Friday, May 16, 2008

Y off to Palmers Green - miserable damp/grey/drizzly day

Jill - no need to worry about Steve's garden not being child-friendly - it is. The bit above, between the steps and the house, is the football pitch, sand-pit, wendy-house etc., general recreation area. Close scrutiny of the enlargement will in fact reveal a small child in red making her exit off-stage left, on a bicycle......... And for Lou's reassurance - Yes ! they do have some help in it.

Picture 2 is back to WoW at Crich. It is one of my unashamed, uncloned-out cables and untampered with, record-shots. Not camera-club worthy but blog-worthy - to let people see where I have been.

No need even for a clever, clever title. There are road-signs and pub-names in the picture itself to give you a clue.

Y set off this morning for Palmer's Green, to do even more 'grannying'. She is so much looking forward to seeing the girls, and being a help to Debra. Debra has been really supportive about our new National Trust roles and thinks I should stand for the chairmanship next year and her Mum should continue as secretary. Her view is that it would be a waste of our (mine and Y's) brains and capabilities not to.

House-viewers visited this afternoon and seemed quite interested. But I dare hardly utter. We are certainly not going to get excited.

Picture 3, as you can see, is a cyanotype of the cherry-blossom about a week ago. It has shed nearly all it's petals, but it has been delightful.

I think I have missed out though on a snap of a cowslip. Seeing so many made me think that I should have a record-shot - but by the time I had decided to go out with a suitable camera/lens and actually look for one, they had finished.

Comments......Jill...... Not all of Steve's garden is formal. Yesterday's picture was the sunken Victorian Garden created last year by Long Tall Sally and her Polish Henchmen. There's plenty of play areas and flowers and trees but it is big and without hiring a hot-air balloon it is difficult to get it all in.

Ah yes! Slop-bowl etiquette. Grandma used to pour about a tablespoonful of tea into it from the tea-pot before filling anyone's tea-cup. She said that first bit was far too weak. Then, if people had a second cup she would gently swill out the bottom of their cup with water from the hot-water jug and tip that in the slop-bowl too.

And don't apologize for re-donning your woolly vest. I don't think we have got round to not wearing them yet. And we put the heating on for an hour this morning ! Mind you, as you probably realise, this far north we still need our snow-shoes until lunch-time.

AnonymousRob...... I'm with Bungus. Your writing is excellent - well put together and witty with it. And most importantly, - fun to read.

The group of ramblers you saw would undoubtedly be Y and friends. I mentioned the Misk because I thought I had seen it mentioned in the outline of the walk. This is what it said :-

Wednesday 14th May at 6.45pm- DOB PARK & MISK HILLS -5½ miles, 2½ hours - A circular walk from Hucknall Market Place, taking in Misk Hills, Dob Park and former spoil heaps of Linby Colliery now forming a pleasant vista at its summit. For more details call 07719 827808. -Leader - :Chris Thompson, Market Place.

Not knowing the time you saw them, it's hard to know which stage they had reached.

Your Brian Clough 'first and last caps' story reminded me of a glorious Dr Johnson put down. Some aspiring writer had submitted something for the great man's approval. Johnson replied - "Your essay is both good and original. Unfortunately that which is original is not good, while that which is good is not original."

Louceecreations....... Thanks for your comment. We 'bloggers' must stick together.


We managed a little shopping en route to dropping Y off at the tram. Before it started to drizzle I sorted out the bird-feeders and put water in the bird-bath.

Hope Bungus isn't poorly.

Quotation time...... Don't need to get a book out even, for this one:-

"The force that through the green fuse drives the flower,
Drives my green age,
That blasts the roots of trees is my destroyer"

The link, under his name, is a link to a Youtube of him reading something else. If Bungus is a little off colour, or busy, he will enjoy it. I'm running ahead of schedule tonight - not due to ring Y for half an hour and I've finished mi' blog.

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bungus said...

I simply did not undersatnd the 'blog reading advice'

Pleased to say that I am not ill.
Friday was hospital appointment day (not chemo) but, although not particular stressful, I did not feel like doing anything when I got home.
I was picked up at 11.10 (having been ready since 9.30) and delivered, at City, spot on my appointment time of 11.40. But I went to have blood taken before going to the Oncology Surgery which made me 15 minutes late.
No disadvantage to that; I was in consultation by 12.15 and this time saw the boss man. He gave me a good poking and apparently found nothing amiss. My ‘heart attack’ had gone unreported but I was reassured.
I had an hour’s wait for transport and arrived home via Bingham (to deliver another patient) at 3.00.
I have now finished with the chemo tablets and am hoping to be correct in thinking that the continuing drip will be less enervating. I am told that I can become more sociable as infection is less of a risk.

It strikes me (but probably no one else) as odd that you seem to despise clever, clever titles for photos but like the little cartoons which you put at the end of your blog. I am certainly not suggesting that you stop doing so, but they do little for me as a rule. In fact they are yet another (minor) irritation!

I think if you follow Debra’s plan re NT, it could result in other members seeing at as a ‘takeover’. This belief has led me to take very much a (committee member) back seat at the Community Workshop.

Surprisingly, knowing my mother’s regard for etiquette, I have no recollection of slop bowls. At the other end of the scale, I recall several people pouring hot tea into their saucer to cool, and drinking from it.

Scale can be very deceptive. Is 1/12 the Hornby Dublo scale? The Hornby loco I had was the larger one which was probably 1/4 or 1/6 scale.

If they were plaintiles there seems little point, unless they knew they were going to run out, in starting with the stone slabs.

"Dip yer bred in’ is also used in The Mansfield area to mean ‘Take full advantage…’ but it seems, to me, logical that it derives from leaving nothing on the plate.

From Radio Nottm homepage Tursday:
A police spokesman said the man who fired the shot fled the scene and a police dog was released to chase him.
"Unfortunately the dog has gone after (and bitten) the intended victim - it was an unfortunate mistake really."

I too prefer the ‘cottage’ garden to the formal.
And daffodils in rows are actually offensive whereas, in spreads, they are impressively lovely, as someone else noticed.
I have never had a woolly vest but I am tending to spend all day wearing a fleece jacket.
I agree about WC Fields being miserable but, like Tony Hancock, he was funny (even when he was wrong).

I had never before heard the great Brian Clough on Larry Lloyd quip. I am sure there have been other ‘one-cappers’ since (the Charlton left back who, having done nothing wrong, was immediately dropped, for instance)?

Reg said...

Hornby Dublo Scale is (wait for it) 4mm =1foot This gives a rail gauge of 16.5mm, (0.649") a scale of
1:76.25 If you had a larger loco it was most probably Gauge 0 which is
7mm equals 1 foot or a gauge of 1.25 inch 31.75mm
Not teaching an architect to suck eggs but you will realise that a 1/12 scale dolls house is 1"= 1 foot i.e. a 6' 6" door would be 6 1/2 inches high I know it seems large but dolls houses are unless they are the other regular scale 1/24th in which case of course the door would be 3 1/4" No idea were the model railway gauges came from 16.5mm as nearly 5/8" which is approx half that of Gauge 0 At least model Aircraft builders generally stick to scales like 1/4 1/5 etc i.e. 1/4 scale gives a 36' Spitfire a 9' wingspan. Quite small by modern standards.You will know doubt remember the solid wooden scale models which were 1/72 scale nearly spot on for Dublo railways.
Glad to hear you are getting good vibes from the medics.

Did you get a blogging break written into your new contract
Hope you didn't lose any redundency rights by changing employers.