Saturday, March 08, 2008

Quiet Saturday - Y at Fiddler on the Roof

There seems to be a 'blogger-glitch'. It is a week or two since we had one but the result is my pictures won't upload. I've every confidence that it will sort itself out though. (it did -- ed!)

A quiet Saturday. All I've done apart from read the Telegraph, do the crossword, read the review, diasagree with their choice of the 50 greatest paintings, is cook griddled chicken for lunch, in a greek marinade, with veg. and then make the Lidl 'Broth Mix' which is delightful. Please see Picture 1. Very easy, after soaking for 7 hours, I tossed some chicken bits in it, boiled it up added a litre of chicken stock and then simmered for 30/40 minutes - I can't remember exactly, but till the peas, lentils and pearly barley were tender.

Y is going with TJ to see Fiddler on the Roof at The Royal Centre this evening so I took her to the tram just after 6pm. She gets off the tram in Theatre Square and just needs to walk around 40 yards and she's there. I'm sure they will have a great time. "I wish I was a rich" Actually I don't. Wealth has never appealed to me and thank god, Y feels the same. Comfortably off is best. I saw the show with Alfie Bass maybe 4 decades ago and didn't like it then so, doubting that I would like it now, I opted out. Although Y is having a sleep-over at TJ's she will be able to report on the state of the city at theatre turning-out time.

Picture 2 is my new mouse and I need help with it. Perhaps Ray, or Madeline or David or Steve, or Rob or any other reader. The left/right click buttons and the scroll-wheel and the scroll-wheel click I'm fine with. But these 2 additional buttons have me foxed? I've clicked them etc., but nothing on screen seems to happen.

Can't say I'm too bovvered..... do I look bovvered? A left/right click facility plus scroll wheel is plenty for me and it was only £6.95p.

But I do like to know these things.

Comments.....Bungus.... My recall of accompaniment to tinned fruit was not Carnation but 'Ideal' milk which I still rate so highly I can swig it out of the opened tin. If Senior Management saw me do it though, there would be trouble. Wikipedia considered the topic beneath them but google images found me a picture of a tin. I'm sure it didn't used to look like this though but, better some picture than no picture.

Re pronunciations.... Kilometer.... My word is not precisely either of the ones mentioned. Mine sounds more like "Killum-eater". Does it matter really? Don't have an attack of the 'grumpy old men' syndrome Bungus.

The British Horological Institute at Upton, just outside Southwell (however they want to pronounce it) is well worth a visit. We went some years ago with a Heritage Society and had a fascinating evening.

Jill..... Count me in with Ro, as an ice-cream lover. But I'm not hooked up on a particular type. Anything from vanilla to chocolate and back. But I do like it to be going soft and abit runny before I attack it.

I don't think that to 'google' as a verb predated Google. The word came about apparently due to a misspelling of 'googol' which is a precise mathematical term meaning "the number represented by a 1 followed by one-hundred zeros". I am rather surprised at them being so precious about the use of the word as a verb. It is used as such and can't be stopped by curt memos. As Canute found, even without a memo!

Quotation time.......

"I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it"

Pablo Picasso

What a superb approach to life. The 'link' takes you to a photo and potted biography with links which I preferred to the Wikipedia entry. Not that Wiki is losing favour but it isn't always the best.

Sleep tight folks and I'll catch you tomorrow. I like the train 'line' so much to end with, I'm using it again.



Jill said...

That broth mix looks very similar to Sainsbury's one. But it says nothing about pre-soaking, you can add it to casseroles etc. as long as they are cooked for two hours or more. Are we back to the pearly barley debate again?

I have to take R's ice-cream out of freezer about half-an-hour before he wants to eat it, he likes his soft and melted too....

I knew the 'googol' stuff, that comes up in Trivia quite often, esp. on American ships, wondered if it was an American term?

Watched the 'Culture Show' - I have read 'The other Boleyn girl' and didn't like it very much - the film was slated on Newsnight review yesterday. And don't like the Cranach paintings very much (they were also on Newsnight).

Madeline said...

Sorry RG, I've got no idea what your 2 extra mouse buttons are for. My mouse has the usual left and right click buttons plus the scroll wheel. What make is your mouse? Does the manufacturer have a website you can have a look at to see if you can find out what functions these buttons perform?
Glad you and Bungus liked my 'poly' 'ticks' quotation!

anonymousrob said...

Maybe the two side buttons do things with PowerPoint? Other than that I've no idea.

Off to Bradford today for a Gamma Photoforum meeting. It's members' day today which means members show their work. I'm taking a couple of books I've done and about 15 or 16 of Elaine's prints becuase they deserve a wider audience.

Congrats to Pompey, maybe they will win the Cup. They certainly seem to have at least one referee on their side, in my humble and biased opinion, of course. Congrats also to Barnsley; I enjoyed that result.

We have to dismantle our computer cabinet later today as the joiner starts laying new floors tomorrow and we have to move it out of the way. Only the floors and new doors to go before decorating!


bungus said...

I suspect that all broth mixes are much the same. As with light bulbs, there is probably only one firm that produces them and labels them with various trade names.

'Fiddler on the Roof' has never appealed to me and it only has one song, doesn’t it?
From what I have heard over the past few months from Radio Nottm, I suspect Yvonne will have found the late night city vibrant and unthreatening.
I agree with you about wealth, as you have probably realised. I am not at all unhappy to be classified as below the poverty line while I still have a few thousand to fall back on and sufficient income to cover most day to day costs. Like you, I have a partner who is of the same opinion, if rather more profligate, ie, self indulgent enough to buy a new frying pan without consultation.

As you would expect, I am unable to help with the mouse problem other than to suggest that it might be a trap detector?
I will ask Dan.

’Ideal’ has a degree of familiarity. In the 30s, 40s, 50s we always used to refer to it as ‘evaporated milk’ (to distinguish it from condensed milk, usually Nestles) rather than using a trade name.
For my 18 months of NS in Tripoli we had no fresh milk. It was Carnation plus an equal amount of water, which was considered perfectly acceoptable.
considered the

"Killum-eater" is fine. Of course it matters! Do you have no standards?
And what is the point of being an old man if you can’t be grumpy? or even, on occasions, cantankerous (on of my mother’s favourite words, along with ‘contrary’, pronounced ‘contr-AIR-y’ to describe an awkward person).

I, too, like my ice cream softened. But I only eat it occasionally. Sandra makes it, when she has an excess of cream in the fridge. The results are variable but mostly very good, esp the ‘rum and raisin’.

I understand that Canute, rather than being foolish, is now regarded as a man deliberately disillusioning his subjects. Not such a Canute after all.

I am rather please that Picasso thought he could do brain surgery.

I have afeeling that The Great Pearl Barley Debate will never go away. It is a bit like ‘milk first’.

My trusty Longman’s dictionary does not give ‘googol’ as having a N Am derivation, so I think we can safely use it to mean an awful lot.

I didn’t enjoy reading ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ either (too many repetitive descriptions of the court, if I remember correctly) but did think it could make a very good film, which it didn’t, according to Late Review. But I suspect that was due to surprisingly bad film making rather than being the fault of the intriguing story line (I seem to recall a very watchable BBC version?).

Yes AnonRob, great results for Pompey and Barnsley.
Personally I enjoy seeing Ferguson getting stuffed; a very unpleasant man in my opinion, whose team have more often than not benefitted from refereeing decisions. And brilliant though Ronaldo is it was good to see him getting dumped.
Poor old Stags though. I can believe that Billy was quite willing to leave, although my view is that he is a thoroughly honourable man and one person who cannot be blamed for the current dire situation. No money, injuries to his best players, but still capable of sending out a team to stretch a Premiership side, who now look quite likely winners of The Cup. They will probably have to beat either Portsmouth or Barnsley though!

bungus said...

Wrong about Middlesborough then! Completely outplayed by a very good Cardiff side (how could those 2 centre backs who were so dominant against the Stags play so poorly today?).
Barnsley v Cardiff would appear to be the ingredients for a good final.

anonymousrob said...

Back from the Gamma meeting and the computer cabinet has been dismantled and moved in readiness for the floor laying tomorrow.

Elaine,bless her, has set to 'puter up in the kitchen so I/we can access stuff.

I like the word 'stuff' - it covers so much..... er, stuff.

Bungus, I can see where you are coming from re Sir Alex. You will know I am somewhat biased. However, it seems to me that, if you want to get to the very, very top in any walk of life you have to be something of a b'stard. In my younger days I knew a few people who had trials with professional clubs. OK, the clubs were no great shakes, eg Hull City, QPR (though Rodney Marsh was there then) and they all said the same. Which was that all pro football people, players and coaches were complete...what I said earlier. Hard as nails, no humanity at all. I'm sure some blog readers can testify that being a manager is not a popularity contest.

All of that reminds me of the thread about Reg's niceness. Who would I rather spend an hour in then pub with?

As I said earlier, I showed Elaine's prints at Gamma today. She has a set from Italy and another from Cuba. Everyone was blown away and want her to join Gamma. I'm not sure she believes me or realises the standard of her work. I must e-mail a few to RG for future publication.

I assume Pompey are going to be hot favourites for the Cup now. But I'm now going with whoever is the lowest placed league team. The revolutionary in me wants the 'big spenders' to be dumped on their backsides, as long as it's not the big spenders I support, of course. How fickle we are, or I am.