Thursday, January 18, 2007

Very stormy - Burton Joyce - Camera Club

Picture 1 is the beginning of the stairs at Bromley House and you can probably understand my reluctance when I amd no too good. But as I said yesterday, there is now a good quality chair, with arms, half way up and just out of view round corner 2.

Having to take the ascent steadily though, isn't without compensation because of the beauty of the staircase, which can be savoured. It is original, from 1812 and the risers of each stair are not carpetted but studded.

Some years ago each member was invited to fund the renovation of a baluster.

We always joke that ours is second from the top (please see Picture 2). I thought of highlighting it in PhotoShop but decided against it. The weather is worryingly bad and in some parts there are gusts of 90mph. It must be 70+mph here because fences are down. Part of the trellis in the rear garden, and the fence at the bottom of the garden, which unfortunately is ours and not the neighbour's. The M1 is closed between Nottingham and Sheffield because of blown-over lorries. Lets just hope there isn't loss of life. A bit of damage is inconsequential. I hope the roof doesn't go though!

After taking Y to Burton Joyce my day has consisted of some computer problems. I decided that the weather just was too bad for her to tram and bus it. Firefox had developed the annoying habit of opening in an e-mail page where I had discarded the letter - but the heading was reluctant to leave. Sorted in the end and I won't bore you with the details. Likewise with Photoshop's refusal to allow me to 'open with' by right-clicking a picture. One of Amateur Photographer forum's old-hands pointed me in the right directions with that one. I don't know how I would cope without the help from people on forums. And it is nice nowadays, occasionally to be able to help someone who is trying to deal with a problem that I was helped to solve a year ago. The degree of mutual support in computer matters is noteworthy!

Then I printed my pictures for this evening's monthly competition at the Camera Club. One 'portrait' (and I'm not very good with people pictures) and one 'open' (for which I have done yet another misty sunrise). At least I've printed them and done the mounts myself, and I'm pleased with them. I'll tell you tomorrow how I got on.

I've just rung Alex and he will come and look at the fences one day next week. No point in him coming to fix them before some settled weather, without gales, arrives. He says the wind is also very bad at Ollerton.

Derek has just been round and he says it is reputedly going to abate at 9pm. Can't wait.

...catch you tomorrow.


bungus said...

When I think of staircases I always recall the handrail at Sisson & Parkers. Although I seldom went in the shop I felt deeply offended when Waterstones had it removed. It was so wide that to slide down it would have necessarily been a side-saddle operation.

Windy here in Ollerton too. Stephanie said that on the way back from Nottingham on the A614 she was held up in traffic and the wind actually lifted her car off the road momentarily. But no major damage locally so far as I am aware.
A friend in Radcliffe is waiting to have a 10 metre eucalyptus taken down – perhaps he need wait no longer. I’ll phone him in the morning.

You do seem to get yourself in some fixes, computerwise. But you are always pushing the boundaries, unlike me. I work very much within self-imposed boundaries and on a need-to-know basis and I don’t need-to-know much. Not that I am problem free as you are aware!

Alex sounds a useful fellow to know.
If you don’t fear that I will poach him, perhaps you will let me have his phone number?

bungus said...

A couple of days ago you used the word 'cogs' to indicate 'the establishment of a right of possession or use'. In Mansfield it would have been 'bags' or 'baggsie'.