like your supersize Tesco; so big that I cannot face going upstairs on the travellator.

You are probably right about the Delia effect. She has caused shortages in the past (cranberries for instance).

I sincerely hope that I am one of those you would 'p*** on if I was on fire' - but not if there was a readily available water supply.

Your photo is very similar but much later than my mum’s mincer (which I suspect Sandra has thrown out).
I don’t recall ever having a rissole even though as a child the idea appealed. The name is irresistible. I certainly fancy it more than a hamburger (unless homemade).

Sandra has a stick blender but I can’t get on with it at all – too slow. I only use the Food Processor.

In the 60s, I saw Peter Ustinov in one of his plays ‘The Loves of Four Colonels’ at Nottm Theatre Royal. Much enjoyed.
Also saw Anthony Newley in 'Stop the World, I Want to Get Off'. Terrific at the time.


Blame Blogmeister for chips in the garage. He very sensibly (here I go being soft again) started it to keep the grease and smell out of the kitchen and Sandra thought it a very good idea (can’t remember the GI number).

‘Ouch, i get a nasty twinge doing caps, so make the most of that one i shan't do any more.’ That sentence includes 2?

Glad your brief stay in hospital went well. I have found the treatment excellent. If NHS, I predict it will be return visits that provide problems!
Isn’t morphine drip wonderful? I could easily become addicted. My discussion with the District Nurse on preferred suicide methods leave me convinced that that would be the one (but I have never snorted coke).

For my evening meal last night I had mussels in a cream and garlic sauce. Lovely. Being picky; mussels a bit small and the sauce a bit thin although as a sort of soup it was good. They also do it in a white wine sauce.
A genuine ‘new’ Delia dish (very easy but a bit pricey); a really good single portion (snack for 2) £2.50, 5 min boil in the bag from Lidl.

bungus said...

Today is Pi Day.

The rough ratio of pi 3.14 gives us the date for Pi Day. March 14, or 3/14 in American dating style, makes sense for a celebration of this famous constant.

The most recent attempt, by a Japanese computer scientist, in 2002, found 1.24 trillion digits of pi.

if you divide the length of a river from source to mouth across a gently sloping plane by its direct length "as the crow flies", you'll find pi.