Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another quiet day of mixed weather

I can't now get the 'photomerge' bit of my new programme to work, to produce a panorama. In the old one I had finally worked out how to do it - and now they've changed it ! The instructions in my Scott Kelby book are clear and precise but ............ !

Being a resourceful man however I picked one of my laburnum shots, copied it and flipped it horizontally. Put them side by side as above and it looks as if we've got a rather posh laburnum arch. Trouble is, if you click it to get an enlargement you will get one or the other, not both at the same time. Tried RAW again and yes, I can see a difference, but they are such big files and take ages to load and deal with. I really do want to do it right, like the big boys, but I think that for my type of pictures, the blog etc., I'm sticking to JPEGs. The circumstances might arise where I see a really super picture before me and I'll click over to RAW, but not day to day.

The picture at the left is abit of a mystery and I would welcome your input. The Orchid (just now fading after months of loyal service) shows several of the florets with their backs to you.

Bright idea ! Photograph it in front of a mirror and the flowers showing their reverse will be visible.

And it has worked to a certain extent hasn't it ?

But why does the reflection of the stem seem to protrude over the wooden frame of the mirror ? An interesting effect, but I haven't a clue how I did it. I give you my word that I haven't manipulated the image, apart from a crop and brighten.

When I spoke to David this morning he told me a lovely story about Brooke. Apparently next door's cat has become a nuisance, wandering in whenever it gets the chance. David just happened to have to hand a lightweight fibre-glass riding crop with a whacking device at one end and a tassel at the other. David grasped the crop intending to give the cat a polite whack to encourage it to leave. Brooke said she would like to deal with it and David passed the crop over, a little fearful that Brooke might be too heavy-handed. Not so ! She held the crop with the tassel on the floor just in front of the cat and wiggled it about until the cat chased it - right out of the door ! Gentle Brooke. A classic example of carrot or stick !

It will be nice to have Y back tomorrow. She will be tired, but happy tired. And I shall have to tidy up, and get dressed and things like that. My feet have enjoyed the no-sock scenario though. What a slob I would be left to myself.

Comments..... Jill.... The advice wasn't intended as purple gobbledegook but as advice to new blog readers. Here is the proper version - New readers ...... Pleased to learn of some new readers and the following notes may be helpful.
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I reduced the size of the font to 'smallest' and obviously '' didn't like it. The colour of your conker tree is indeed a lovely shade, if I'm thinking of the right one. And I've noticed that the white candles always seem first, followed by the pinks and reds........ The gypsies are still here, in fact I think there are two more today. A few minutes ago the Police Helicopter came and hovered over the football field. Perhaps they are planning to napalm them.

Crossword. I got 'Leicester' and never even thought 'Newcastle'. As Rob points out 'Leicester' was her No.1 chap. And why should a New castle be her favourite?

Re NT we shall just have to wait and see. Bungus makes some good points and no doubt a few people would resent a husband/wife team as priniciple officers. But that doesn't mean they would be prepared to serve on the committee and do a little work ! Twas ever thus.

Bungus ..... As you will see in the reply to Jill, the blog-reading advice should have read thus.

Notwithstanding 'problerms' I would really like to see Laxton and I will ring you later in the week, when Y is back and has contacted Joan. I don't think this week is possible anyway. But we can sort it.

I thought 'nepotism' meant favouring ones neices or nephews which I think it once did. But I've checked and your usage is perfectly sound.

The 'poetic form' whose name escaped you is the Villanelle. In fact Wikipedia cites the Dylan poem as an example. A difficult form to carry off smoothly but, of course, Dylan did it with brilliance. And Yes! Kathy is good. And still reads her stuff at all sorts of live events.

AnonymousRob....... How rotten about Elaine's tyre. Looking on the bright side though, it was no doubt cheaper than a coin scratch all the way down the side. Still nasty though to know you have those sort of people around.

You are right about the cyanotype blossom tree. I shall continue to experiment. One problem seems to be persuading greens to go blue everything else is not too difficult. You have shown me how to do it, so it just needs more effort.

Re slop-bowl. Wikipedia only has a stub about the matter. WebFetch only really wanted to tell where to find one on e-bay.


Quotation time ...... This amsed me when I first read it ages ago. If I've previously used it on the blog it tends to prove the point :-

"Why is it that our memory is good enough to retain the least triviality that happens to us, and yet not good enough to recollect how often we have told it to the same person ?"

I think we would have enjoyed an hour with him in the 'salon'.

Sleep tight, hope to catch you tomorrow, and - with a special dispensation from Bungus.......



Roy said...

I think I might have found the way in this time.
I think what you are looking at is not a refection but the second stem of the plant. If you follow it up from the pot it appears to be in front of the mirror.

bungus said...

Having felt rough over the weekend, I managed to mow most of top lawn today and cut bits off the apple tree to save eyes. I also went to Netto). I think coming off the pills is starting to have an effect!

I cannot make an arch from the laburnum but there you are!

Like Roy, I think the part of the orchid that protrudes over the frame is, in fact, the main stem of the plant itself! Its reflection is just to the right.

NT. You are quite right about the people who complain not being willing to serve themselves. The most common moan is, “THEY ought to do something about it”.

No rush for Laxton. It will still be there next month!

Indeed it is a Villanelle. I knew you would save me from looking it up. I think the reason Wikipedia and everyone else cites the Dylan poem is because it is almost the ONLY good example (apart from Kathy’s).

The quote is amusing and perceptive. I think he might be good company in the saloon too.

Sorry to hear about Elaine’s car. What do people get out of such behaviour. It must be sheer envy on top of anger over a bad hand that society may have dealt them.

Thanks for explaining the Newcastle/ Leicester clue.

Yes, Portsmouth just deserved it but Cardiff gave them the runaround, esp in the first half.
I thought Leeds have done very well but a letter in the Observer pointed out that having gone into administration they were given a big advantage. They were able to keep the money from selling David Healy which allowed them to spend £750,000 on 20 new players. And they have only got to the play-offs by borrowing Dougie Freedman from Palace.
Donnie, who have done remarkably well since regaining league status (come on, you Stags) spent £0 on players this season.

What can one say about the behaviour of the Rangers fans? I’ll bet some of them slash tyres. But where do they find the money to go to matches? (£1500 min, ie, without accommodation, is a figure I have heard for Man U and Chelsea fans to go to Russia for the Final)

I believe the Trevor Francis story.
I remember the televised presntation of 'Young Player of the Year Award' by Clough, to Francis. Cloughy's first words, "Take your hands out of your pockets, young man."
And it was Brian Clough, of course, who, when at Derby, told Collins, “Oh, by the way, your playing for Forest next Saturday”

anonymousrob said...

I'm writing (typing?) this comment on the new laptop so I'm sure you will see the difference in my comments. All being well CS3 should arrive tomorrow and a dongle from 3 (our mobile phone provider). All of which means I/we should be able to play with some photos and keep up with the blog next weekend whilst we're bank holidaying in the caravan. Isn't technology wonderful - when it works.

I hadn't realised the benefits of going into administration. Thanks, Bungus, for your input pn that. I now feel I can go back to being a stereotypical ManU supporter and hate Leeds. "We all hate Leeds and Leeds and Leeds" (repeated ad nauseum). Come on you Donnies!

Elaine says she likes the train. No more solitary blogging with this laptop.

It did briefly cross my mind that the poetry method Dylan might have employed was haiku (?spelling). I haven't heard of Villanelle though I have heard of Villeneuve. I believe haiku is difficult to do well, as well.

That laburnum has taken on some scary qualities in the centre where the join is. Fascinating.

My work colleague and I have been told today that, after the bank holiday, we shall have to sit at desks in the general office instead of the private cubby-hole where we are currently located. This may cause serious interruption to my blogging activity and nifty googling. However, I intend to employ my creativity to get around the problem.

Elaine collected her new motor vehicle today, a Nissan X-trail which will be more suitable for posing as well as towing the caravan. When she decided to buy it she told one male customer in the pub where she works and 3 days later every customer knew about it. She was very surprised that men gossip so much. I told her we are much worse than women in that respect (and many others as well).

Vive la Difference, vive la femme!


Jill said...

I couldn't come up with a laburnum arch either. Interesting photo of orchid - how long have you had it? The one we were gifted (horrid American expression) for GWedding is going fine nearly 2 months on, all the little tight green buds have come out.

I am sure you are glad to have Y back, hope she is not too tired. It's been perishing cold down here today, heating is on.

Friend has been to Lake District and brought me back a slab of Kendal Mint Cake - it is hard as rock, we had to take a tack hammer to it. Has that changed too, haven't had any for about 30 years, but I don't remember it as being as hard as this. It's well within the sell-by date.

Liked the quote.