Tuesday, March 04, 2008

National Trust AGM - Y's Roses

Computer problems have bedevilled me all day but here goes, on about three cylinders out of four (more later). Not the same picture as yesterday but similar. These 'mother's day' roses were from Debra and I have given them the same setting as before. No serious photoshoppery - I use a large black cloth as background. Joan bought it cheaply for me from one of her fabric outlets and keeps her eye open for further varied pieces.

My computer problem has disabled my printer and my mouse and an annoying microsoft 'problem box' keeps flashing telling my of a USB attachment problem. Closer scrutiny reveals that I have two 'root hub' problems. Sounds bad but I'll tackle it tomorrow. System Restore worked OK but hasn't solved the problem. Doing my 'blog' without a mouse is tedious. My right hand automatically goes to the space on my desk where the mouse normally sits. To be restricted to touch-pad plus right/left buttons is most annoying.

The National Trust AGM went amazingly well ! Well done Chairman Peter, and Gordon & Sue, and Jean for delivering their pieces with such panache there wasn't a single hostile question - unknown in my many years of Annual General Meetings in different walks of life. Peter's Joan said she felt much better and wonders if her malaise could have been a 'difficult to throw-off' virus. It was good to see her looking quite chirpy.

Comments......What a super dream Jill ! and such recall of it ! I would love to live there and, if it wasn't too far from some shops, so would Yvonne. We would have to extend the seat to 4 though, so that you and Ro can visit and sit with us. Let's hope it was precognition and you can dream it again tonight for a few more partics. More cheese on toast at bedtime if you don't mnd.

Bungus......While hesitating to describe myself as a connoiseur my haddock preference is for the undyed version. But senior-management fancied the bright-yellow - which is after all the tradition. Whatever - it was delicious. The marrowfat peas are the sort we grew up eating in the winter - before deep-freeze had been invented and tins were readily available, as I remember.

Congratulations on your stoical acceptance of the problems encountered during your clinic visit. It sounds quite unacceptable to me, and I am sure to Jill also when she reads it. Surely they know all your details from last time - your ethnicity won't have changed will. it? Yellow-coat did her best, by the sound of it but (and I accept that it isn't easy for you) I suspect you will have to force yourself to be downright unpleasant. Print off Jill's modus and take it with you as a crib-sheet next tme you go. I'm glad though that your 5p pink grapefruit juice mollified you on your return.

Talking 'soup' now. Whilst in Lidl I decided to try their 'broth mix' It contains assorted dried pulses, lentils, pearly barley, some red bits, yellow bits and other things - I haven't got the package with me. You have to soak it overnight and there looks enough for around 20 portions. You will be ept informed.

I don't think AnonymousRob is likely to 'flash' in the British Museum. He hasn't got the right kind of mac. Perhaps you could lend him yours?

Quotation spot......... Appropriate or what?

"He is winding the watch of his wit; by and by it will strike"

William Shakespeare

From the Tempest I believe.

Helen (the author of the much praised Red Lion snap some weeks ago) is coming WoW-ing with us tomorrow. Don't know where we aim to go - but it is 'meet at Reg's as normal' at 9.30am. It's been really cold here today and similar is forecast, but the wind has substantially dropped. The barometric pressure has been very high so anything could happen. Already down to 30F outside. We could have snow - that would be fun.

Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow...........

p.s. We went to Ikea for breakfast, and bought a new dining table and six chairs. To be delivered and erected for what seemed to us a reasonable sum. More details and pictures will inevitably follow....................................



bungus said...

The black cloth obviously works. I’ll have to get me some.

Sorry to hear about your computer difficulties. You will appreciate that I do not have the knowledge to help. It sounds a bit like a visit to Rainworth. At least you will then be able to enquire about suitable full size keyboards and monitors!
The touch pad seemed so clever when it first appeared but Dan considers them irritating rubbish.

I cannot tell the difference in the taste of yellow and undyed haddock. I suppose the choice depends what is in the colouring and how much you eat.
'At home' we mostly had mushy peas rather than tinned. I am pretty sure they were Marrowfats too. They were soaked in water and bicarb overnight, then boiled for hours. I liked them. Tinned mushy peas are OK but not so good as the memory. Frozen are nearer but more trouble.

Re hospital:
Once again, I was annoyed but realised that throwing a paddy would do me no good. My terse protests at least avoided requeuing. I can only assume that no one has ever enquired about my ethnicity (they didn’t yesterday). If they do I may say ‘extreme Islam’ and see if that helps. As I said to the girl at the desk, ‘Isn’t technology wonderful?’ ‘When it works’, she replied. I think everybody did their best but it just didn’t work very well.

I think your broth mix will demand a really tasty stock. I await reports.

I could probably get hold of a second hand Apple-Mac for AnonRob, if that would help in the British Museum.

I like the quote. T first I suspected probably Prospero of Caliban but a check revealed it is Sebastian (of Gonzalo).

I don’t remember you having snap with Helen at the Red Lion. Was it the usual chip cob?

Pleased to hear that you once more have the requisites of formal dining.

Remember the pigeon picture?
I have just watched the cortege of across-the-road neighbour Jake leave for his funeral. At least 50motorbikes, possibly 100, led by his gleaming Harley.
A smashing bloke in his mid fifties he was once a Hell's Angel and died when his new bike left the road on the way home from the Clumber Hotel (formerly Normanton Inn).
I shall send you loads of photos (not very good I expect because into the low sun).

anonymousrob said...

I'm not sure why anyone would submit a photograph that pays homage to a 400 year old painting to a NEMPF judge. There's no chance that he/she would make the connection. I think it's best not to enter unless you are like I used to be, and want to win all the competitions. However, I have learnt that winning isn't important - it's who you beat that matters.

I am intrigued by the thought of having a flash in the British Museum and a mac would prove useful. But why would I need an apple?

I always thought that mushy peas were made from the marrowfat variety.

Big question from the sports politics desk - should Leicester erect a statue to Gandhi or Gary Linekar? A voxpop on the local TV news said Linekar because "he's never kicked anyone in". Nor did Gandhi as far as I know.

Bungus, does your ethnicity affect the treatment that you get, I wonder? How strange our admin systems seem to be at times.

Congrats to the Gooners for their win in Milan (how it pains me to say that) and to Panthers for beating Newcastle Vipers 6-2 last night. Panthers are to be given a civic reception in honour of their Challenge Cup victory. Maybe they will not be allowed in the Council House until their ethnicity is recorded on the computer system.

I've just had this very weird vision, a la Little Britain, of Jill and Bungus reporting for treatment and a receptionist looking at them and saying "Computer says no".

Hey ho, it's a wonderful life.


Jill said...

Bungus, I think your treatment in hospital was appalling. That sort of cock-up makes some people so frustrated that it leads to verbal and physical abuse of machinery and staff! I would have been complaining loud and clear, and following it up with a recorded delivery letter. But all that takes energy and is very tiring, so understand you not doing it. I don't understand about the toothache, can you not have normal treatment because of risk of infection? Couldn't a dentist do something non-invasive/temporary so at least you can eat without pain?

Another lovely bouquet of flowers - if these colours were shown in something else, say fabrics, people would think they were clashing, very ill-matched, but in flowers they look marvellous. Isn't nature wonderful.....

Liked the idea of the computer, 'he say No'......

I don't follow football, as you probably gathered, but I did enjoy watching Andy Murray beating Roger Federer the other day.....(tennis).

I see Delia's tv prog. starts next week....

Hope you didn't get snow on your WoW - here it has been very cold, icy first thing, lots of sunshine though.

Cheese on toast didn't work last night - I do dream a lot, usually very vague and unmemorable, but every now and then there is a very vivid clear one that stays with me.