Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tracy Visit - Galley - Arternoon Kip

Busy but rewarding morning in the 'galley' see Picture 1. You can't see it all because I don't possess a wideangle lens. But Bungus sent me two pictures side-by-side as a 'collage', presumably Picasa-ed and I might try that soon. He knows I'm never above filching other people's ideas.

If you are worried about what seems to be part of a carrot on the edge of the sink, relax - it's the handle of the Wilko scissors. And I didn't aim to cook it anyway.

Picture 2 is some more festive cheer. Y erected the tree this morning while I was messing about cooking. There was a major worry - she couldn't find the fairy that goes on the top! And we seem to have had her for so long, bravely suffering the top of a Xmas tree stuck up her skirt each year. She was eventually found, and I was permitted a few strands of 'lammetta'. It gets less every year because Y doesn't like it, but it wouldn't look like her tree without it. Y would favour one of the elegant white jobs like David and Helen have in their conservatory.

The shoulder-of-lamb was a great success. Served with roast potatoes. mashed potatoes ('cos TJ loves 'em), carrots, spring greens, yorkshire puddings, and some beautiful french-shallots I spotted in Lidl, lashings of rich lamb gravy (started from scratch - no granules today) and mint sauce. Followed by raspberry cheesecake, then cheese board and biscuits. Some oatie-ones and just 2 other varieties that looked interesting - all smashing. The selections - Jacobs 'Biscuits for Cheese' sort of thing, are bland and boring - in my humble opinion.

After our leisurely lunch I decided on an afternoon kip, confident in the knowledge that Tracy and her mum would find something to talk about. I didn't stay long, under an hour, and got up raring to go. So I had a chat with Tracy till she left to go over to Burton Joyce, her next stop. Then I sorted my pictures and started my blog. Early this morning I had sent some Jackie Lawson e-cards, and had a look at some forums. I spoke to David and they are all OK. But he is having trouble with blogger.comments and word verification. I hope he will persevere though because it would be lovely to have some from him. John rang and all seems well with them. Alannah has a Saturday job in John Lewis fashion. John says that the firm seem to recoup most of her wages instantly. Bless her.

Must just mention one more foodie item. A discovery in Lidl - their Paté de foie gras de Canarde. In their SUCCéS Gourmand range (the accent should be 'grave' rather than 'acute' but I don't know how to do it). It comes in a small red-labelled tin with ring pulls at each end and is quite delicious. It is unashamedly ELABORE EN FRANCE. Well worth a try, if you are a paté fan and have a Lidl.

Catch you tomorrow........................


Jill said...

We had lamb today too, this was a boned leg from M & S, Romney Marsh Lamb. Not tried before, but will definitely have again, it was delicious. Do you not find Shoulder of Lamb rather fatty? We had roast potatoes, cauliflower, runner beans, carrots and brussel sprouts with ours, along with mint sauce. Rice pudding (home -made of course) to follow.

I have put up our fibre-optic-changing-colour Xmas tree, in spite of a lot of opposition from family. I LIKE it.

bungus said...

I wasn’t sure whether it was supposed to say galley, gallery, 'allery or allergy. The ‘carrot’ didn’t worry me as much as what I took to be a new wood-burning stove which turns out to be a waste bin.
The collage idea might well work; I shall be interested to see it.

I have no idea what ‘lammetta’ is although it could be an Italian mini motor bike. Sandra went off the traditional decorations some time ago and, having failed to obtain a white or silver tree, persuaded a gift shop in Edwinstowe to sell her their own sort of window decoration in the form of a twig tree which we have used the past couple of years and presumably will this year too. We have white lights on it with a contro;panel giving a choice of static or several on/off or fade-out/fade-in variations The only problem is that it grabs at you as you pass – a bit like the bramble thicket in Disney’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

Sadly, the only part of your lunch which I would have enjoyed would have been the cheese and biscuits (I quite like most of the Jacob’s selection apart from the cream crackers; but there are some interesting other packets).
I have already said several times that I can only eat roast lamb if it is lean leg (same reasons as Jill) stuck with rosemary and garlic to kill the smell when cooking. And I must have new potatoes (or possibly mash but NOT roast), peas, and possibly carrots and/or cauliflower cheese with Bisto gravy. Definitely NO Yorkshire puds, but onion sauce is nice plus either mint sauce or redcurrant jelly.

Like Jill I also made a rice pudding today (Sunday) but forgot the nutmeg (and I like a LOT). So I opened a tin of prunes to have with it. I think prunes are very underrated and don’t think anyone under 60 eats them … (am I wrong?).

Is David failing to tick the ‘other’ box when trying to add blog comment? I believe you passed on my other tips which sometimes work first time, but not always. A Robert the Bruce approach is usually reqired.

Not having a Lidl handy, I should be pleased to try the recommended duck liver pate if you would kindly bring me one sometime (are the cards on picture 2 hanging on the Lidl device?).

My Italian/English dictionary suggests that ‘lammetta’ could either be something to do with ‘mourning’ or ‘thin sheets of metal’ (could it be foil or tinsel?)

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