Thursday, May 08, 2008

BJ day for Y - The Hutt for evening meal

The last Brodsworth Hall snap but this one does give you the feel of the place.

Apparently the object of the architecture and the interior was to impress guests with the family's opulence. But so much was faked - the staircase walls are not marble but painted plaster to give the effect of marble. The pillars are wooden or iron cores with a plaster covering made to look like stone etc., etc.

My membership of the Nat Trust is because I love fine architecture, works of art, statuary and all things beautiful. This place I'm afraid merely tweaked my socialist neurons.

Nostell Priory which followed was much, much better although I left the interior to Y. The link will let you have a short tour by clicking on the succession of pictures. But Adam interiors, Chippendale furniture for starters.

With my 'wheels' I managed a satisfactory walk round outside and not being one to let a 'tree-face' escape this one appealed. I can't be sure if it's Roland Rat peering out or a Hamster version of Munch's 'The Scream' (blogs passim).

At teatime I collected Y from Burton Joyce where she had had a good day. In the absence of Hannah the little ones had grandma all to themselves.

Picture 3 is the current situation in the nesting box. Apparently Mum or Dad are sitting constantly now relieving each other for meal-breaks.

What a snug fit the nest now is and there can't be many days to go before the chicks hatch. That will be an exciting event and I'll keep you informed.

At 8pm on Radio 4 I listened to a lovely programme about Bravo-November the grandma of all Chinook helicopters. The series 'It's My Story' is usually about people but this was an half-hour's gem.

Comments.....Bungus ..... My etymological dictionary has this to say :- vessel Look up vessel at
c.1303, "container," from O.Fr. vessel (Fr. vaisseau) from L. vascellum "small vase or urn," also "a ship," dim. of vasculum, itself a dim. of vas "vessel." Sense of "ship, boat" is found in Eng. c.1300. "The association between hollow utensils and boats appears in all languages" [Weekley]. Meaning "canal or duct of the body" (esp. for carrying blood) is attested from 1398.
So, as often we must thank Latin. Even so, a 'small' vessel is implied I think.

I did actually read most of your technical stuff about the reproduction of documents and found it fascinating. Aren't people clever at devising answers to problems. Quite apart I've always loved the architectural drawings which look like panoramic water-colours. Probably not much help to engineers and builders but impressive for clients I guess.

This folks is a Bungus drawing of the device he describes as used in his Architectural Practice

AnonymousRob ...... Although this s a family journal I think we can imagine the expletive that you deleted. It was like work, reading it, wasn't it.

Glad you enjoyed the video. I haven't had chance to watch the Candela one yet.

Jill .... Pleased you've had a go with Picasa. It is a great little tool. I'll come back to you with a separate e-mail but good for you for starting.

A good first tip is, when your pictures are on screen, in a folder which you have given a title to, left click a picture then go up to the very top lefthand corner, to 'file'. Left-click that and you will get a drop-down menu, half way down which you will see, 'Save a copy'. Left click that and a copy of your picture will appear in the same folder as the original. You can then experiment with all the functions, safe in the knowledge that your original print is safe.

I'm so glad that Bungus thought to mention it to you.

So glad the Katharine Whitehorn quote was spotted in different places. No quotation tonight but I'll find one for tomorrow.

..... Bit tired now. But I'll catch you tomorrow......................


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bungus said...

Sorry about my post yesterday under 'Blogger'. I was not seeking anonymity.

I am not sure whether RG blogged the unidentified red-eyed bird, but Jill knew about it; apparently it is a cock Dartford Warbler (and my bird expert saw 3).

Did anyone else catch the Humph tribute on Ch4 on Wed night? It was a repeat of a South Bank show from last year. I good biography but I would have liked another half hour at least with more music and “I’m Sorry…”.

I had a nice free dinner from the roadkill pheasant – and enough rich gravy left to slip a couple of sausages in and have with Yorkshire pud tonight.

I understand your annoyance at the falsity of the stately home. But this sort of thing has always gone on (did you know that Stonehenge is plaster on canvas on a wooden frame?).
One of my more disappointing memories, Stonehenge. Chag and I cycled on extra 12 miles (on top of ninety odd that day) on our way to Salisbury (from Bath?) to visit the site and it was so much less impressive (ie smaller; size does matter) than I expected. The best bit was actually lying down for a rest on the altar stone (allowed in 1950). The first glimpse of Salisbury cathedral spire was good though, but not as good as seeing Crownie Pit Tip on the last leg (we did some 1200 miles in 16 days).

Nostell Priory looks lavish. But, on this sort of thing, I’m with (I believe) Doctor Johnson, who said (I think) of The Giant’s causeway (or Niagara) “Worth seeing but not worth going to see”. Old interiors don’t impress me much.

I can see an echo of 'The Scream' in your tree.

I don’t know how many chicks Great Tits have. Blue tits have about a dozen, the number once sitting on our washing line upon fledging. An hour later they had all disappeared.

I’ll go with ‘vessel’ simply meaning a container or, in context, a ship.

I think the architectural drawings you refer to are ‘renderings’. At one time an application to the local authority had to be accompanied by 4 paper and one linen print, all rendered (this could be three day job for 3 people).
Things never mentioned in an architect’s office were ‘painting’ (it was ‘colouring) and ‘ruler’ (a scale).

No need, Rob, to retract your understandable expletive. I didn’t read a lot of it because I knew I wouldn’t understand most of it and the rest I probably already knew!.
Pleased you enjoyed Buena Vista Social Club. Your enthusiasm permeates your report.
“It was a night where, to paraphrase Max Boyce, you would say you were there even when you weren't”. Like the number of Americans at the Beatles’ Shea Stadium performance.
Nothing to do with it, but after Derby beat Charlton in the Cup Final (194?) I went, the following Saturday to see the same teams play a league match at the Baseball Ground. In both matches the ball burst (something I never saw happen elsewhere). I used to be able to name both teams as well as the actors who played the Magnificent Seven (can still do the latter).

Jill .... To email from Picasa; if you have Google Mail, click on the email button and then the Gmail panel. If you don’t have Gmail, try the ‘usual provider' panel.
Graham mentioned making copies. I don’t usually bother. Most of the ‘changes’ (eg Crop, I’m Feeling Lucky; which are the only ones I regularly use) can be revised or cancelled.