Thursday, March 06, 2008

Collect Y from BJ followed by EPS night

A time and date 'holder' - I will return and write up todays 'post' later.

I've decided to leave this 'post' right there. It is gratifying that the single sentence attracted two comments.

Your blogmeister is happy when you 'commenters' happily chat amongst yourselves without me needing to be around.

Please see next day's post..............


Madeline said...

I thought you might like this quotation which was on my iGoogle page earlier today:
The word 'politics' is derived from the word 'poly', meaning 'many', and the word 'ticks', meaning 'blood sucking parasites'.
- Larry Hardiman

anonymousrob said...

As I now understand why I would need an apple in the British Museum, I got to wondering which variety would be the best. Cox's sprang to mind but a bit of Nifty Googling revealed a wide choice (see

I was going to settle for Bushey Grove until I saw McIntosh. I'm intrigued by Belle de Boskoop. Any other suggestions?

I've never visited the church at Breedon but I remember several EPS members visiting many years ago. Andy Wilson said it was weird inside and I seem to recall he did a shot using a long exposure and flash (here we go again) combined with camera movement. Don't think it won any prizes though.

I think apologies are due from the Sports Desk Editor for failing to mention Andy Murray's excellent win over Roger Federer. Thanks, Jill, for putting us right. Isn't that twice in a row that Murray's beaten him or did I mis-hear the radio report?

I've been told of a way of watching football, and other sports, for free on a PC. Tried it last night and it works. I'm happy to pass on the info, by e-mail, if anyone's interested. I'm not sure if it's legal or not. There's bound to be a law against it somewhere.

I think Gandhi's connection with Leicester is simply the size of the local Indian population, or maybe they see him as a revolutionary hero. Maybe Gary "kicked someone in" when he was a child as well. Who knows and does this face look bovvered?

The skeleton is about to go into a CAT scan machine and is being checked by the NEMPF Judging Panel for signs of brain activity. If he shows any he will not be allowed to judge competitions.


bungus said...

The Southwell Minster photo is very good but photos of photographers do not stir my blood.

Yesterday (Thur) I went to Worksop to collect orders from James the Fish.
As a result, for our evening meal we had undyed smoked haddock which was delicious with a poached egg and b&b.

Today I have been to the City for a consultation. Different doctor and more searching than usual. Pretty uneventful, although I arrived an hour early and had to wait over an hour for transport home. I feel exhausted now though.

In view of the original need for an apple in the BM, I feel that Cox must be the answer although Bushey Grove has an attraction. But I would not say that flash and long exposure sit well together.
Yes, I am interested in watching football for free. Please email details.