Saturday, December 02, 2006

Belvoir Pt.3 - Lazy Rest Day

Blogger trouble earlier. A 'scheduled outage' - isn't american-english ugly? and I couldn't load my pictures. Anyway, it's OK now and these two I wanted to share.

Picture 1 is the dining room and the paintings either side of the arch are Reynolds-es. Whether they are good or not is a moot point because between us and the backs of the dining chairs was a barrier preventing any closer scrutiny. A very pleasant room nevertheless. Light and airy and good views over The Vale of Belvoir.

Picture 2 is of one of the pleasantest rooms we saw. A lovely atmosphere. The ladies' withdrawing-room and I bet it used to be vicious stuff seeing who could get a seat closest to the duchess.

Again, if the conversation bored one, there were lovely views over the surrounding countryside. The staff stressed that the whole castle is still used by the family (Duke and Duchess and three young children). This was borne out by four-poster beds where you could see electric-blanket leads plugged into wall-sockets and electric-kettles in unexpected places etc..

The castle has actually closed until the Spring except for this week of Xmas visits and I'm extremely glad we went because we enjoyed it so. The coach journey was just over an hour, so it didn't seem oppressive.

Simon Scharma's Power of Art last night was on the subject of Picasso's 'Guernica'. I recorded it because Y wanted to see it too, and I shall watch it again with her. This evening I watched Strictly Come Dancing and voted for Matt & Lilia because their performance was not excellent this evening. But they have been so good I decided that they needed my support. If I had followed my usual practice of voting for 'the best on the night' it would have been for Emma who, for an ex Spice Girl is quite excellent.

There is a tape in the machine recording The Culture Show which I shall watch in a few minutes. Robin Hood doesn't appeal because the decision to axe Friar Tuck seems so disloyal to the outlaws of Sherwood. Then it will be a big decision as to whether or not to stop up for the Dancing results - I guess I shall have to.


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bungus said...

All too ornate for me, I’m afraid. And aren’t the chairs on pic 1 VERY RED !!! (but the portraits are remarkably clear).
Pic 2 reminds me of Barbara Cartland (not a compliment).
If I were the Duke I would spend my time looking out of the windows.
Thanks for the warning !!

I taped the Picasso programme too. I always remember what a shock it was to discover that ‘Guernica’ is monochrome. I had always assumed that I was looking at b&w reproductions of a picture full of blood.

Could there be something too pejorative in your reference to Ms Bunton? Surely everyone is entitled to be more than moderately good at 2 things?

I have not watched ‘Robin Hood’ for several weeks. Unlike (Black Adder) Robinson’s kids' series it does not strike me as being in the spirit of the legend at all. It is not entirely spoof and the anachronistic allusions annoy me. Perhaps I am being too defensive but Errol Flynn as Robin was my first hero in 1938 and the reason I grew a beard some 12 years later.

‘X Factor’ was down to the last four last night and all the acts performed bravely and well (certainly better than guest Barry Manilow). I think Ray will have to settle for third place though. Whoever wins it will be unfair on the runner up.