Thursday, March 27, 2008

Messing about Day - EPS this evening

Picture 1 subscribes to the 'less is more' school, because it looks better than the whole Flowering Currant bush which was boring.

With Y going to Burton Joyce yesterday instead of today we got confused over days. Our new TV is to be delivered on Friday but we sat patiently till lunchtime awaiting its arrival, forgetting it's only Thursday. Not to worry, jobs were done.

This afternoon we shopped - Lidl and Morrisons and put the car through the car-wash. The dried on salt from motorway driving in sprayful conditions had made it look scruffy, even for us.

Picture 2 is another glut of basil. It is tine for Basil Rooting to make his usual appearance I think.

Comments.....Bungus..... Under the right circumstances I am a fan of steak tartare but I'm sorry that your tiramasu failed. I've never tried to make my own, but I enjoy it. Y finds it too sweet. As ever you make an excellent point about 'gutting' whitebait and sardines.

Not being a football fan I'm surprised that there is a better Beckham free-kick than the one I blogged. It looked close to perfection to my inexpert eyes.

Jill.... You are quite right to insist on your food being prepared the way you want it. And it has often surprised me that more good restaurants don't offer a choice of al dente or well cooked vegetables because it is important. And you are quite right about good quality beef fillet. Passed quickly through a candle-flame usually suffices. Especially in Beef Wellington.

.........temporary close down for tea, then EPS - will return later.

.......Glad you enjoyed the 'sepia' it certainly suits some pictures very well. Particularly 'period' buildings I think. And 'Yes' I am suitably lasagna-ed back to vitality, so I enjoyed being noisily critical at the camera club.

I take your point re well-done vegetables but it is a 'what do you mean by.....' issue. When cooking greens my Mum used to add bicarb to the water which produced a ghastly vivid green and then boil them and brussels till they went that disgusting yellow colour. She then pressed all the moisture out with a saucer. Presumably your 'well done' falls short of that.

AnonymousRob..... You should have come to the Nempf Exhibition and we could have sat together and harummphfed. There were some very good pictures but the overall feel was 'same old Nempf......' Paul Exton's 'natural history' with completely gaussian blur type backgrounds - not a hint of the actual environment. I do understand about Depth-of-field but some hint of detail in the background would cause me to be more trusting of the picture. Surely by now he and his camp-followers must be tired of staring at dragonflies.

When we learnt from a previous lecturer that they capture moths and butterflies and put the poor creatures in the fridge overnight to induce a drowsy state. So that in the morning they can carefully place them on a convenient piece of bark and take their 'wild-life' photographs. And all in the pursuit of having images accepted in Exhibitions.

I was amazed to learn that 'slides' can be photographs taken on a digital camera, manipulated in Photoshop, and then copied onto slide film. On the back page of the Exhibition catalogue was a firm's half-plate advert offering to do it for you. And these were classified differently from 'digital images'. ........ How Sad !! I won't go on.

n.b. to Rob. Next week isn't the 'theme out of a hat thing' ..... It has been changed to a 'bring your laptop if you've got one and everybody chip in' ... evening.

Quotation time........

"No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn"

Hal Borland

..... Hope I haven't forgotten anything.. Sleep tight... Catch you tomorrow.




Reg said...

Adding to RG's note-- Rob-- The Theme 'Out of the Hat' is April
10th With Andrew's Evening on April 17th -Roy hopes to be able to come to Andrews evening. I am amazed that he had his opereation Thursday p.m. and was walking up the hospital stairs on Sunday morning. He's still on pain killers for at least the next few weeks, they are making him feel drowsy and drunk, Anne says thats normal anyway. For those not in the know Roy has had a hip replacment.
At the risk of bering castigated by NEMPH (what a thrill) I have comented on RG's and the general feeling about stereotype images and slides from digital files in the exhibition comments book.(with my Chairmans hat on.)

bungus said...

Good day, bad day. Hospital consultation OK, but when left alone I measured my height only to discover that I have shrunk no less than two inches from my once majestic 5’8”. But, on the other hand, when I got home, I felt at my loose tooth and with barely a wiggle it came out painlessly and bloodlessly. That means I shall not have to interrupt my chemo programme (to have dental treatment) and I can also eat more comfortably although having no lower molars still gives a chewing problem.

I agree with you absolutely about the photo and Flowering Currant; a plnat which always looks dusty to me.

At least you remembered that you had ordered a TV. It’s September Song time, methinks. I have difficulty recognising whom I see in the mirror; I think it used to be me.

Perhaps Basil Rooting will see off the Magwitch.

I first encountered tiramisu 10 to 15 years ago in Norfolk at the Kings Arms, Great Bircham (now poshified if you remember). The proprietor was Italian but the (English) chef would come down from Yorkshire on a Thursday and stay through the weekend. All his cooking was excellent but his tiramisu a true and new delight (and not too sweet). I have not yet found anything to compare but am determined to keep seeking an acceptable recipe.
And, although tiramisu, like mousse, uses raw egg white (and I have downed the occasional Prairie Oyster) I still couldn’t face Steak Tartare.

Beckham could be relied upon to produce several free kicks to rival that one, but perhaps none better. His performance against France was less than inspiring. As has become the norm, England looked good without threatening for the first twenty minutes. After that, France took control and Enland’s substitutions in the second half made things worse rather than better (and proved nothing).

I was watching a cookery competition on telly this afternoon. The advice to budding restaurateurs seemed to be to cook the meat as the chef thought right (often very rare) and to tell the customers that it could not be varied. That would not suit me as a customer. I think offering veg undercooked or overcooked could be difficult in a busy kitchen.

Surely Beef Wellington (which I have only tried once and found very disappointing compsred with, say, Steak and Kidney pie) is further cooked when in the pastry?
For me fillet steak, like other (tastier) steak, needs to be pink without too much red juice.

In The Observer last weekend, the back page Jane Bown photo was in colour. Apparently she tried it for a while but was never happy with it and reverted to b&w.
I agree about sepia for old buildings ( and also old portraits).

My mother’s greens were also well done, with bicarb to RETAIN the colour, and squeezed dry (not sprouts which were just drained to hold their shape).

Perhaps most wildlife photography is faked. At least mushrooms don’t move as fast as dragonflies. But I could sit and watch insects for hours.

I do not understand your objection to slides taken from digital photos. Why does it matter?

Pleased to hear that Little Dennis would have towered over Princess Margaret (5’11” I understand). Perhaps everyone should carry a red, black and white 8’0” surveying pole for when they are photographed? (Walkers could have two).

I like the yolk runny but the white completely set (difficult to achieve if the eggs are too fresh). Same with fried.

See above for my view of France v England.

I've not watched the Curse of Comedy programmes but from the trailers would find it difficult to accept Stott as Hancock. Perhaps most viewers will not have clear images of the old stars.
I have a somewhat lesser opinion of Frankie Howerd (although I enjoyed him a lot except when I saw him live). His performances were strictly tailored, I understand, so he could not have done a Doddy!

I reckon 'mature' students often know more than lecturers because they have lived longer.