Wednesday, January 17, 2007

9C - Brommers - Serenissima !

This is a shot of the interior of Bromley House Subscription Library, our private club in the centre of town. And alhough I haven't been for some years (stairs problem) I was made so welcome and taken through into the office to meet the new librarian.

When I joined 20+ years ago the membership was restricted to 380 and you had to wait for someone to leave or die. The latter was the most likely. Then you had to provide 2 references, 1 from an existing member, and if you were approved you were allowed to buy ONE share in the library, for £30 and then you were in! We've loved it ever since. And I coped with the stairs, albeit slowly, and thoughtfully a large comfy chair has been sited halfway up. All the windows at the top of the picture overlook the Market Square and I wanted a picture for Brian. When I saw his prints from the glass negatives, circa the turn of the century (the last one that is, not the one we have just traversed) they looked as if the photographer had been either in Bromley House itself, or very close. When we meet tomorrow we shall be able to see. I'll warn you in advance "they are better photographs than mine!" It will be interesting to have a close look at roof lines, and the older buildings, to see what has survived.

The picture has been converted to black & white for ease of comparison.

Obviously the Council House is a different one but if you imagine the current one without the tower and dome, it occupies roughly the same sort of space.

There just isn't enough hours in the day is there? While I was messing-about at Brommers Y went to Lakeland to get Sky a book-chair. Unfortunately they were a Xmas item and had sold out almost immediately. The assistant helpfully checked on the net and found two in their Chester store. Y said she would have both of them, but a telephone call to that branch revealed they had just sold them! The assistant said to try again, perhaps in Setember. I decided to drop Sky a note to explain, because I don't want to be 'a grandad who doesn't keep promises' and checked first with Helen if Sky can cope with joined up writing? She is only just 8 and a month after all, but her mum said she was v.good with joined-up but preferred it upright rather than sloping.

After Bromley House it was round the corner to The New Mechanics for lunch, followed by our new WEA class about Venice. Same tutor as 'Holbein to Hockney' and within 20 minutes we were captivated. Especially when he said it was a breeze to fly from East Midlands and accommodation was cheap. He plans to cover the architecture, music and theatre as well as the Art. I know abit about the art but zilch about the rest. He started with a tour of Venice, courtesy of Canaletto. And sitting in my new position, facing the screen, I have been promoted to forward/back - button-operator on the projector A new career is opening out before me. I knew 2007 would be the year. A wise decision to get there early because we got just the seats we wanted.

The home via Morrisons for fresh bread. The sourdough bloomer is a joy. I know how to bake sourdough bread, but life is too short. A welcome sit-down when we got home and then loads of cups of tea and Y made me a superdooper sandwich with the bread and some haslet, with a salad garnish.

...Didn't manage to load Y's MP3 but I will tomorrow or Friday. See ya.

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bungus said...

Just a PS to yesterday’s blog and Joan.
I have always understood that colds are not caught by exposure but are the result of a virus transmitted from another person: ie, More likely to catch cold in centrally heated premises than in a shepherd’s hut . Personal ‘past experience’ (is there any other sort? Isn’t it the opposite of ‘forward planning’?) indicates this to be so.
That does not mean I am unsympathetic. Where something comes from does not make it any more or less painful and uncomfortable and misery making.

Jill's assumption is right: the Ceefax 888 ‘Chinese Whispers’ effect can be amusing, occasionally hilarious. Just remember it needs to be a live broadcast.