Sunday, March 16, 2008

RPS day - Trams - Young Thrush

We arrived home from our 'young-person sitting' around 2.30am and both considered it quite an adventure. Driving home in a heavy storm required the windscreen wipers on no.3 or 'frantic' setting. I can't recall ever needing it before.

Picture 1 was taken a couple of days ago and merely shows a young looking song thrush at the top of quite a tall conifer and a nearby siskin, I think?

I set all sorts of alarms because I didn't want to miss my RPS day and I'm glad I didn't. The first lecturer was Martin Thompson and his work was thought provoking. If you go to his ArtyMartin website you will see examples of his work. When the site is open click on one of the images, and then on the resultant page click 'Archives' and you can have a browse around. Unfortunately, and not is fault, the hall was freezing cold and the equipment played up. So, when they stopped for a tea-break at 12.10pm I made my apologies and came home. I had more or less intended to give Dave Butcher in the afternoon a miss anyway. Without leaping straight to 'comments' I must at this point reassure AnonymousRob that none of my remarks should be construed as an assault on monochrome art in general or darkrooms in particular. The artistic merit of what can be achieved in those fascinating places goes without saying. But I personally don't intend to set up a darkroom again and do that sort of work. As I think he understands, I am intrigued by and fully intend to explore and learn about what can be achieved digitally. His comments about Dave Butcher's own work echo my views precisely.

Picture 2 is a case-in-point. A completely pseud Infrared - a technique which deserves more investigation.

TJ came for and ate with relish, her chicken casserole served with brussels, purple sprouting, mashed potato and carrots. When I went to my chives bed for 4 leaves to chop and cheer up 'the mashed' I could hardly find any. But a few have survived. And so Bungus can still regale people with how I once sent him down the garden for 1 chive leaf. I didn't need much so decided on frugality. He has however 'dined out' on the story. The casserole was even nicer today than it was yesterday. But, as we have previously noted, a night in the fridge usually has an advantageous effect.

Comments.......Mp3 eMp4...... I haven't yet had time to read your blog. But thanks for your supportive remarks.

Reg...... Glad you had a good time in the Wye Valley but sorry about the electicity. I hope you weren't reliant on gas to power Maureen's laptop or projectors and stuff. I didn't have the pleasure of seeing Stephan Grapelli at the Dancing Slipper at West Bridgford. But I did see Lonnie Donnegan there. For Rob's benefit it was above a garage and some shops on Central Avenue and did indeed have an excellent reputation. Although not in the same league as Grapelli, I also saw Kenny Ball there. It was going srong in the late 50s and onwards I understand until the 70s.

Bungus...... Understated it is then. Less is more! Mies van de Rohe lives ! Glad you enjoyed the Shelley Winters quote. She was the classic 'more than a pretty face' I also enjoyed her "Where do you go to get anorexia?" remark.

'Famous Seamus' is indeed a major poet and would have graced our Laureate's chair much more than its present incumbent. Unfortunately I guess that nationality rules him ineligible. Poetry abounds and I was fortunate enough to catch a John Hegley half hour recently. In performance he takes some beating.

Jill........ Glad to have a comment from you. And that Magwitch, having popped out, popped back in again. Pain is a pain 'innit?. Looking forward so much to seeing you at the weekend, and to renewing my acquaintance with The Richmond Gate.

AnonymousRob...... Haslet varies a good deal but, so long as it isn't dried out, I like it. Lets have one of our pronunciation threads. Erewash Valley goes for "Az let" and remains one of the comparatively cheap cooked meats. Tongue which they almost used to throw away is now pricey. Pleased your restoring is nearing completion and snaps will be welcomed - and 'blogged' , because your restoration has captured our interest.

Nice chat to David this mornng and he sent me some family photographs including the School Dragon which I would love to blog, but hesitate because other parents might be huffy and I respect their position. He is now on holiday but Sky and Brooke aren't - one of the problems of living on the Notts/Derbys border.

Blood test in the morning and the Doctor as well, apart from that and Y's 'Nails' day we have nothing planned. Might go to The Cheesecake Shop for lunch, 'cos we always enjoy that. Sleep tight and a Magwitch free night all round.


Jill said...

I think it is a greenfinch, that yellow flash on the wing is a bit bright for a siskin? Pleased to see a young thrush, we rarely see thrushes nowadays, though we have had one reently which I have heard at day-break singing his heart out perched at the top of a conifer. I wonder where he goes in the day-time.....

I don't like that photo, however it was done.

Somebody please tell me what haslet actually is? I have heard of it, a long time ago, have never seen any round here for at least twenty years, and don't think I ever ate it when it was around. Tongue, I used to quite like it, until I decided to cook one at home - a whole one - by the time I had cut off all the gristle, skinned it and pressed it. I never wanted to see one again. I found the whole process revolting!

I have ordered a mini-chopper thing like Delia has, I don't have anything like that at all, and it looks as if it may be useful? Mail on Sunday costed her choc.cupcakes with mash, said they cost £11.00.

No signs of Magwitch tonight....

Reg said...

The Dancing Slipper was on Central Ave. and as RG says was over a garage. It was run by Bill Kinnell commonly known as Foo. I believe it was still going in the late 70's and later became a night club. What it is now I don't know. Must drive through West Bridgeford and have a look.We saw quite lot of Jazz names there, G. Melly ,Terry Lightfoot, George Chisholm, Chris Barber.Clinton Ford (Fanlight Fanny) Clinton Ford was great live with a tremedous charisma, he didn't make it really big, I don't think his looks helped him. he was not a good looker. George Chisholm played his trombone " its rubbish but its British Rubbish" We took our children that night as of course he was on childrens TV at the time. When we left early he fetched them up onto the stage to say good night. They were of course thrilled.We became quite good friends with most of The Alan Elsdon Band particularly Campbell Burnap who was from Belper. he used to sit in for Chris Barber when Barber when on holiday etc.
Most of my jazz LP's came from from Johnny Kite at the Slipper you can still see the marks from falling off the lorry.Did you feel his colar RG. Enough of the slpper ask me more in the pub one night.
Oh! Dear Rob I think Andrew L is booking David Butcher for next season.