Saturday, May 10, 2008

Weekend Off - Kitchen Floor - still warm

In her comment Jill was sorry there were no bluebells in the sunny bit in yesterday's woodland.

Sorry Jill; and by way of recompense here are some bluebells at Renishaw Hall, even though last years.

From e-mails it seems that Jill has suceeded with Picasa and has also, with Bungus's help, set up a googlemail account. She won't regret it; it's a brilliant system.

Before we leave the subject, this is a link to some of Jill's Cruise photographs - I don't like to overburden her by telling her how to do it, so I did it. But she will soon learn. As elsewhere, a left click on a picture should open an enlargement. They are very interesting and, in particular, the new style building work on top of older structures, looks fascinating architecturally. She mentioned it earlier and, as I recall, Bungus expressed concerns about the foundations.

I don't usually like formally laid out garden beds but these at Brodsworth, against the backdrop of mature trees and topiary, did have a certain charm. Rather like a vivid and skilful piece of graffiti on a boring council wall.

On Tuesday morning we are having the kitchen floor recovered and there was a problem of getting up and disposing of the old flo-tex. Angel Karen zoomed in at 10.45am, clutching a stanley-knife. She ripped it up, put it in her car and took it to the tip - and then stopped to buy for us an old fashioned mop and bucket plus flash. She had done the whole job including mopping down the bare kitchen floor and by 12,30pm she had gone. Bless her!

Comments...... Bungus ..... Thanks for your kind words re picture. I think that, up to a few days ago, we still had wood anemones. One of my favourites, wild garlic, is abundant and I love shuffling through it just for the cooking smell.

You were spot-on with the food at The Hutt and in anycase I was not in my best humour, being preoccupied with some minor Nat Trst problem.

I agree absolutely with the case for selective deafness. There is a marvellous piece in one of Philip Larkin's letters to Barbara Pym where he reports that his hearing aid is broken. He then says "I have decided to leave it a fortnight before having it repaired".

Jill ....... In Picasa whenever you upload photos to it, you are invited to give the 'folder' a name. Picasa will give it a date etc. It is a good idea to do this because your photos are then easy to find.

Today we also had our first Jersey Royals, from Morrisons, and they were delicious. I took the trouble to scrape them because I firmly believe that this brings out the flavour. I'm not a fan of just washing them and boiling them in their skins.

After much messing-about I succeeded with the yarnstorm blog. When I tried to open your link all I got was a 404 error. It is to become a website rather than a blog I see! The tulips are as you say, glorious!

It is late - past my bedtime in fact. Sleep tight everybody.

....... AnonymousRob sent me this delightful smiley. He is away caravanning by the way.



bungus said...

Jill’s picture 5 frightens me. But I have never believed that buildings aren’t going to collapse!

Sorry, but I think the powerful flower colours spoil your Brodsworth picture

Pleased to hear that your kitchen floor is to be recovered. Who stole it?

I too like wild garlic, which we have in Wellow Woods, although I do not recall using it for culinary purposes.

Jill .......
When downloading from camera to Picasa, a 'folder' is simply each tiny collection of pictures. You have to give it a name in order to save the pics. And check that the date is correct; it can sometimes go back a year or two!
I don’t know how folders make pics easy to find though; I still have to trawl through all to find anything.

I have not had a good Jersey Royal for a couple of years. As you suggests they have changed shape and lost flavour (I’ll bet it was King Edward did it). I found Maris Peer were far better than Jerseys last year and those we had the other day were delicious. I prefer the skins left on.

In the 60s, a pub in Farnsfield, which had a number of shooters for customers, used to make rook pie, but always with equal quantities of rook and beef. I never tasted it but would like to.
I have skinned, gutted and eaten squirrel. It tastes like rabbit but is tougher. I understand that shops in north Yorkshire are now selling it as a delicacy.

Jill said...

Thank you for the new bluebell picture - I remember having a very similar jigsaw puzzle like that as a child, where some of the pieces were recognisable shapes, like an anchor, anybody else remember those? I have got a new one like this, of the Queen in her coronation robes, made by a company called 'Whimsies'.

I like the bright colours in the formal garden, but then I would, wouldn't I? I don't do subtle (in case you hadn't noticed....).

Thanks for the 'folders' info, Bungus.

In my photos, they are two different swimming pools on the ship, there were actually three but when we went to look for it we couldn't find it, swear they moved things round every night.

It's been hot and sunny here all day, but we have had a series of domestic crise which meant we couldn't take advantage. The light fused in the bathroom, new bulbs just popped too, R had to take the whole fitment down and do a lot of work. Then my car wouldn't start, had to call RAC, they took R off to have new battery fitted, came home, and the garage electronic door fell off.... We are hoping that is the three things and there won't be any more....