Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cooler and a bit Dull - Old Faithful Geyser - Yellowstone

Relaxed morning. Weekend-Off again you see. For lunch I cooked English Spring Lamb chops with potato/swede/chives mashed with butter. Carrots, mange-tout peas. Fresh mint sauce, and gravy. And for pudding Y did butterscotch Angel Delight. OOo-er ! Delicious.

As I'm trying to do a walk most days, however short, after a sit, we nipped out and did a short piece the other side of the canal. Picture 1 is where one leaves the Nottingham Canal to access Great Northern Boat Basin, the entrance to which is in the foreground on the left. All in all I walked maybe a 1/4 mile but I feel it is doing me good.

Reg e-mailed me to tell me that Thursday's impressive lecturer was Ray Brammall and not as I had it. It was easy to edit the appropriate page but a silly mistake to make. I had taken it from my diary note and I should have checked the programme. Reg's machine at the moment cannot download PanoramaPlus. I'm sure it will yield eventually; also he tried to leave me a 'comment' about the above but it kept telling him he needs a password. The 'comments' system is tricky and he isn't the first to have trouble.

Before leaving blog-matters I've tried all ways to open Jill's knitting blog, Yarnstorm, but all I get is a 404 error message. I'm sure that we shall solve it though because I'm keen to see these lovely bright colours that Bungus will hate. Via David we now have a link please click to the Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park. The webcam is refreshed every 6 seconds so, if you are patient enough, you will sooner or later see it do its famous spout.

Picture 2 is of a very nice chap who was, as you can see, welding some plates at the side of the Canal. He was kind enough to allow me to take some pictures. The white/blue of the tip of a welding rod is virtually impossible not to burn-out but I am quite pleased with the result. I even got a few sparks. Please note the more muted colours. Before I adjusted my settings, his orange overalls would have been far too garish and I hope you can take my word that the actual colour is reproduced accurately.

When I described Lesley as 'President of The Hanging Committee' it was my attempt at a humourous link to the Royal Academy. She is of course the Exhibition Secretary and a very good one too.

My search for interesting add-ons for my Google Homepage led me to Photo of the minute which looks good fun. All sorts of photographs and the page is refreshed every 60 seconds so there is always something new to look at. Mind you I've just seen one of some candy-floss water which I heartily dislike. Rather like the current habit of saying 'gifted to....' when what is meant is 'given to...' Not to worry I'm sure it will pass like 'at this moment in time' for 'now'. Later this afternoon we watched 'Never mind about the Full Stops' which was excellent again. The half-hour programme seemed like about 10 minutes, a sure sign one is enjoying it.

.....Must catch up on some reading. I'm glad the Michael Jackson 'dancing' smiley was so popular.

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bungus said...

Not too impressed with Old Faithfull. As the Yorkshireman said about Niagara Falls: “Ah can see nowt t’stop it.” The colours are nice though (as are the overalls).

re blog comments: if Reg's problem is what i think it might be, all that one has to do is
1) click on 'comment' at the bottom of the day's blog;
2) type in one's comment in the box which appears (or, as I do, type it in 'Word' then copy and paste;
3) click on 'other';
4) insert a 'name' (eg, Reg); and
5) click on 'publish your comment'.
Or have I missed the point?