Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Quiet Day - Shopping - Mild at 6C

We are having a competition at EPS to see what folks can do with 3 images provided for them. This corner-of-a-building is one of them. I don't know who took the original. maybe Reg. It's got a 'Reg-look' about it. With experience one acquires a sixth sense with photographs and identifying not only the authors but the equipment used.

In the old days I could recognise work produced on a Leica, at 20 paces. Maybe in these digital days I would lose more £1 notes than I would win.

I felt the image needed a bold approach and my first run-through has produced Picture 2. And I thought I would start the new year by being suitably patriotic in colour terms. Could I recommend that Bungus fetch a cool wet handkerchief before looking.

Yesterday's 'book chair' was popular. I e-mailed Santa and he replied that should anyone decide they would like one, one of his elves obtained it from Lakeland. But be prepared to be persistent because the staff are fairly rigidly programmed. When asked if they still had their egg-timers? "No" was the reply accompanied by a blank look. Providing the additional info. that the desired object went in the saucepan with the eggs and changed colour elicited the shocked response "Oh. You mean the egg-perfect !" So you are advised to say "book-chair" in a clear slow voice. "Book-rest" will get you nowhere.

Shopping at Lidl and Morrisons this morning and bought some lovely crusty brown Pain de Campagne which we had for lunch with smoked salmon and gravadlax sauce thereon. We both decided on a minimum food day today after the excesses of Xmas. Bungus's festive fare was impressive to say the least. There is no way I could have kept up. It all sounded delicious though and it was good to hear that Sandra is up and about.

Debra comes up tomorrow. But to Tracy's and then to Burton Joyce. Our reponsibilities just entail going to places and being entertained and fed.

"A host is like a general; it takes a mishap to reveal his genius."


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bungus said...

I rather like the original corner-of-a-building photo, especially the vapour trail parallel to the roof (although, having become so suspicious, I have to question whether THAT is an enhancement). And I have no objection to your use of bold colour in such an obviously artificial context.

Having learnt that they are pedantic, I think I like Lakeland even more! So many people now are ambiguous, careless, or making use of language beyond my comprehension, that it must be seen as a refreshingly pleasant change (although I DO see how it could become annoying).

Sandra’s Xmas excesses and vegetarianism mean that I am now merrily munching my way through cold meats. I have seen off the pheasant (a sandwich with bread sauce and cranberry jelly for breakfast this morning) and I think the remaining pork (I had some cold with reroasted crackling, cold stuffing, spiced pickled apples and a jacket poptato for tea yesterday) has been sliced and frozen. Just the ham to go now.

A necessary PS to my somewhat churlish ranting of yesterday:

As If to prove my point by exception, this year’s presents were distinctly above average, viz:.
a) From Stephanie & David, 2 set-top digi-boxes which mean that once we have had a new aerial fitted we shall feel obliged to watch BBC3.
b) Several cheeses, from Simon and Dan & Em, all ripe (and well accompanied by Fox’s Double Cheese & Caramelised Red Onion Wholewheat Crackers, Carr’s Melts, and Jacob’s Choice Grain Crackers) viz: from Waitrose, 4 oz plus of Blackstick Blue a yellow cheese with blue veins, creamy and mellow; similar size Pie d’Angloys, not yet tasted but obviously Camembert sort of; from M&S, a one pound Stilton (plus a half bottle of port). Slight surprise to find the M&S cheese comes from the same creamery as Netto’s cheeses.
c) Then a box of M&S Chocolate Liqueur Assortment (which I subjectively judge to be far superior to the usual Famous Names. That said, Elizabeth Shaw’s Famous Names Cherry Liqueurs are undeniably delicious).
d) Also some nice teas, with a handy infuser.
e) And Sandra obviously thinks I should start painting again, having bought me a couple of canvases and an easel (which means I now have 3). She also bought me a book giving Investment Advice for Pensioners.

On the down side; too many thick mugs, most of which have gone straight into the next Christmas Market Tombola box.

(PPS I should not have left the M&S liqueur chocolates on the coffe table. Having eaten half of Danny's a couple of dayse before Xmas, Ralph decided this morning to help me with mine. He only had about half a dozen, which I feel is quite restrained of him).

Already slightly paranoid that people (eg,Tesco, MI6) already know too much about me from my credit card and bank card, I heard on Radio Nottm this morning that in America, by law, all mobile phones must carry a chip, which can be sat-nav’d at any time (ie, you can’t go for a pee without the CIA knowing about it).

So a happy and closely observed New Year to us all.