Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Sigma 10-20mm - New Ikea furniture

Picture 1 is Dorothea Lange's famous photograph from 1936 'Migrant Mother' and as soon as I saw pictures in the media of the woman whose daughter has been murdered in Goa my few remaining brain cells clicked into activity. When I showed Y - 'The Migrant Mother' - on screen she thought I was showing her a picture of the MacKeown woman. Picture 2 - the Telegraph picture converted to black & white so you compare like with like.

As Private Eye used to say..... "Are they perhaps related? I think we should be told"

All the things that were supposed to happen did happen. Brian collected the printer and made encouraging sounds about being able to fix it. The IKEA furniture arrived and the two men took 1½ hours to erect it (1 dining table, 6 dining chairs) so, at an ambitious estimate, it would have taken me one and a half weeks, together with the risk of hospitalisation. They look very nice and we christened them today by eating sausage & mash therefrom.

Then the 'volunteer bureau' collected the old chairs but rejected the table. After that I trammed into Nottingham to collect my Sigma lens. It was necessary to use the Moor Bridge station due to the awful traffic conditions on the A610. We were delayed 45 minutes on it on Tuesday. The explanation is the widening and strengthening of the M1 and the bridges but although 2 miles of cones, no apparent activity.

Jill has her operation today I believe and we all send her love and get well soon type greetings.

Comments...... Madeline.....Thanks for the quote. I also have 'Quotes of the day' on my igoogle home page at the moment. It is so easy to change content that, although some tabs are regulars I often change the others because the 'arty' ones become jaded I find.

AnonymousRob....... Whenever have I said I don't do requests? I'm assuming that the Rankin responsible for the photos on your programme last night is John Rankin. I guess it would be because he does 'celebrities' and you mentioned Zara Phillips.

I've only had the briefest of plays with my Sigma 10-20mm and WoW it is wide. Also worthy of note although I wouldn't hang a man on the evidence of 3 shots is that vignetting is less noticeable than on your 12-24mm. And of course you can borrow it.

Re Boleyn Girls' fancy pants. Wordsmithery is best left to Bungus in this instance because I can't make sense of it at all. Y says that your italicised sentence is baloney and was written by the same reviewer who wrote such rubbish about the rest of the film. She agrees with your following second paragraph completely. The 'Tudors' are her period and she points out that Anne was deliberately pregnant when they married, with Henry's connivance, because of his need for an heir and they wanted to be sure.

Thanks for your google re google research. To cut to the chase as they say I guess it means that my Radiogandy site is considered sound, and is visited a reasonable amount by reasonable readers.

Bungus...... You make a good point about the occasional and possible need for insurrection. What I was trying to say about Islam and Sharia Law is that I fully accept people's right to pursue that form of government, provided their pursuit is lawful, democratic, and non-violent. i.e. by candidates holding those beliefs, standing for election to Parliament and via the ballot box, rather than blowing up innocent folks.

What a brilliant idea of Sandra's (post Delia) to freeze left-over mashed potato. My position re Delia is comparatively unchanged. Her stated aims are to 'de-poncify cooking' and persuade people that it isn't difficult or time-consuming to cook nutritious meals on a budget. She is doing that and, were I a betting man, I would back Delia to triumph over her more nit-picking critics (I mean the media here, not our ever reasonable-minded contributors to this blog)

Quotation time....... I have known this quote for at least 6 decades without ever realising it was Kipling. In my local charity shop yesterday I found 'Collected Kipling' for 50p and bought it for Y. A snap may follow. I just happened to be leafing through it when.....

"I keep six honest serving-men (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who.

Burton Joyce day tomorrow for Y and EPS in the evening for me. We are sharing pictures where we have 'photoshopped to extremity' eight pictures we were given earlier. I wonder how our WoW-ers fared today in the stormy weather?



anonymousrob said...

WoW - the similarity between 'Migrant Mother' and Fiona MacKeown is amazing. Well spotted that boy!

My humble apologies for my remark that you do not do requests. For some reason I have it in my head that many moons ago, when I asked for a link, you said something along the lines of "I'll do it on this occasion but I don't always respond to requests." I've probably dreamt the whole thing or totally misunderstood what you said. Any road, I'm sorry and I thank you for the link to Rankin. He is indeed the right one and the Wiki link to his website is worth following in my opinion. I have a copy of his book RankinWorks if you wish to borrow it.

Maybe your 10-20mm lens vignettes less than my 12-24 because it's made for digital SLR's? That's pure speculation on my part; perhaps Reg knows the real answer.

Bungus - do you dislike all mince or would you be prepared to mince your own meat. (I'm tempted to ask "Are you a mincer?" but I'm trying very hard here not to go down a smutty mincing road).

I remember, as a child, my mum had a mincer which clamped on to the edge of a table and she would mince all the left over Sunday joint which wasn't eaten for Monday tea. For some reason, however, I have no recollection of eating the minced meat but I guess we must have done, most probably in the form of a pie.

References to war and truth led me, inevitably, to the oft quoted "the first casualty of war is truth". The following came from the Guardian's website Notes and Queries page:
Who coined the phrase, "The first casualty of War is Truth" ? .
Mike Owen, Hebden Bridge UK
• In 1918 US Senator Hiram Warren Johnson is purported to have said: The first casualty when war comes is truth. However, this was not recorded. In 1928 Arthur Ponsonby's wrote: The 'When war is declared, truth is the first casualty'. (Falsehood in Wartime) Samuel Johnson seems to have had the first word: 'Among the calamities of war may be jointly numbered the diminution of the love of truth, by the falsehoods which interest dictates and credulity encourages.' (from The Idler, 1758)
Peter Brooke, Mewmachar Scotland
• In war, truth is the first casualty. Aeschylus Greek tragic dramatist (525 BC - 456 BC)
B Smith, Chicago Il USA
• The most fundamental of the Chinese fifth century general Sun Tzu's principles for the conduct of war is that "All warfare is based on deception".
Ed Richardson, Deer Lake, Canada

Our nice, new real wood floor is nearing completion and may even be finished at the time of writing. I must let RG have a snap of it. We are well pleased and it feels lovely and warm to the bare foot.

I hope Jill is feeling fine after the op and that she is able to tell us all the gory details ere long. Hope, also, that Y's cough is no longer nagging.


bungus said...

The similarity between the photos is remarkable. Very smart of you to spot it.
Every picture tells a story unless it is of a wag or supermodel in which case it just tells you she is skinny (that is far too sweeping a statement - I understand that Colleen is well educated and bright - and should be disregarded; the statement, not Colleen).

If you had decided to erect the furniture yourself you could have asked me to help. It would then have taken a month.
I prefer my sausage and mash on a plate.

I think it’s the rules: a few weeks (or months) of cones and then the work starts.

Hope all goes well with Jill. I shall expect the whole NHS system to have been sorted by the time she comes out.

The John Rankin photos were on Sports Portraits which featured a number of well known and less well known artists work.
I think I liked Scarfe’s best.

Rob’s Boleyn Girls stuff seemed quite clear to me. He is suggesting that the history in the film was all to cock.

Thanks for the clarification about Islam and Sharia Law. I think your view is tolerant and acceptable. Oh dear!

I am sure that Sandra will not mind if you pinch her ‘brilliant idea to freeze left-over mashed potato’ as your bright idea No 2068or whatever.
I do not think Delia is doing it ‘on a budget’ (or if she is it is a generous one). The impression I have from what I have read and what I have seen so far is that many of her ingredients are much more expensive than what she is replacing. As advice for people in a hurry her ideas have appreciable merit, however.
I go along with the 'de-poncification.
I thought she spent too much time on trivia and not enough on cooking. Nevertheless, if she causes a few less than wealthy mothers to cook rather than buy cheap ready meals I am all for it –esp if they also teach their daughters.

the Quotation seems to me to be very obviously Kipling (but, as you had already told me, that is hard to justify).


I do not like mince & tatties at all. I have only ever eaten it to be polite. If it is virtually fat-free minced beef from a good butcher then I would eat a Cottage Pie or a Bolognese. I would also use minced pork to make Lion
I wouldn’t be prepared to mince myself because I don’t like it enough (I have never been down that road and see no very good reason try it now).
But I do still have my mother’s mincer (as you describe). I think she used it mainly, as did your mother, to mince the remains of the Sunday roast (for Cottage Pie).

I found your bits about war and truth very interesting. The principle seems well established.

Your mention of your nice, new real wood floor leads me to tell you that today I took our friend Alan to hospital for a check on his recent cataract operations (he is now cleared to drive again.
Being near Sutton I went to Lidl (and the Bargain Shop and Aldi). All in all I spent a mere £110 or so but I did get two bags of half a dozen oranges for 36p. And I filled up the car at Morrisons with nearly £40 of petrol.
Back to the floor: we are planning a conservatory (or large porch) at the back door so that Sandra can scuttle to the garage without getting cold and wet when frying chips.
From Lidl, I obtained (at a cost of nearly £50) 28 No, 1’ x 1’, cedar wood squares, in packs of four, intended for use on grass. They have gaps between the strips and a rubber base which allows moisture to flow beneath and should be ideal to go straight on the existing concrete patio which will become the floor of the conservatory.

jill said...

why would sandra want to go to the garage in the rain when frying chips? Ouch, i get a nasty twinge doing caps, so make the most of that one i shan't do any more.

have sent full account of yesteday's happenings to our blogmeister, he can include what he thinks is fit...

i think delia's recipes are more expensive than the real thing, i know the quails eggs are much dearer than hens, and so are m and s prepared veg. which we are using at the moment, but that is special circs. i don't think she has made the point strongly enough that this in not everyday stuf, just when one is particularly rushed - though i sppose to some folks that is every day.

my mother had a similar mincer, i think everyone did. have found delia's mini-chopper cheapest on amazon, but 4 week waiting list. i have a stick blender thingy, but don't like it, it seems to jam a lot. prefer the blender proper.

that photo is an amazing likeness, like y i thought it was the mother in goa. and why wasn't that 15 yr old in school - question mark. o level year.