Saturday, December 16, 2006

Rest Day - Lovely Light - Getting Colder

This morning the light was so good I nipped out to take a few photographs of Annesley Church for an Amateur Photography forum. People suggest photo-genic locations for each other's benefit and I guess the ruined Church would be of interest. Particularly the gravestone with the words carrying on regardless of the line-endings. 'Enjambment' I am reliably informed is the descriptive word. Unfortunately, although good, the light was not coming from the right direction to emphasise the words. And fill-in flash wasn't much help. I'm afraid it calls for a really early-morning trip.

While going round the traffic-island a couple of hundred yards away, my eye was taken by the brilliant colour of this dogwood. I think it's proper name is cornus. If not, someone will put me right. The reds are 100% unenhanced. This morning I used the Nikon's facility to shoot RAW files and JPEGs at the same time. And sure enough when I downloaded them, there they were side by side. I do't know what to do with the RAW stuff yet but I've got some there to practice on when I do.

The ruined Church and it's little graveyard were as attractive as ever and Picture 2 is looking towards one of the halls. Such a shame and a waste that it is derelict. If they renovated and converted it into luxury apartments, I wouldn't mind living there at all. Beautiful spot, Byron connection et al. Pity they don't do the work and then transport it to Woodthorpe and sell 2 bedroom ground floor flats with a tiny garden for £150,ooo.

Before I leave the subject of 'Police Conference Points' I must tell you about Telephone Kiosks and extremely cold nights. Ordinarily one was supposed to stand in a prominent position, outside the box. The idea was that if it rang you would hear it but mainly so that people could approach you to chat or let you know their worries. (Those were the days 'eh?) However, at 2.30am and a temperature with wind-chill of -5C the tendency was to stand inside. But, with the soporific effects of the customary 3 pints of beer at friendly local hostelries, it was difficult not to go to sleep, even if standing up. The trick was to hold a handful of loose change in your hand. When it fell onto the concrete floor the noise woke you up. If you found an unlocked car (car alarms were unheard of in those days) you felt you were in paradise. Another job we used to do at that time was to check on the security of 'unoccupied-houses' when for some reason the owners were away. I remember once, having checked that the house was OK, finding an unlocked outside loo with a parafin storm-lantern to prevent the pipes freezing. Double-paradiso! But I couldn't stay there long because I had my next 'conference point' in ten minutes and it was quarter of a mile away.

.......Catch you tomorrow.....................

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bungus said...

PS to yesterday’s comment:
If your photo judge didn’t like deep shadow it is not likely that he would have given a prize for my beautifully composed, tremendously atmospheric, totally serendipitous picture of Ralph at the bottom of the stairs then, is it?

The dogwood photo is very effective, better 4” x 3” than 10” x 8”, I think. And the depth of colour is fine for me.

I like the second picture too but I think it is a shame the gravestones do not stand out more from the building behind them (not that I have any idea how to achieve it, unless with your wonder camera you put the building out of focus?).
Just a thought regarding your enjambed headstone; might it be better to try in the dark with a powerful spotlight at a shallow angle to catch the engraved inscription? Mind you, folk might wonder what you were up to without a Home Office Exhumation Order.

I can appreciate that minus 5C is a bit chilly, even if you blow in your gloves. I’m just surprised the coins didn’t freeze to your fingers. And, as someone remarked recently, wetting yourself only keeps you warm for about 3 minutes and then it gets worse.
Just think what those Arctic convoys must have been like!

As a treat for Sandra’s tea tonight I bought 8 frozen raw langoustines off Tesco’s reduced counter and served them with salad, plus potatoes (boiled in the langoustine cooking water), crushed and finished with olive oil and an Italian dressing. And she had homemade marmalade with her dry organic wholemeal toast for breakfast, as a change from hummous. If I keep treating her like this, she'll never get up.