Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lumsdale with EPS - evening walk

A short 'bloggette' to which I may return. A sepia for Jill because the subject is so oldie-worldie.

Another very busy day and we haven't been in long. More follows >>>>>>>



Jill said...

Thanks for the sepia - it now looks like an old postcard?

I await a further instalment....

Anonymous said...

A nice sepia photo but I think it would benefit from a couple of old codgers (can you thinkl of anybody?)in smocks and floppy hats with their moleskin britches tied with string beneath the knee in altercation beneath and just to the right of the window.

bungus said...

Previous anon was me.


I am fascinated by your views of your working conditions: it is so long since I was employed (early redundancy at 58 with a tiny private pension and, since then, only a bit of part time car parking at Rufford, from which I was compulsoraly retired at 65). I had no wish to do architectural work and, until I reached 65, we managed just as well on benefit as I had in my last 6 or 7 years of employment on the Community Programme. Our needs are minimal and Sandra prefers a minimum 50 hour week of voluntary work preferable to working for money. She is convinced, with good reason, that volunteers generally put in more effective effort than paid employees.
I find your comments quite nostalgic. Keep on moaning please.

i am no fan of the haiku but think you handle it very well.

On balance the best team
won but I don't much care;
so there you are then....