Thursday, May 15, 2008

Y at Burton Joyce - Me messing-about

I decided on a play with my Sigma 10-20mm and it is a super lens. This is just sitting on the end of my bed and snapping the view from my window.

Picture 2 is from sitting on the wall, nearly at the bottom of Steve's garden at Burton Joyce. You can see where the money is in our family? Proud of him though, he's done well and he works so hard. The lad is shortly off to see the Normandy beaches (Omaha in particular) which he is interested in. We got him a good book about it from Amazon and as he is going with chums I'm sure he will have a great time. Hope he brings a few snaps back.

Y had a great time today at BJ doing her granny bit and aren't kids amazing. When she fetches Millicent from Windmill they have a set walk with rituals, walking on walls, posting stones through holes in fences etc., and one important one was to pause and look at a poster for a 'lost cat'. It wasn't there this morning. The cat has either returned or the 0wners have given up. Millicent stopped and looked at the empty spot on the fence and said "Cat gone" - she's only three !

Ray had sent a photo of Dylan who has now started nursery, so I sent him one back of Millicent feeding the ducks at Attenborough.

After collecting Y we decided to eat at The Old Spot again, and again it was fine. 3 times as good as The Hutt and less than half the price. But when we arrived home we were both far too tired to contemplate the EPS get-together at The Foresters. We want to go, it's just that, on Thursdays, 9pm is a little late.

While on buildings the picture on the right is Sky and Brooke's 'Dolls House'. It is apparently 1/12th scale which means it is a 1/12th of the size of the real house (it doesn't actually look big enough to me - but I'm way out of my depth here). They are apparently built to standard scales and the link there is rather charming. It makes purchasing or collecting furniture fairly straightforward.

Comments..... Bungus .... Thanks for the 'roofing' info. If, as I believe, pantiles are the wavy ones that fit over each other, the answer is No ! These were just ordinary tiles - not modern but they didn't seem as old as the stone-slabs.

I enjoyed 'wheelie well'. Glad you are going to have a poke about in Picasa. Re: gravy. In my part of the world "Dip yer bred in" was used as a general phrase to mean "Take full advantage of something on offer".

Also glad that you enjoyed 'Fern Hill'. Dylan could certainly be obscure but, over the years I have found, occasionally something which was difficult has become easier.

Jill ..... The Richard Burton reading of Under Milkwood is generally viewed as the 'classic'. When I went into hospital once Y bought me the George Martin version with Anthony Hopkins as Captain Cat and Bonnie Tyler as Polly Garter. That was excellent too. Dylan himself describes it as 'A play for voices' and it was actually written for the radio. So your theatre version was quite kosher.

Your Fortnum & Mason's tea sounds wonderful. All that lovely paraphernalia. My Gran not only insisted on sugar tongs but also a slop-basin !

The building shown yesterday (Grade 1 listed) is no longer lived in but used as workshops.

Sleep tight folks. Catch you tomorrow......



Jill said...

Are you sure that you haven't muddled up your photos and that Steve's house is not actually one of a NT property? What a garden! I assume he has a lot of help. But is there a less formal bit for the children to play. kick a ball about, build a treehouse, have a campfire etc.? This is what they used to do in our garden, it has taken years to eradicate the scars! To be honest I am not a fan of formal gardens, where are all the flowers in this one, all the colours? But it looks a loely property, I love he two levels and the steps down. What was it like when he bought the house, was the framework of the garden already there? Did he always want a garden like this? It's the sort of garden our gardener would love, I had to stop him planting things in lines, I like clumps.

We had a slop bowl yesterday too! Your Gran would have loved it.

It's got quite cold here, and very wet - but the garden is loving it, and I am back in my woolly vest (not a pretty sight).

anonymousrob said...

I can't quite remember what I have been doing since Monday as I'm only just recovering from the shock of getting an 18 out of 20 for a piece of my writing. I think the highest mark I ever got at school for an essay was 14. Thank you Bungus.

I do recall that, on Wed evening Little Denis (or Den) came round so I could put some items on Ebay for him. He had a bid on one of them within half an hour.

In an attempt to clarify my employment situation, I do have an employer, I do get paid, I do as little work as possible.

Bungus, as well as Madonna and Leonardo, what about Socrates? Brillant Greek philosopher and brilliant Brazilian footballer. How did he manage that? A Brian Clough story has just come to mind, though I have no idea why. He once said Larry Lloyd was the only player to earn two England caps from one international - his first and his last.

On Wed evening, on the way home from Tesco's, we saw a group of 20-30 ramblers on the outskirts of Hucknall. I wonder if Y was one of them? But they were on the Linby road walking away from Linby towards the International Clothing Centre (as was). I think that's the wrong side of Hucknall for Misk Hills. They were all striding out very purposefully, anyway.


LouCeeCreations said...

What a beautiful garden your son has, but oh my! where does one find time to take care of it! Pete does all our gardening, he wishes I would help him sometimes as it really is too much work for one, unfortunately for him, gardening is not for me... crafting is!