Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Waste Tip - Tesco - Beef Stew

A Karen day, but a busy one for us too. Just the one rest-day on Monday and then back to work so to speak. In the garage cardboard boxes for packing have proliferated, but now that moving seems increasingly remote, we decided to clear them out. The conifer clippings from the footpath also needed taking to the tip at Hucknall (or Household Recycling Plant as it is now known) so we decided on nearby Tesco for our shopping.

Not usually Tesco fans but we have to give stars to this one. The upper storey is reached by a sort of flattened escalator without steps, so you can take your trolley up with you. All the electric stuff and kids' clothing is upstairs and the downstairs main area is big. Although I mostly agree with Jill about some parts of the last Delia programme, her injunction to "scrutinise closely the frozen cabinets because things have changed" was worth following. You can't fault Tesco for jumping on a bandwagon - many items were labelled As recommended by Delia.

When we got home I thawed out 1½lb of excellent purple shin beef I had bought at Victoria Market last time we went to Nottingham and I prepared a quick stew which went into the slow-cook part of the Prestige with carrots, onions, leeks, etc., . I let it gurgle away happily on setting 1 which is around 90c for 5 hours. The result was as you would expect from a fine piece of shin, given loving care i.e. succulent, melt in the mouth with dessert-spoon worthy gravy. My mashed potato, with swede and 4 chopped up chives, plenty of butter and a glug of milk, just fitted the bill. Pinching Sandra's idea (post Delia) I made plenty of mashed potato and have frozen 2 left-over portions. We shall see !

This afternoon we finished off Y's National Trust minutes. My full title should be "The Secretary's PA". I first heard the term some years ago when I was writing an article and needed to use a David Bailey picture. When I rang and a lady answered, I asked "Is that David Bailey's secretary" to which I received the haughty reply "I am David's PA" and to top it all he wouldn't let me use it unless I paid him some exorbitant fee. Still, I suppose he's got to make a living.

So I am going to use a sepia version of the view from our bedroom window view just before we left Richmond. I know our Anniversary girl enjoys the occasional sepia anyway.

My David rang to say they had safely returned from their Norfolk caravan adventure, and adventure it sounded. They had thick snow on the site. Thick enough not only for a Snowman but also an Igloo. WoWee. There are several static vans on the site and a sort of Club-House where people gather. A Karaoke competition was staged and no prizes for guessing who won. Granddaughter Sky is now 'Park Idol 2008'. She is possessed of this wonderful self-confidence without being at all big-headed. Yet another certificate. David had sent me some photographs to my mobile-phone - unfortunately forgetting that mine had been pinched in London and my number is now different. Lets hope the phone-thief enjoys them. I'm sure I shall receive copies in due course.

Comments.....Bungus..... I did caution against too close a scrutiny of Festinger. The original full 'cognitive dissonance theory' was post-doctoral - book sized. The bit about "If a friend buys a yellow car, you will in the immediate future notice lots of yellow cars" is in there somewhere. We briefly covered some of it as part of Art History. But don't worry about it. I know of old that if somebody presents you with a piece of paper, you won't rest till you've read it to the end. Tha must nevva alter !

The Glen Ford movie I remember best is him teaching in a difficult School. Can't think of the title though but some nifty-googler will put me right.

Jill...... Y is with you about No.1 Detective Agency. Definitely a case where the viewers are right and the reviewers are wrong. Although Max Hastings (great chap) gave it the thumbs up. What a pity that future episodes won't have the Minghella influence.

Certainly agree with your criticism of Delia over fish. Except for her advice before serving to just seperate some centre flakes to ensure they are white and therefore fully cooked. Y and I don't like partly cooked translucent fish as per Jamie Oliver - although Bungus will be straight down our throats. As a Sushi lover I feel fish should either be raw or fully cooked, not halfway between. And I agree about not smothering the flavour with excessive sauces or dressing. Lidl do some excellent whole fish, frozen, i.e. Trout, Sea-bass. Sea Bream, and Salmon. With the Trout for-instance there are usually 4/5 smallish fish to the pack and quite a modest little pack of seasoning. We have been delighted with them.

She was right though to advise us to examine the frozen food cabinets closely because things have changed. They have - I was fascinated this morning. Vegetables I've never heard of - but we are always game to try.

Quotation time.... This caught my eye : >>>>>>>

"Living in a vacuum sucks"

I'm going WoW-ing tomorrow and, strangely, we know where we are going - to Arkwright's Mill at Cromford - apart from its photogenic qualities there is according to AnonymousReg, an Exhibition. The above link is to a smashing website - open the link and 'read all about it'

Before setting off though I have agreed to drop Y at the Tram terminal because she is going out with Steve and family and then I am to join her there for evening meal. Helen isn't going WoW-ing and unfortunately I can't offer Kevin a lift. He is going to make his own way to Reg's and we'll sort cars etc., out there, as usual.

.....We haven't counted the sheep, dog, or sheep-dog? for some time. So, sleep tight and I'll catch you tomorrow.



anonymousrob said...

Welcome back RG and glad you and Y had a good time. I like the picture of the cakes even if that wasn't quite what you meant.

Was the Glenn Ford movie you are thinking of Blackboard Jungle?

I didn't like the No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency and soon switched over to something else. For me, it didn't capture the charm of the book. However, I frequently don't like watching adaptations of books I've enjoyed reading.

I haven't read through Festinger's theory but it seems to me that if you talk about something then you have a heightened awareness of it for a period of time and then are bound to notice it. Is that what he says? If so maybe the theory falls down when you in a strange area and are almost out of petrol. For some reason you can never find a filling station anywhere.

Last night I went to Nottingham and Notts Photographic Society as Tony Worbiec was giving a talk. I missed Tony when he visited Eastwood recently so it was good to see him again and catch up. We agreed it must be 5 or 6 years since we had last met. He hasn't changed a bit, lovely man, generous with his time and advice and a superb photographer. He's an entertaining speaker as well.

I went with my little friend Denis who has now returned from his 'wintering' on the Costa Del Sol. Denis and Joan have been away for about 6 months over winter for the past three years and have already booked their caravan site for next winter. Oh, the joys of retirement.

Thanks for the link to the Lion at Basford; it's well worth a visit.


bungus said...

I am a little concerned that you are becoming profligate with the chives. Please be careful; wouldn’t want to lose you to an overdose.

I don’t mind my fish being just cooked or slightly underdone. I do think overcooking spoils it.
I’m with the chefs on this and beef but not with some other underdone things, eg, pink lamb or duck.

Like the quote very much. Wish I had thought of it.

I have still to watch 'The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency' but I quite enjoyed the book - gentle easy reading.
I watched 'He Kills Cops' which looks promising.

'James the Fish', our usual supplier sells only frozen fish, much of it 'frozen at sea', which he claims, reasonably enough, is as fresh as you can get it!

It must be ‘ Blackboard Jungle’- which started the Rock & Roll era; theme tune Bill Haley’s ‘Rock Around the Clock’ (my first thought was the Asphalt Jungle’ which was quite different.)
But, for Glenn Ford (one of my favourite actors), not a patch on the ‘old fashioned modern western’ ‘3.10 to Yuma‘ (Time waits for one man) from an Elmore Leonard story, which I watched on telly again on Monday.
Were 2 endings made? On Monday, Ben Wade (Ford) was walked to the train but I am sure that when I saw it at the cinema, and previously on TV, he was taken to the railway station much more dramatically, standing up on a flat back wagon with a shot gun held under his chin (by Van Heflin playing his usual role of taciturn, salt of the earth, good guy, resisting temptation. It must have been him in ‘Shane’?)

I think Festinger had too much to say.

I cannot help wondering how tall your ‘little friend Denis’ is?

Things I was told:
‘Don’t run with a stick in your mouth’.
‘Don’t drink out of someone else’s glass’.
‘Don’t suck pennies (it will give you canker)’.
‘Don’t throw stones (you could put someone’s eye out)’.

bungus said...


I liked the film of 'All Quiet on the Western Front' better than the book (which I did like).
And, although a lot had to be cut, I liked 'Catch 22' on screen.