Monday, June 30, 2008

Y returns - Spanish win - Bird recognition

Y has returned from Palmers Green and it is good to have her back. I was right to decline her offer of an early return because I know of old I am better suffering in solitude.

My back has continued to ease but still painful if I remain in one position too long. There has been some super radio, which I have much enjoyed.

Picture 1 is from Helen and accurately captures the feel of their soggy Lake District Camp site. Not her tent, fortunately, but they came back a day early so it must have been pretty miserable. First class snap though - I can't fault the construction, the colours are good and it's sharp where it needs to be. Definitely in the 17 or 18 out of 20 slot I would have thought.

Early yesterday evening we had some quite dramatic skies and as I was looking at this frame I spotted this distant bird and wonder if anyone can help with its identity please ?

As you will see I have photoshopped in an enlargement and arrowed it to the actual bird. Otherwise you would have no idea of size. 50p pieces were out of the question.

To me it looks rather beautiful and exotic and I'm fairly sure it aint a sparrer. I haven't interferred with the colour at all.

My day today has alternated between sitting, laying down, standing up, doing a bit, leaving a bit - sort of thing. And I intend more of the same tomorrow bevause I am determined to WoW unless I'm absolutely unable.

My new PC is littered with problems and on Thursday Megatech are collecting it and will put things right. And this time I won't accept delivery until the actual monitor I've ordered arrives.

Comments..... Bungus ..... and AnonymousRob .... I didn't watch the match but Y did, with Andy who is knowledgeable. They both enjoyed it and thought it a first class match - unusual for finals in any sport ! So this is the sum total of my contribution I hope it works as an animation and I've got the correct flag.

AnonymousRob ..... Renishaw Hall is a gem of a place, owned and still lived in by the Sitwells one only has access to the grounds but they are delightful. Very photo-genic. Described as Derbyshire's best kept secret, we sometimes go just for the bluebell woods which are well worth a visit early in the year.

The number of vineyards is indeed surprising and I suppose it's global warming n'est ce pas ?

And I make no apology for quoting Reagan. If the lines are good enough I'll quote anyone ! Here is another Reagan quote which appealed :

"I have left orders to be awakened at any time in case of national emergency, even if I'm in a cabinet meeting"

I agree with you about Thatcher though. My fingers would recoil from the keyboard !

Bungus ..... A stately home wouldn't 'sitwell' on you and who are you to talk about the Hammer House of Horrors ?


Sleep tight ! Catch you tomorrow - God willing !


bungus said...

Glad you are feeling somewhat better.

Oh what fun camping is!

I think the bird may be a Long-Winged Thingymebob. Almost certainly a bird of prey I would suggest. Red Kite?
I think you are right: to have thrown 50ps at it would have no doubt either have caused it to disappear or to attack.
If you would care to email the picture I will pass it on to someone with a greater knowledge of avians.

Your day sounds like my typical one but mine is pretty painless.

Is Megatech the Rainworth firm? I hope they sort you out quickly.

That doesn’t look like a Spanish flag to me, but I am no expert.

I had never thought that, like Michael Howard, I have ‘a touch of the night about me’.
The sub really did look like something out of a scary graphic novel.

Reagan certainly did have a sense of humour as evidenced by some of the films he appeared in.
But I’m not frightened:
“Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice” (Margaret Thatcher PM)

bungus said...

Could it be heron, flying l to r (I got the direction wrong once before on a Dan night, long exposure photo).