Friday, May 09, 2008

Shopping - cut back hedge - mostly Rest Day

Apart from routine shopping, Lidl and Morrisons, a fairly quiet day.

We both tackled back-ache inducing garden jobs but after a lie down we were fine.

Picture 1 is another AnonymousRob Cyanotype and I think subject and treatment synchronise well ! At least 17 out of 20, and I might go higher depending on the opposition. If I felt the need to cavil, it would be about the lack of sharpness round the upper edge of the leaf.

Unfortunately my over vivid imagination sees an unfurled city gent's umbrella. It looks as if it was plucked straight out of Richard Dadd's 'Fairy feller's Master-stroke'.

If you open the link, in the right hand bottom corner of the Wiki-page is a reproduction of the Fairy Feller. An unfortunately drab repro. though. The actual painting is flamboyantly colourful and jumps out at you. So dissatisfied am I that I googled another link, this one is better, but still doesn't do it justice.

Picture 2 is a woodland glade, anywhere in England, in early May. From a photographer's viewpoint though there is always a lot less light about than you expect. Unless you lug a tripod around with you, you have to either crank up your ISO to 400 +, or suffer from camera-shake. You can, of course, buy one of these vibration-reduction lenses but they aren't cheap.

Comments.....Bungus .... I didn't even notice your change of pseudonym to 'blogger'. Your comments are instantly recognisable.

Although I personally am often attracted to the odd bit of road-kill - pheasant, partridge or even deer, Y draws the line !

The 'architect's office' material was very interesting, as are the inside details of all professions. Whenever in the future I pause to admire one of those panoramic paintings I shall speak authoritatively of the 'rendering'.

How unlike you to admit to skim reading something ! I do it all the time, hence my propensity for forgetting things I have to do.

Jill ...... Hope you are having a Picasa-dabble. I haven't forgotten I am to e-mail you about it with a little further input. By the way 'delete' is easy, left-click the picture and then use the delete key on your keyboard. Or 'right-click' the picture and click 'delete' from the drop-down menu that appears.

Quotation.......Rather sad this, but probably true :-

"England, you had better go,
There is nothing else that you ought to do,
You lump of survival value, you are too slow."

Another nice day forecast tomorrow. If we go out I feel some water would be attractive. Perhaps Attenborough Nature Reserve. Sleep tight.



bungus said...

I like, in different ways, both Robs blueleaf photo and your woodland scene.
I missed my favourite woodland flower this year, ie, wood anenome.

Nothing like Stevie Smith to cheer you up!

As you didn't mention the food at The Hutt, I presume it was undistinguished.
We had lamb steaks (on the tough side but fatless so the flavour was OK. Unfortunately tmine was too tough for my poor mouth to deal with. But with them we had some of the best new potatoes I have ever tasted; I ate the last six with just onion sauce. They were Maris Peer from Netto. I recall they were very good last year too.

Yesterday on the news I heard 'cyclone in Burma' as 'psycho in Bermondsey'. What a wonderful thing deafness can be (when it is not being a bloody irritant).

On the new last night was a baby hedgehog, upside down clutching a 50p piece (showing him to be about 4" long). What a good idea!

Watched the full Jules Holland 'Later' last night and was just as impressed with the Fratellis and Robert Plant/Alison Krauss as earlier in the week.

Jill said...

I liked the leaf picture, would have liked some bluebells in the sunny section of the woodland glade....

Thank you for info re deleting things, I now have an invitation to join Google Mail thanks to Bungus, will have a play around later on. I don't know much - well, anything - about folders but it sounds A Good Idea to have some sort of back-up.

We had M & S jersey royal new potatoes, not bad, not much flavour, didn't they used always to be kidney-shaped? We have a lamb joint tomorrow - boned leg, hope it is tender. If it comes to a choice of tender versus flavour, think I would go for tender and make a good sauce/gravy!

Could not fancy road-kill, I'm with Yvonne on this. One of the worst things we ate during the war was Rook Pie - it was utterly revolting, made by my mother (who was a good cook) with rook breasts from local farmer.

Jill said...

To see some glorious photos of tulips, go to http://yarnstorm, and scroll down to Field of dreams - Holland.