Sunday, April 29, 2007

Woodthorpe Park -15C - TJ's for lunch

Picture 1 is from yesterday's Canal walk and I suspect that I have shown you this bridge before. It was suggested then that a figure walking under the bridge would be beneficial.

So Y helpfully walked under it for me.

I'm afraid I have an irrational love of bridges. Like cans of WD40 and quotation dictionaries. As you can see, it was a gorgeous day and very warm in spite of a fairly stiff breeze. The towpath though, is usually well sheltered from the most common winds.

Had a nice chat with David this morning but the caravan-club site they were intending to stay at in around 4 weeks time have contacted them to say that the heated outdoor swimming pool is closed for re-furbishment till June. As the pool was a big reason for deciding to go there, they have decided to go somewhere else. They were expecting house-viewers at lunchtime so I hope things went well.

Today we went to TJ's for lunch and to look after Millicent while Steve and Lisa went with the older children for Steve's birthday lunch in a Japanese Restaurant we know. It is always quite exciting with lots of flames and chefs brandishing machetes and things while they cook your meal at a bar in front of you. Miles, who is usually faddy, ate extremely well and the occasion was much enjoyed by all. Tracy had cooked us a super lunch after which we took Millicent over to Woodthorpe Park and on the top of the hill the wind ( a 26km/h North Easterly) really left us in no doubt that it is still April.

Further down in the park teenage lads were doing proper things like playing cricket and arguing whether it was out or not.

In the Saturday Telegraph Review section there was a piece about Kurt Vonnegut entitled "God bless you Mr Vonnegut". The author must have been reading my blog because I invented that little conceit the day after he died. Mind you, she had no doubt also read his "God bless you Mr Rosewater" and reached her decision quite inependently.

Like Madeline I've hardly visited WUforms for weeks. But I've not had flu as she has; I've just not had the time. I feel bad about it because they have all been such a great help to me that I feel a debt of loyalty.

Even now I have loads of reading to do; loads of pictures to process, and much radio to catch up on. I missed Garrison Keillor this morning so I shall use the bbc's wonderful system which allows you to 'listen again' to anything you might have missed.

I think that is all for this evening. Hope you all have a good night.


bungus said...

I recognised the bridge view immediately and I do think the figure is a very subtle improvement. Absolutely no need to be ‘in-your-face’.

Madeline said...

Nice pictures! I like the bit about the teenage boys playing cricket, very normal. If one believed everything that's said in the various media, one could be forgiven for assuming that all teenage boys are either gun-toting or knife-wielding thugs! I think that most teenagers are pretty nice people, but we only ever get to hear about the tiresome ones, unfortunately.
I'm glad that you mentioned quotations in your latest Blog. I don't think I ever told you about a brainwave one of your Blogs late last year gave me! I was trying to think of a "surprise" present to give Chris for Christmas last year and you mentioned your book of quotations one day. That was it! I got him the "Oxford Dictionary of Quotations" and he was thrilled to bits with it. He writes in his spare time, so loves anything to do with the English language - Fowler is another stalwart of his. So far, he's had 2 short stories published, a great encouragement. Thanks (belatedly) for giving me one of my better ideas!