Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sorry ! No blog today !

Guests left some time ago - so Sorry ! No blog today ! (sounds abit Kiplingesque)

Lovely comments will be answered tomorrow. Sleep tight RG



bungus said...

On radio Nottingham this morning they have been discussing driving off with something on the roof of the car.
The first time I did this was perhaps twenty years ago, when we were going away to Norfolk for the weekend. I had loaded the bags and put 2 pairs of my shoes (one pair brand new) on the roof. I was then distracted. As Sandra was not ready to leave, I decided to take the dog, in the car, for a short walk.
When I got back the shoes had gone. But we called in at a shoe shop in Boston where they had an identical pair to the new ones in their sale. They are my favourite pair of shoes ever, which I still wear, although not on a daily basis as I did for ten years or more.

The second time was some five years ago when I had just purchased varifocal glasses for the first time. For some strange reason, I put those on the car roof.
I then drove out of our drive, remembered, stopped, got out of the car only to see the front wheel of an articulated lorry go over the glasses. I picked them up, straightened them a little, and put them on before going back in the house where Sandra said “Is there something wrong with your glasses?”

An irritation:
At least one of the Radio Nottm announcers/presenters always pronounces a ‘shed load’ as a ‘shedload’, which, in the north of the county at least, means a large amount (the contents of an overstuffed shed); ie, “I’ve got a shedload of stuff to take to the tip”.

I give you 18/20 for your most recent blog comment; the best so far in my view; pithy and acute.
And don’t forget that Madonna’s great great great great great granny was painted by Leonardo. Didn’t he play for Italy?

I think it must have been Tilapia?
pronounced /təˌlɑpiə/) is the common name for nearly a hundred species of cichlid fishes from the tilapiine cichlid tribe. Tilapias inhabit a variety of fresh and, less commonly, brackish water habitats from shallow streams and ponds through to rivers, lakes, and estuaries. Most tilapias are omnivorous with a preference for soft aquatic vegetation and detritus. They have historically been of major importance in artisanal fishing in Africa and the Levant, and are of increasing importance in aquaculture around the world (see tilapia in aquaculture). Where tilapia have been deliberately or accidentally introduced, they have frequently become problematic invasive species (see tilapia as exotic species).
My fish supplier (Mr James) belives it is the only fish that will be available in 20 years time as it is undemanding, easy to rear, , and free from disease (so far!).
I thought it all right but rather tasteless (the French no doubt like it, as it demands a sauce).

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bungus for all the info about the fish. I have never seen what a whole one looks like, but I have now looked it up. I agree it hasn't got a lot of taste, I checked the menus (we got copies to take home)and it came with a choice of two, a basil/tomato or a lemon/butter, I had the lemon and it was fine. But it does want something - Ro wanted HP or Dad's brown sauce (he'll cover everything with that given the chance)but they don't have that in the posh restaurant!

Jill said...

I don't know why I came up as anonymous....