Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Brodsworth Hall and Nostell Priory - Nat Trust

Sorry for these short, rushed blogs (an improvement Y says) but today has been our first National Trust outing of the season. Then I had a problem downloading pictures.

The picture is the Nostell Priory Stable-Block and was taken just before we left. Our day involved Brodsworth Hall in the mornng followed by the afternoon at Nostell. A gorgeous day - the weather was best-english May and both places had lots of interest. By the time we arrived at Nostell Priory I decided to give the interior a miss and mooch about outside. Y said it was very interesting though.

There were rumblings about the coach (well deserved) it seemed to overheat inside, was old enough to still have ashtrays, the 53 seater when we had only ordered the 49 hence little legroom. The driver got badly lost (refusing to use his sat-nav) and he hadn't put out the customary plastic bags for rubbish. Nevertheless we decided not to let it spoil our day.

Comments..... Jill ...thank you for your praise for the cherry-tree at night, echoed by both Bungus and Rob. I took lots of pictures today so will have plenty to go at. How interesting about your Chiswick avenue of blossom. Y says you know quite a lot about Queen Mary.

I always go for the 'dd' in the middle of granddaughter etc., unhyphenated and so do the kids involved. If she hasn't fixed your photos do have a go with Picasa 2. It is a brilliant programme and a doddle to use. You can download it from that link. It's completely free and rarely suffers from problems. Not 'never' but 'seldom'.

Nice to have you back 'aboard' !

Bungus ..... Your creamed mushrooms does sound a little chive-y for my taste. Interesting about the traditional method of making toast. Until I was 14yrs I thought that to make toast you put the bread under the grill until it caught fire. Then you blew out the flames and took the result to the bin and scraped off the black - because that's how my mother did it every morning !!

I certainly didn't intend to belittle the 5th Duke's benign character. Perhaps you have heard June Ibbotson lecture. She is getting a little old now but is still a qualified bluebadge tutor/guide. If you haven't heard her, seize the opportunity if it occurs.

Really really good stuff about 'blueprints'. Please do similar for the diazo process which replaced it !

AnonymousRob ...... Thanks for the boat/ship research and I am sure that we all now have it. Where does the word 'vessel' fit in? Is a boat a vessel or does it imply ship?

I hope your concert-going proves rewarding. As it happens I managed to find the Buena Vista Social Club playing Chan Chan. I'll have a go at Sherman Robertson tomorrow.

Reading my Telegraph weekly arts-supplement I came across a very saucy quote :-

"Outside every thin girl is a fat man, trying to get in"

I'm surprised at a woman of her age etc., - She still writes a tidy column though.

Sleep tight. Catch you tomorrow.


bungus said...

Sandra came home with a road kill pheasant on Mon. I only hung it for a couple of days (because of the warm weather and flies). I didn’t try to pluck it etc; simply skinned it and claimed 1½ breasts and a leg which are now in the slow cooker with onions, garlic, bacon, mushrooms, red wine and Oxo for tonight’s dinner with potato & swede mash. Not very seasonal but I am sure I shall enjoy.

I’ll have a look at ‘diazo’ but must admit that the word means nothing to me yet.

I am sure there is a reference somewhere, probably in the Bible, to women as ‘vessels’. Generally I think it is anything you can put something in.
Which brings me nicely to the K Whitehorn quote. Strange that we should both spot it, and think it worth blogging, from different sources, on the same day!

Here’s a simple but satisfying crossword clue I just made up.
“Players the French keep inside the walls” (6)

and a quote:
“Men are those creatures with two legs and eight hands,”
Marylin Monroe (poor, sad girl)

bungus said...

This may clarify things!

Diazo refers to a type of organic compound that has two linked nitrogen (azo) compounds. The general formula is R2C=N2. The simplest example of a diazo compound is diazomethane. The electronic structure of diazo compounds involves a positive charge on the central nitrogen and negative charge distributed between the terminal nitrogen and the carbon. Some of the most stable diazo compounds are α-diazoketones and α-diazoesters since the negative charge is delocalized into the carbonyl. In contrast, most alkyldiazo compounds are explosive.
Diazo compounds are used as precursors to carbenes, which are generated by thermolysis or photolysis, for example in the Wolff rearrangement. They are also used in transition metal-catalyzed cyclopropanation reactions for example in a synthesis of tranylcypromine [1] [2] in scheme 1 [1] in which the sodium salt of benzaldehyde tosyl hydrazone is converted to a rhodium metal carbene through the diazo intermediate.

An unusual biomolecule sporting a diazo group was synthesized in 2006 with in its final stage the reaction of a carbonyl group with the hydrazine 1,2-bis(tert-butyldimethylsilyl)hydrazine to the hydrazone followed by reaction with the periodinane difluoroiodobenzene to the diazo compound [3] [4]

Another commercially relevant diazocompound is Ethyl diazoacetate N2CHCOOEt.

blogger said...

On the other hand the following Wikipedia extract sounds very much like the machine we had at Diamond Redfern in the late 60s.
However, when I started work as a pupil at Warner & Dean, I spent about half my working day, for two years, using the precursor to this sophisticated machine.

If you can imagine, in the cellar we had a six foot long glass cylinder (dia approx2'6") split along its length and pulled apart. Each half of the cylinder had a canvas sheet hanging from it. Tracing and print paper were placed against the glass and the canvas pulled tight to hold them in place. A powerful electric lamp (two carbon rods with their ends about half an inch apart) was then winched along the split between the half cylinders, and released to travel back. The speed (and therefore exposure) was contolled by gravity, using weights on the cord pulling the lamp.
The paper having been exposed, we then removed it and, using a sponge, applied the ammonia liquid which gradually revealed the black lines on the tracing. It was then spread out to dry.

From Wikipedia:

The process starts with original documents (those that needed to be reproduced) that have been created on a translucent media. Such media included polyester films (1980s), vellums (1970s - 1980s), linens (1930s - 1970s), and translucent bond papers (bonds.) Any media that allowed some quantity of light to pass through typically worked well as a master, and the duration of time for which the master would ultimately be required to be maintained largely determined the particular choice of media material. Depending on the thickness of the master and the media type, the intensity of the UV exposure light (see below) was adjusted through an intensity knob that had typically been pre-marked for all the typical media types that were used for masters in any particular duplication shop. Similarly, the speed control (for setting the speed at which the sheets would be pulled through the machine) were likewise typically pre-marked in any particular duplication shop, having been optimized based on trial runs conducted previously.
The original document was laid on top of the chemically-coated side of a sheet of the diazo paper, which was retrieved from a light-protected flat file, and the two sheets were fed into the diazo-duplicator, being pulled into the machine by rotating rubber friction wheels, rotating at the speed set previously. There were two chambers inside the machine. The first was the exposure area, where the sandwich of the two sheets (the master and the diazo paper) passed in front of an ultraviolet lamp. Ultraviolet light penetrated through the original and neutralized the light sensitive diazonium salt in the areas on the sheet that would soon become the white areas on the copy where it penetrated (ie. where there were no drawing or image marks on the master.) Once this process was complete, the undeveloped image could often be seen in very light yellow or white marks/lines on the diazo sheet. This step completed the exposure phase.
In the next phase, the master (the original) was peeled from the diazo paper, as the sandwich of master and diazo came slowly out of the machine, and only the diazo sheet (not the original) was then re-introduced into the machine into the developing chamber, it too being pulled in by friction rubber wheels pulling on the diazo paper to set a fixed total exposure time. In the developing chamber, fumes of ammonium hydroxide were introduced to create an extremely alkaline environment. Under these conditions, the azodyes (couplers) reacted with the remaining diazonium salt and underwent a chemical reaction that resulted in the coupler lines changing colour from invisible (or yellow) to a visible dark colour. The range of colours for the lines that resulted was usually blue or black but sepia (a brownish hue) was also quite popular. In engineering offices, when making multiple copies of an original for a team of design reviewers to each have their own blueline copy, no more than 4 or 5 copies could typically be made at any one time, due to the rapid build-up of very strong ammonia fumes, even with ventilation fans running full-tilt in the duplication room. A slight delay, of perhaps 5 minutes, was often required for the ammonia fumes to subside enough to permit making additional blueline copies. If one was not happy with the lightness of the lines, it was also possible to run the blueline through the developing chamber once more, which often increased the contrast of the lines relative to the base media. Likewise, if one was not paying particular close attention, the master and the diazo print could BOTH go through the developing chamber; if this occurred, one simply peeled the master from the diazo paper, and ran the diazo sheet through the developer once more, to develop the lines over the full span of the blueline copy.
Diazo printing was considered to be one of the most economically viable methods of document reproduction of large engineering-type drawings until environmental and health safety concerns of working in close proximity to ammonia over long periods of time forced the migration to xerography during the mid-1980s.
A quirk of diazo blueline prints was that with continued exposure to ultraviolet light, either from natural sunlight or from typical office fluorescent lighting, a blueline copy would fade over a span of months (in an office environment) or over just days (if outdoors) to total illegibility. Hence, blueline drawings that were used as engineering working copy prints had to be protected when not in use, and stored in flat files in the dark. Incandescent lighting was also often used in working areas where the blueline engineering prints were needed to be posted on a wall continuously for long periods of times, and rapid fading was not an acceptable option. This fading process also meant that repeat duplication business would have to occur every few months in a typical office environment, for the duration of any engineering project using blueline copies.
Elaborate color-coding schemes were somewhat standardized in each engineering shop for indicating changes to blueline drawings. Revision control was done in contrasting color on the bluelines, for example red markup of a blueprint copy by the engineer, then yellow markup on the copy by the draftsman who implemented the changes on the original drawing, then brown markup by the checker, on a check-print (a brown-line). Finally, the architect or engineer, draftsman, checker and supervisor would sign the original drawing, thus making it a legal document.
An alternative revision control scheme was to use red-lines to indicate additions; yellow-lines to indicate deletions, and green-line tracings to check (i.e., to confirm connectivities or whatever, or to add notes to draftsmen for how to make corrections), on copies of blue-line prints that were under engineering control.
In whatever scheme was standardized in each shop, these coloured lines were written on the blue-line drawing using coloured pencils. Once the modification process was complete, the red-lined blueline prints would be taken to document control, where the original master would be modified to reflect the changes made during the engineering process. New blueline prints would then be made of the modified master, and the process continued, until upon completion of the project, the master with all changes incorporated, and final authorizing signatures affixed, would be archived into a vault, protected against theft, fire, and flooding.

You did ask!

anonymousrob said...

*[expletive deleted]*


anonymousrob said...

Many thanks, RG, for the video of the Buena Vista Social Club. Chan Chan is a great number but, in terms of last night's performance there is a better video. It's the one where they do Candela. The only reason for that is that it features a few members of the band who are still there, ie Guajiro Mirabel (trumpet), Cachaito Lopez (double bass), Barbarito Torres (laud or lute), Manuel Galban (guitar), Aguaje Ramos (trombone) and Filiberto Sanchez (drums; he's the one with the dark hair and glasses).

Last night was a real treat. It was a night where, to paraphrase Max Boyce, you would say you were there even when you weren't. They were excellent throughout and got a well-deserved standing ovation.

Both Cachaito and Guajiro were born in 1933 and are still going strong. Wiki has lots of good information about the Buena Vista Social Club and some of its members.

The expletive deleted was meant to be complimentary about all the diazo information.


Jill said...

All that scientific stuff is beyond me, I'mm just a simple girl at heart. I nearly included the Katherine Whitehorn quote in the comments, then decided 'perhaps not'.

I downloaded PICASA, lovely having all my pictures accessible, thanks to both G and Bungus,and I have printed some off, but am having trouble e-mailing them, have e-mailed G for help.....

Anonymous said...

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five. Focus on getting a better credit score. This does not only lower your car insurance high quality. A great credit rating also retains your finances in ideal form because you obtain a lots of benefits by it, like a deal associated with low interest. Your credit rating is the measure of just how responsible you are. The company rationalizes that the more responsible individual poses much less risk and thus worth a lower high quality. six. When possible, go with only one insurance provider. If you buy all of your insurance policy policies'"such since vehicle, property owners, etc . '"from one insurance provider, then you will almost certainly be provided the lower price. Like multi-line discount can get rid of off ten percent through the total superior. kamagra problemy nine. Look for a low cost for the teen car owner. If you want your child to drive, after that be ready for a greater car insurance premium. However , you can minimize this by looking to get a good-student lower price. Addititionally there is one more discount if your teenager undergoes a training course upon secure driving. Question your insurance professional how better to lower your superior whilst maintaining your child driver covered. viagra pigulki Private insurance coverage any of such stuff that people possibly enjoy or even hate. It can be an actually useful gadget once you require it. Yet once in a while it would appear that if you're shelling out a lot of money and not acquiring everything in exchange. viagra sprawdzona

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8. Select a cost-effective automobile. Sports activities vehicles plus huge SUVs are extremely costly to make sure. Generally, smaller sized cars along with higher security rankings are usually cheap to ensure. Examples of vehicles that are relatively inexpensive in order to insure are usually Ford Edge SE, Honda Odyssey EX-L, Hyundai Tuscon GL, Jeep grand cherokee 2012 Laredo, plus Kia Sportage. viagra w domu The benefit of studying on the internet will be, you will find most insurance providers in 1 location : you can visit the websites of the insurers to know different types of insurance coverage items they offer, the particular top features of each item, software process, high quality for different companies so on. Thus, you will find existence plus non-life insurance items along with differing beliefs, with functions like accident/disability riders, and so forth uzyteczne zrodlo Damage to your home brought on by globe movementsincluding earthquakes, landslides, and sinkholesare not a part of a standard plan. Other than within California, you can buy earthquake insurance plan to go using the typical protection offered by your own house owners insurance policy. Sprawdz swoj URL

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Insurance regarding deficits incurred simply by acts of warincluding chemical attacks, civil battle, plus nuclear waris impossible. Right after 9/11, the particular Terrorism Danger Insurance plan Work of 2002 enables industrial insurance coverage in the event of terrorist attacks. However , there is absolutely no comparative home insurance coverage. do mojego bloga Take Steps to Reduce Your Superior: Inne Bonusy Although the laws relating to canine attacks differ by condition, home insurance policies possibly provide little protection or any insurance for doggy attacks. For property proprietors who have an intense doggy or a doggie from the breed with the reputation of being intense (pit half truths, Doberman, etc . ), home insurance policies are also less likely to provide coverage. Because lawsuits concerning doggie hits are typical, any kind of property owner with a doggie ought to be certain to comprehend exactly what his / her home insurance policy addresses. Dowiedz sie wiecej tutaj

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Where are you able to purchase PLPD Auto insurance? Because of technology as well as the rise of the web buying cheap PLPD insurance coverage is never much easier. Evaluating prices and shopping around used to be a problem. It involved making many calls plus talking to a half dozen product sales repetitions and insurance firms. Obviously you also had to pay attention to every sales person put in their two cents and make the sales pitch. Fortunately, instances have transformed and you also know lengthier have to do points the old-fashioned method. You can now compare quotes and also buy PLPD car insurance from the comfort of your home. If it is your own goal to find the least expensive price possible for PLPD insurance policy I suggest checking the web plus visiting an online insurance comparison web site. These sites can make your life easy. They will question a person some easy questions the squat code as well as the kind of automobile you drive. After you have provided this information the particular comparison site will provide you with a listing of the particular service providers in your go program code with all the minimum prices. Once you have simplified down your selection you can full your estimate with all the provider of the choice plus finalize your own buy online or using a live life representative. viagra w pracy With the amount of ads about different programs plus plans everywhere, it could get difficult to comprehend exactly what it will be that's right for you. Yet understanding the greatest plan for means that you need to understand exactly what insurance coverage is. What exactly is it that you need to learn about life insurance? Life insurance coverage is, extremely simply, an awareness in your way on the path to the life insurance company: a person agree to pay out a specific amount to the company every month as well as the firm agrees to pay the particular sum total to your household or nominee right after your own dying. At the end of the day, you will get the satisfaction that the household is going to be at least economically safe should something occur to a person. Different businesses provide you with different insurance coverage programs. Some plans might be term programs '" that is for any set number of years; as well as others might be living programs '" that is, until the day you expire. Every plan demands you to definitely pay out reduced for that policy which you buy. You might have the choice of paying out the premium with a yearly schedule as well '" which can help you save the trouble of regular reminders. cialis skuteczne second . Be mindful when generating and stick to visitors guidelines. This is actually the most reliable technique to get a lower vehicle insurance plan premium. Numerous insurance companies reduced the car high quality regarding policyholders who can proceed 3 years with out assigning just one visitors infringement. No speeding violations plus traffic accidents on your own driving background can help you save as much as 5 percent in your high quality. przydatne strony