Friday, May 02, 2008

Quiet Catch-up Day - EPS last night

When I collected Y from BJ on Thursday I was able to capture a picture of the bird-box with the nesting great-tits therein, which has been the source of so much excitement.

Unfortunately Hannah had gone to her dancing-class so I missed her verbatim account. The wire (upper-right) leads from the internal webcam to the telly and Picture 2 is what appears.

The fuzziness is due to me, handholding the Casio without flash, in an attempt to take a picture of the television screen.

It conveys the general idea though. Apparently when the parent leaves the nest he/she more-or-less covers the eggs with feathers. You can, just about, see one egg just above centre of the snap.

Rather like Reg (whose long lens frightens away low-flying aircraft when he wants a picture) during my time sitting waiting neither of the parents returned. As Lisa said "As soon as you've gone they will be back".

It will be good when the eggs hatch. and I must ask Steve, or Hannah or Miles for that matter, whether there's a 'record' facility ? because a link to a video may be possible.

I'm assuming from the picture on the right, from the bridge webcam of the Cunard Queen Victoria. that Jill and Ro have returned. Hope you both had a good time and we are looking forward to hearing all about it. And a couple of 'guest pictures' for the blog would be welcome.

The EPS Presentation Night was a great success. An excellent turnout and although Paul Alexander almost cornered the market for awards, there were others. AnonymousElaine, and Andrew, and one of our teenage young ladies, and Mike all won prizes.

Rob showed us a photo-book of their Cuba holiday which had been quite beautifully produced by the Aldi online photo-service. You lay out the pictures in one of their templates as you want them to appear and a hardback glossy book around 10 x 8, with 64? pages is the result. The finished product looks completely professional and would make an excellent Xmas or Birthday present, or simply for one's own use as a pleasant hand-roundable record.

Our local Lord Mayor awarded the prizes, a good photographer himself and he said all the right things about the quality of the Exhibition. A slight 'downer' was the quality of the images as projected. . Several people commented on the problems and it does seem as if the projector needs a tweak for optimum performance. Nevertheless it was an excellent evening which Y enjoyed. Although she actually knows quite a lot of the people it was nice for her to meet more. At one stage she and Julian (Helen's husband) were deep in an academic sounding discussion on Jane Austen. And no quips please about "What sort of photos did she take then?" We had a super little corner with Rob and Elaine, Peter and Louise Clarke, and to our left Helen and Julian. Y did the circulating bit and had good chats with loads of people and I did my best.

Helen has more or less recovered from her dental-surgery and her face seemed quite normal; I don't know if it's still painful though.

Comments......Bungus ..... As with Marmite, one either loves or hates tulips. Y is a lover Joan is a hater. A very good photographer John Blakemore got a whole book of tulip pictures published and jolly good they are too

LouCeeCreations Thank you very much for your comment and Y and I certainly enjoyed the event. I've already visited your blog and left you a 'comment' - I love the design aspect. You are now 'bookmarked' for future visits.

AnonymousRob .......The eulogy to Humpf is well worth the 'listen again' treatment. So many people whose opinions I respect, thought so highly of him.

...... I'm glad you didn't let the absence of the blog deter you. We would have become quite out of sync without the City Hospital report. And I agree with Rob. Show me a taxi driver who rings customers up, twice, and I will show you the traditional airborne pig. You'll have to tie coloured balloons on the front hedge. That seems to be the in thing.

Your return journey does sound scary. I hope the driver's unused left hand was not holding a fag, just to complete the picture.

I loved the Sam Goldwyn quote..... but top of my list of mixed metaphors is Bill Deedes' ......

"We will burn that bridge when we get to it"

AnonymousRob....... I think you are quite right about the projector - several people commented.

No doubt when you read this you will have returned from your caravan holiday at Tansley and Reg's in junction to stay away from Lumsdale will be too late.

I'm keeping well away from the Sports Desk but no doubt tomorrow Y will have read the reports and may have opinions to offer.

n.b. I seem to have lost my cursor. So if you see it wandering around please e-mail it back.

Since Rob's tutorial I've been messing about in cyanotype country and I think the results are fun. An example will be published tomorrow.

........ Sleep tight and I'll catch you tomorrow..................


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bungus said...

No comment on the whitish underside leaves info? You do lose interst quickly, you butterfly, you!

Great tits are handsome.
The egg in b&w is interesting but not dramatically so!
I am sure the birds did come back immediately you had left.

I too look forward to Jill’s return to the blog.

Rob’s photobook does sound interesting. If I can get my head round it I might have ago. As a matter of interest, I wonder what it costs?
Not really a LORD Mayor, surely? Where is he mayor of? I must know these things.

I like the Marmite/tulip analogy.
Abundance of tulips is one of the three things that I know about Holland. The others are that they live underwater and wear wooden shoes to kick-start the windmills.

It wasn’t a taxi driver who phoned me twice; it was a hospital voluntary driver.
The return trip taxi driver's unused left hand was resting on his thigh for 98% of the journey. It would have course have been even more scary had it been resting on mine.

Bill Deedes' quote appreciated.
I have come across some interesting quotes about marriage. Not surprisingly, they are all anonymous. Eg:
“My husband and I divorced over religious differences. He thought he was God, and
I didn’t”.

Sports Desk:
In football, I think all that remains, now that County are just safe and Stags are down, is:
Chelsea or Man U for the Premiership title.
Chelsea or Man U for the European Cup.
Who goes down from the Premiership.
Can Forest go up to the Championship.

I saw your curser yesterday. He said “What is the bloody silly bugger on about?”

I am, as you suggest, intrigued by your deleted comment. If it is not defamatory to me, perhaps you would e-mail it? I love controversy and have waged a constant battle for over 20 years with our Community Newspaper, trying to sneak things in under the fence with about 75 degrees of success.
My first boss was always referred to as ‘The Guv’nor’. He was neither a police inspector nor a master criminal.

Radio Nottinhgham advise setting alarms for 6.00 o’clock tomorrow morning to hear the best dawn chorus of the year.