Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stocking the Office and Minutes etc.

A trip to Nottingham for several reasons. Y needed to book a rail-ticket, return books to Bromley House and other bits and pieces.

I wanted to have a look at current styles of filing stuff, to accommodate our National Trust documents. Now we have these new responsibilities our present system of 'bung it in a folder and hope to find it whenever' was not going to be good enough. So I bought an accordion type folder, a box file, and a translucent A4 box with elasticated bands round it. And this afternoon I spent a couple of hours 'filing'.

Then we tackled Y's minutes and I was impressed with the thoroughness of her notes. She has lost none of her skills I've e-mailed our chairman a draft copy. It was my intention to produce a draft hard copy but my printer is still playing silly boggers and, from the Word 2003 document, clicking print only elicits an offer to 'save' it again, in My Documents. I eventually got it to print by making the document a 'google document' but it can't seem to manage the columns for the treasurer's report.

I shall get there never fear. But it will prolly be next week when we return from Jill's thrash at The Richmond Gate. The main thing is that we both really enjoyed doing it.

Picture 1 is about 50yds from where the tram dropped me (Y stayed on for the railway station) and I succeeded in straightening the foreground lamp-post in Photoshop (it had barrelled badly). Picture 2 is one I might use in my next years talk, to demonstrate the subtle difference between the 'rule of thirds' and 'the golden section'.

Comments...... Bungus.... Thanks for the additional info about the cockpit. My question now is "Why use the term for that bit of an aircraft the pilot sits in?"

We are not aubergine fans either. I love black pudding in all its different guises. Y vows that she intends going to her death without having tasted it, even once. I think you are right too, about its late arrival on the full english - breakfast plate.

p.s...Thanks for the hard-copy articles. The Zaha Hadid was a good read. Strange piece about Delia wasn't it? Obviously the interviewer didn't like Delia and her feelings were reciprocated. Fancy asking Dela to sign her copy of the book (naff anyway - you know my views) and then wingeing because Delia put an 'e' on Lynne when she shouldn't have done.

Bungus and Rob....Re foreign languages.... someone once advised me to phrase a question so that it elicits the reply Yes or No. i.e. "Is this the way to the bus-station please?" and definitely not "Could you please tell me the way to the bus-station". Another tip, from personal experience this time, is - if you have to address a conference or something where multi-lingual translation is taking place, don't tell a joke. The English speaking delegations will laugh straight away and you carry on, but 3 seconds later the French delegation start laughing, and then 2 seconds after that, the Finnish delegation and so on, and you have no chance of holding your 'thread' together.

Rob.... Thanks for the Russian paragraph. I always think that Russian looks so good on the page. Is it cyrillic script? I think it was derived from Greek and it certainly has that sort of look about it. Re Garry..... I don't expect, nor wish, to be best chums. If I had been in his position I think I would have collected my papers together and left.

Some of the other people seem frightened of him, but as I said to Y "I've thrown bigger men out of pubs". or even البعض الآخر من الناس بل يبدو خائفا منه ، ولكن كما قلت لy "لقد قمت القيت اكبر من الرجال من اصل الحانات".

Your memory serves you well re the parmesan. I think it makes any dish smell of sick and we prefer finely grated cheddar. The Walagata file-hosting site does as you suggest. Your files are not removed from your hard disc; you copy them to Walagata. The site also gives your file an http: reference, which of course you can then insert in any web-based document. I don't think Reg has the programme but I can thoroughly recommend it. It is completely reliable and it's quite surprising how often I use it. So much handier to do a link to Banksy's 'flower chucker' rather than having to attach a file to a document. Honestly, best idea is pop round and it will take me just 2 minutes to demonstrate.

Reg.... thanks for the further info on The Dancing Slipper. And thanks for the WoW update. I was sorry to miss it because I think you had the sunshine. Paths in woods, and old buildings not visible from the road sounds good too. Can't see any reason why I shan't be there on Wed 26th, bright eyed and bushy tailed etc..

Definitely time for a Quotation today ....amusing and thought-provoking.....

"The poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese"

G. K. Chesterton

He is quite right. Lots of jokes, but very little poesy.

Burton Joyce day tomorrow. No camera-club due to Easter. And then off down the M1 on Friday. Sleep tight and I'll catch you tomrrow.



bungus said...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sandra says I was wrong to tell you that if I had helped erect the furniture it would not have taken a month. She says it would still be in the boxes.

I like both pictures but do not recognize the part of ‘new’ Nottingham in the first one.
The reflective pic of you flanked by acid edged panes is most appealing. I took one not too dissimilar at Sandra’s sister’s.

I have never got to grips with the idea of ‘filing’. I just have piles of paper.

According to my Longman’s Dictionary.
Cockpit :
1a. a pit or enclosure for cockfights.
1b. a place noted for bloody, violent, or prolonged conflict.
2a. The afterpart of the orlop (lowest deck) deck of a man-of-war, formerly used as quarters for midshipmen and for the treatment of the wounded in battle.
2b. A well or recess below deck level from which a small vessel(eg, a yacht) is steered.
2c. A space in the fuselage of an aeroplane for the pilot and sometimes the crew or passengers.
2d the driver’s compartment in a racing car or sports car.
One can see the logical progression.

Have you tried white or red pudding? Do you fancy the deep-fried Scottish version?
Sandra feels the same about it as Yvonne.

I didn’t find Lynn Barber’s Delia article ‘strange’ at all.

Phrasing a question so that it elicits the reply Yes or No is a good idea but wouldn’t necessarily work.
"Is this the way to the bus-station please?" could meet with
“Ah my good friend, you are going the opposite way. You need to turn round, take the first left… etc.

You may be right but I do not see an obvious similarity between cyrillic and Greek script. Yours below looks like Sanscrit to me!

You never answered my query. Is it Garry Cox?

I agree that the smell of Parmesan either appeals or not. I have seen people get really excited in arguing about it. If you don’t like it I don’t think you would like asafoetida either; if using it I always dip my wet finger in and lick it. And I always licked the cork of the bottle of halibut oil with which I was dosed as a child.

I will reserve further comment on The Dancing Slipper until I have consulted Sandra who lived in Edwalton and who recalled it as starting over the TBI and who has never, to my knowledge, been a jazz fan.

I wrote a (not very distinguished) poem about cheese :


This man went into a chemist's shop.
'Can I see the Parmesan?'
'The Parmesan. . . The man who does the recipes.'
'You mean the Pharmacist!
who makes up the prescriptions.'
'Well? Can I see him?'
'I'll see.'

'Yes sir? What can I. . . ?'
'Are you the Parmesan?'
'No sir. I'm the assistant Pharmacist.'
'But I want to see the Parmesan'
'Well sir, I'm sorry.
I'm afraid
that that's Hard Cheese.'


Jill said...

That's a very futuristic building in the first tell me it was built in 1920s....I like the look of the second one much better!

I'm OK on the smell of parmesan...

So now you are Vice Chair? There's a joke there somewhere, will leave it for Bungus to make....I don't do filing either (but then I don't hold such a prestigious position) a pile of papers with cup of tea on top is my idea.

Please tell Y that my posh frock is staying in the wardrobe, it will probably be trousers and cashmere for me on Saturday. I don't intend being cold !

Hope the snow-ploughs are out on the M1 for you tomorrow....