Thursday, May 29, 2008

Burton Joyce Day - The Sun shone !

From WoW at Colliers Wood. They say you have to have a dash of red in a picture, so ....................!

This and Picture 2 are just to prove we've had a few minutes of sunshine. I just hope that AnonymousRob wasn't in a darkened place when it happened.

Y was at Burton Joyce today and I collected her at teatime. There was no School so she had a lovely time with everyone.

Nice to welcome Hannah and Fantastic Five back to the blog and I definitely consider you should continue with yours Hannah. You don't have to do a post each day, or even each week, for that matter. And it is a super record of your daily life. Congratulations on what you have done so far.

Picture 2 is yet more Irises. I don't know the variety in this case but they are in a boggy bit of border and always do well.

Comments.... Jill .... I'm not sure if Colliers Wood always means there was once a Colliery, any more than that Newcastle Avenue leads to Newcastle. But, probably so, I would have thought.

Very interesting notes about Cuba. So many people have so many different opinions about the place. I shall have to go and see for myself.

The wall (see yesterday) would be mproved by plants growing over the top. At the moment it just looks stark and forbidding and not at all in keeping with Brinsley.

Bungus ......The trees (Tuesday's blog) must indeed have been foreshortened, because they are on the other side of the road. Not deliberate. I just wanted to show the patch of limnanthus.

Thank you very much for the info. on the life of Emile Chacun (with or without, his son with gout). I think the world is waiting for this and you should create a Wiki-page.

With everybody in agreement about the sun - as Auberon Waugh famously said about that other Sun -"Where else would we turn for moral guidance in these troubled times ?", Revolutions, Beryl Cook and Haiku, there is little that I need to add.

Reg ..... Apologies for misquoting you and thanks for clearing up the Cornish Pasty position. People need to know these things.

AnonymousRob..... Hannah (Fantastic Five) already has her own blog ! She is only 10 (nearly 11) and previously had chums helping her, but apparently no longer. So the 2 people, is she and her Dad. She does 'post' here from time to time but fully accepts that it is designed for an older readership. i.e she finds most of it boring.

And thanks for the Cuba stuff. I can only speak for me but I don't find it in the least rambling. Edge of seat etc... waiting to hear about Gilberto.

Malcom Y. Pense was paid peanuts not to think ill of people !

I think you are right about your Cuban Haiku !

Quotation time ................... From Gulliver's travels.....

"He had been eight years upon a project for extracting sunbeams out of cucumbers, which were to be put into phials hermetically sealed, and let out to warm the air in raw inclement summers"

We have visitors coming for the weekend, people coming for meals, Y going walking with Joan and Chris plus guests, etc., etc.,........ So blogging may be intermittent or not at all. Sleep tight. Hope to catch you tomorrow.

.... Coffee, radio, - not finished the Telgraph crossword for days! Still not fully in tune with the new compilers.



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bungus said...

A beautiful day until 6 pm when it rained quite heavily here.

If you need a blog-topical red in a picture, how about Che?

Nice Irises.
Is it just me or are things blossoming more profusely this year? Certainly I am sure I have never seen so much wisteria ever before.

My dictionary gives 2 definitions for collier
1) a coal miner
2) a ship for transporting coal.
I think the latter is more likely to be Jill’s.

If you can delay going to Cuba for a year I might well accompany you. It is one of a few places I would very much like to see.
I particularly look forward to the Cornish pasties.

Thanks for clearing up the problem of the trees in your photo.

Hannah is quite right to find fogey talk boring! But I look forward to her occasional contributions.

I like the Gulliver quote; it is not dated in the slightest.


My favourite capital (of the only four I've seen!) was Tripoli, Libya, pre Ghadaffi (1957/58). Beautiful, cheap, lovely people. The other three are Paris 1947 in a heat wave (I only ate peaches but swam across the Seine and back); Oslo 1951 with a Norwegian girlfriend, impressive and romantic; London which I do not like at all.

Not too difficult to find anti-Bush propaganda for the Cubans.
Even though I have a son who has lived in Florida since he was 15 (now 40) and a GI bride aunty and her smashing husband (both in their nineties) in Oregon, I’m with the Canadians.
Please do post a Cuba story every day or so.

I believe that Malcolm Yeovil Pense (he has an English mother) was a very distant cousin of Chacun, probably by marriage. Apparently he thought little of his remote relative.

I think the magician was scared off the eroticism by Amanda Holden’s comments – I wish they had been allowed to finish with another glimpse of the lady’s string.
I thought it the best semi-final by far with five good acts – no quarrel with the winner but my second to go through would have been the Andrews Sisters tribute act. The Hoola Hoopers were terrific too and I think the young singer who chose the wrong song was also worth a place in the final rather than the Karate Boys.
Another good night tonight. And probably the right result (certainly in the case of the winner).

Cuba - poverty stricken
communist heaven
With old Yankee cars

You must have heard the story of Che at a top level strategic meeting immediately after the revolution.
Castro asked “We need a minister of finance. Do we have an economist present?”
Che put up his hand and was elected.
Only later did he admit that he thought the question was “Do we have any communists present?”