Friday, December 01, 2006

Belvoir Pt. 2 - Y at Palmers Green

I delivered Y to Phoenix Park, for her onward journey to Palmers Green and she texted (isn't that an ugly word? alternatives please?) me a few minutes ago to say she arrived safely. The traffic this morning was no problem at all and we were travelling at exactly the same time as usual. Funny 'innit? Then, on the way back, I did a little shopping, got some cash and had my hair cut. So, when Y returns, she will not be able to say that I 'look seedy'. Mind you, apart from the odd occasion in uniform, smart is not a look I have ever been able to achieve. Nor aspired to come-to-that! Smart is for creeps in my book. However, having said that, John always looks very smart, but he has the height and shape for it.

Picture 1 is the Holbein portrait of Henry V111 and a very fine portrait it is too. If you look at the top of the frame you will see where the picture-light is - in a very unhelpful place because, if one stands in front of the painting, the head is invisible due to glare. This why I had to stand sideways-on, and I've spent much time this morning 'photoshopping' the burnt-out highlights away. You can make up your own minds as to its provenance when you enlarge it. For the benefit of new blog-readers, clicking on a picture will enlarge it, and then if a little magnifying-glass icon appears, click again and it will become even bigger.

When I first saw the tapestry - Picture 2 - my first thought, disrespectfully, was "Am I bovvered? Do I look as if I'm bovvered?"

The Catherine Tate shoolgirl character has much to answer for. Catherine Tate is so talented and her humour is carrying on from Billy Connolly and Victoria Wood in that it stems from astute observation of life. The Grandma character is one of our favourites. Her language is appalling and cannot be quoted in a 'family journal' but, strangely enough doesn't offend. Likewise with her Midlands couple who are way to the right of Alf Garnett and so accurately portrayed. And the suburban mum and her two children are priceless. We are very lucky that such talented people as the author emerge.

I treated Rachel's cyclamen to 10mins TLC this morning and the plant now looks good for another few weeks. No dead or overcrowded leaves, no past-it flowers or seed-heads and a thorough soaking. Plus a move to a shadier windowsill. I've never actually kitchen-tested the theory but they are after all a woodland variety and probably don't really enjoy a sunny spot.

The light is failing already (3.30pm) so I think I'll go for a nap. If I go and lie-down after dark I generally think I've gone to bed properly and sleep till the early hours.


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Jill said...

I'm not a great fan of turkey - much prefer chicken or really any other roast - and the ones you get in restaurants are usually poor. We are going out next week to a Xmas lunch (3courses and coffee for £20 - that is cheap for London) at the pub where Daughter works at lunch-times - she assures us that they cook a fresh turkey every day and it is not sliced cold and heated I will report back. The food there has always been very good, a limited menu which I am all in favour of.

Mind you, going back to the days when I was doing Xmas lunch for 16 or more (how the hell did I ever do that?) I did on some occasions cook the turkey in advance and slice it cold, etc.etc.......

Thank you for thr info re the grill / etc. I do use a steamer, but still slip up over cooking times sometimes.....