Friday, March 14, 2008

Blood Test - Fish & Chips - Rest Day

Wanted to show you the Ikea table & chairs, and use my 'why dangle' lens at the same time.

Blood test this morning and follow up with the Doctor on Monday. My ankles haven't ballooned again although I am very unsteady. Need to be travel-fit for next weekend because we are going to Jill and Roland's Golden Wedding Anniversary. It is being held in The Richmond Gate Hotel which is well known to me, at least it was 22yrs ago because Joint Central Committee members of The Police Federation used to stay there for meetings at Surbiton. The Federation HQ is just the other side of Richmond Park. I don't know if Jill remembers but once, when Y was with me, we invited Jill and some friends over for afternoon tea.

Cooked classic battered Haddock, chips, and marrowfat peas for lunch and it was a success. Y has done lots of washing and housework and I actually went down to the end of the footpath and cut back the overhang of a conifer about which someone complained to The Council. It didn't take me long with my big rip-saw and I enjoyed being in the fresh air and doing something physical for a change. A lovely morning and it was a pleasure to be outdoors.

Then I have done a lot of tidying up, sorting books, and rearranging my office and bedroom slightly. Is it spring fever do you think?

Comments.....We have all enjoyed your Hospital account Jill. As you say yourself the minutiae of life is more interesting than politics and world events. Your 'clothes problem' can surely be overcome simply by not getting dressed ! Or cadge one of Ro's pyjama jackets. Also, as Bungus says, and I can testify - enjoy the morphine if you need it again - you might as well get some pleasure out of the NHS. And keep away from the caps and exclamation marks !! Think e.e.cummings. I rejected the Wikipedia link because they used upper-case E. E. Cummings which he would have hated.

Bungus..... As requested a link to The Northern College an excellent institution where both Bungus and I, in varied hats, have spent some happy and fruitful times. The courses nowadays are social work, and vocationally orientated but, f you keep a wary eye on the brochure, there are other things as well.

Re the mincers. I have a fading mental picture of the maker's name embossed on my Mum's. It will come to me in the middle of the night whereupon I shall e-mail you.

Thanks for the pi information. I probably now know more than I need about the subject - personally I prefer the sort than you put in the oven.

Quotation time..........

"Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it"

Andre Gide

I know that from time to time I recommend ArtDaily for people who might want to keep uptodate with the Art world. If you subscribe to their newsletter a pleasant e-mail gently alights in your inbox every day. At the moment there is so much in there. Sale of Ansell Adams photographs, a Jeff Koons Exhibition in Chicago etc.. And if you open their homepage and scroll right down to the last item there are usually 3 interesting if eccentric videos. A little gem today is Grappelli & Menuhin playing 'Jealousy' live on the BBC introduced by Parky.

Sleep tight and I'll catch you tomorrow. We are baby-sitting at Burton Joyce while Steven and Lisa go to a 'ball'.


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bungus said...

The table and chairs look nicely understated,

Was it mushy marrowfats or the whole ones (presumably tinned)?

Glad you enjoyed your hedge trimming. I wish I’d known about this enthusiasm sooner!

Not only is Northern College a good place to learn, it is also a rather splendid main building (and some interesting modern ones not very well maintained) set in a thousand (?) acres of beautiful grounds.

I look forward to the mincer email. If I discover my mother’ I shall send a photo.

I think there should be a recipe for a circular pie for pi day. I may put my mind to it; I think the ingredients should have some punning reference to maths.

I went straight away to the Menuhin / Grapelly duet. I remember seeing the original programme and being entranced (I am very much a fan of the Quintette du Hot Club de France).
I thought it admirably humble of Menuhin to express an envy of Grapelli’s improvisational talents which he did not himself possess. They came across as two very nice people.